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Hide and I Shall Seek

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Clair walks into Morgana with the bright sun beaming down. She enter for a simple reason of it was the closest city at the moment. The wind whips up some sand and it blows in her face witch she promptly dusts it off. She noticed the city seemed to gleam with beauty in the sunlight. The cities people seemed very active as well, witch she liked seeing as she was very much a people person. For now, however, she just wanted to go to a bar and set down for a bit. Seeing as she hadn't been in town long and she had already gotten sand in her hair.


She walks into a bar set off a little more then she would have liked. It was nothing big or extravagant, but it was enough for now. The lighting in there was quite different from the bright outside. It was dimmer, and that gave off a feeling of uneasiness for her. As she sits there a barmaid walks up to her and say.


"What can I get you?"


"Some water will do for now. The sun made me a little thirsty." Clair says giving her a smile.


"Okay. It will be right out."


The barmaid wasn't as friendly as Clair would have liked but that was fine with her. She puts her head in her hands and just listens to the rumors that were bound to be told around a tavern. She over hears talk of some local kids that recently went missing. Odd. That is her first thought. Maybe she won't be leaving the city so soon.

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The barmaid comes back with Clair's drink and sets it down. Clair gives her a nod and takes a sip. As the barmaid walks off Clair looks over at the people talking about the strange occurrence. She looks back at her drink. She couldn't help but wonder why kids would just go missing. She figured Moragana was a fairly average city and a couple of kids going missing is very strange. One would be easy to chop up to some kidnapper but several at once? No that's not exactly your average kidnapper. The barmaid walks back over to check on her and Clair says to her.


"What can you tell me about the recent kidnappings her in town?"


"Well there isn't much to say a couple of kids were playing hide and seek and poof they never came back home. Police aren't saying much about it to us citizens. Honestly I just think they don't want to worry us but It only worries us more."


"Okay thank you. I will be on my way now."


"No food?"


"No I am fine."


She gives the Bar maid a smile and nods her head at her before paying. She walks out the door as the wind blows her hair to the side. The once high in the sky sun was starting to go down by now. She didn't think she was in there long but this made her happy seeing as the heat had given way to a much more reasonable heat. Clair decides that the next best course of action would be seeing what the police would tell her. She got the feeling that this wasn't your average criminal.

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As she makes her way to the police station she thinks about what could take the children. She couldn't rule out a citizen as being the suspect but she found that highly unlikely. She looks around and something catches her eye but when she turns to face it it is gone. She founds it weird but continues on her walk to the police station. She realizes after a bit she has no idea where she would find that. She had never been to the city before and hadn't even asked for directions to the place.


She finds herself wondering the streets and eventually finds a building that looks very much like the police station. She walks in and looks around. The place looked nice and clean but she found one thing strange. It wasn't very active for what she thought it would be. She walks up to the clerk who was talking to someone. she holds up a finger as if to symbol that she will only be a minute. She finishes up after a minute or town. She signals to Clair that she is ready. Clair smiles at her and says.


"Hey. I would like to know more about the children that disappeared in the city."


"Well the children went missing what more can I say about it."


"Well I would like to know more then that like why or who they suspect."


"I am sorry but that is off limits to civilians."


"Well I am an adventurer so do you think you can make an exception?"


"I am sorry I wish I could but I can not do that."


"I understand. Can I talk to a cop or someone else?"


"Yes one second."


As the clerk walks off Clair summons a cake that's enhanced with a magic that creates trust in her. As the clerk she walks in and looks at the cake wondering where it came from she asks.


"Where did that come from?"

"They said they were your friend but they couldn't stay so they left it here."

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The guard that was summoned was none other than James himself. Dressed in black armor, studded with the crystals of Morgana, his long black hair would flush slick behind his forehead. Slate eyes peered down on the woman in front of him who was inquiring about the children. His mighty large sword would rest on his back as he crossed his arm in front of Clair.


"You're looking for the children? May I ask your name adventurer?" 


His polite tone questioned forth as he awaited a response. A look of relief washed over his face at the thought of a civilian helping him out. His other guards were busy and considering that the city was SO big, the likely hood of anyone finding the kids were slim to none. It was unfortunate, and it bothered James, but he simply didn't have the man-power to execute a city wide hunt for some missing kids.



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Clair turns to the guard who had approached. She was happy to have a guard come over to help her. she gives him a smile and says.


"Yes I am. It worries me to think something like that would happen. I am Clair. would you mind to to tell me all you can about the situation?"


The cake on the table disappears leaving the clerk to wonder what happened to it. The clerk simply returns back to her postion leaving Clair and the guard to talk about the proceeding topic at hand. Outside of the station there would be the thing that Clair thought she saw earlier. The thing would be hiding in the shadows trying to figure out what the girl was up to. No one on the streets would notice it due to the fact it was hidden well. It was suspicious of the girl and what she was looking into. It would run away once it realized it shouldn't stay there.


It would retreat back to it's lair. To the children it had kidnapped. It would feel as if it had lost what ever it was doing but that would fine fine by it as long as it wasn't figured out it would be fine. It would remain in the dark lair it had set up for a while while it plotted out what it would do next.

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The guard watched the girl closely, trying to figure out if her cause was noble or not. Though he was appreciative of any help that he could get, some help was better left unused at the door. He couldn't have someone else ending up missing in his city or else the boss would be most displeased. After everything that has happened in the city of Morgana, the last thing the city guard needed was for the people to become uneasy with its own police force. Considering that they had just recovered from the imposture guard that had tarnished their name, it wouldn't take much for the civilians to start another uprising if things were left un-checked. 


James would finally nod as her name came forth, burning into his memory as he had done so many times before with all the help he ever had. After eyeing her over once more, he let out a soft sigh and decided he would let her give it a try. "Right now we have three kids missing. Two boys and a girl, all under the age of ten." He shifted his stance as he recalled all the details, making sure he gave her all the information he knew in hopes that it would further increase her odds of success. 


"One boy was a mer, the other boy a lizardkin, and little lycan girl were last spotted playing a game of hide and seek over by the crumbled statue on the far east side of the city almost three nights ago." 


Hopefully this cleared up any false rumors that she may have had heard along her way. "It's very possible that they got lost in the big city, but I'm not convinced." His arms would come to his side as he shifted his weight once more, the large sword on his back would swing ever so slightly to maintain balance. "There was a school teacher, his name was Pattick who said he saw the kids last... but when we asked him, he refused to give us any information." James would look at the girl, speaking once more in hopes to make sure she wouldn't be confused.


"No no. I don't think he is the culprit. When we asked, it seemed he looked afraid. He wouldn't tell us what he saw on his way home from school that night. In fact, that would be the best place you can start. You might be able to get something out of him if you try... he should be calmed down by now."


James left it at that as he stood there. If she had any other questions, comments, or concerns, he would be more than happy to help her. He was a public servant, here for the people. Unfortunately, he was also busy running the entire city guard and had to remain available to any requests that came in, otherwise he might have just decided to take her himself. 

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