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[Daius Ind]Paying Homage

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Thin fingers run through frosted hair, nails scraping the scalp as the glide by. Thankfully the others had run for the hills; knowing to take cover when Gemini is on one of her benders. What is a man to do? Daemin walks alone in the empty hallway, the pace not so much dragging of foot as it is trying to think while he has the time.

Thankfully he hears the click of shoes coming from around a sharp right in the hallway. So, he stops and waits to see who it could be. And isn't surprise at who it is, but relinquishes unbridled appreciation at the sight of her. Without wasting another precious second he steps into this woman's path. Recognizing her from somewhere, yet unable to really place her face. This only startles the woman and causes her to slam a pump fitted foot against the floor as her progress is interrupted and halted.


Um..Hi.” Obviously the shy type, she adjusts her glasses while looking down at the stack of paperwork in her hands.

Who...are you?” Only a tad more awkward than approaching her to begin with. But he really did forget her name.

Sarah...” Rephrase the question, you imbecile.

“And what department do you work for...Mrs...Sarah?” Adding an emphasis on 'Mrs.' to imply the possibility that he might actually have some sort of interest in her.

By now her blush has grown into a beautiful strawberry red that covers her entire face. “Miss, just Miss. I work for the R&D records office. I came down to deliver some paperwork...”

His eyes seem glued to her face, an intense glimmer of amusement-no, exuberance-filling the red globes. “How perfect, absolutely perfect...” Although it registers at an audible level, it's low. Wanting. “You're perfect Miss Sarah... You'll do just fine. I'll escort you to the laboratory. Ms. Crochet is free to fill out paperwork herself this morning.” Of course it's all a ruse. Kind of.

In the end, Daemin just masterminds his way into being the champion Gemini needs him to be. The one Concordia ordered him to be. And the one he loves being. It's rough work, the shadow lining he stitches over the young woman's body. But it is necessary in order to fulfill his duty, and gives the illusion Gemini is getting what she wants. It may not be perfect work, but with Rage-Rover in the lab throwing a tantrum, it most likely may go unnoticed. And thus, leaves room for his previous indiscretion to be swept under the rug. The extra touch comes from prying the woman's mouth open to remove her tongue. Gemini would never question his motives for shutting 'Enique' up. As he never really enjoyed they're dance, and made personal notice of it to her from time to time. Keeping the illusion as solid as possible. Miss Sarah won't be able to tell anyone who she really is. And clerical and shipping staff always disappear or die on the job. Two birds, one guillotine. Now, for all intents and purposes Miss Sarah, is, Enique Thompson.


Miss Sarah, Miss Sarah, what have you become?

He blindsided her. Tricked her into taking his arm and trusting him. Or maybe she had just been foolish? Why is it so hard to find people to trust or that actually like you these days? Her head aches and there a tremendous amount of weight across her body. It takes a moment to crack her lids open with such a throbbing headache threatening to split her skull open like a knife chopping against a coconut. What she awakens to frightens her. He's on top of her and there's blood dripping from his lips onto her face. Despite the horrifying fact that she can feel each warm droplet splash across her cheeks, it isn't worse than the knowledge that the back of her tongue is on fire and she's choking on thick volumes of copper flavored liquid. Too bad it doesn't end here...


Gemini revels, claps even as Daemin drags 'Enique' out of the chair he'd dropped her in after 'finding and delivering her'. As the story goes, of course she had tried to run, and in her rush, had gotten lost and eventually locked herself in a janitorial closet. Daemin's 'call to the special security team, leading to her capture'.

It seems to go over smoothly with Gemini, who is clapping with utmost pleasure. Her eyes only on the prize and not the pale green faces of the rest of their research team. Having been called on to witness the woman's punishment. Some call it the Meat Grinder, others the blender, or the remains processor. None of which really matters, the point being that Gemini had spent the time retrofitting it to serve her purposes. All of them meeting in the large womb chambers to stand in front of the waste disposal unit, where they crush the failed experiments and recycled their parts. Simmons had been fortunate enough to be terminated before experiencing it. Much like their failed and euthanized crossbreeds. 'Enique' would have the honor to go through very alive, and very slowly. Or so they thought.

Too bad their couldn't be more screaming though, and that the setting had been changed so minimally that the experience of watching didn't last longer than a couple of minutes. To Gemini's utmost disappointment. But it was still beautiful. 'Enique's' flailing and flight only caused chunks of her body to fly all over the place. Gemini having removed the large glass tubing to tinker with the blades and ensure cleanliness before hand. Blood sprayed all over everyone like confetti from party poppers. When it was done, a few employees had gotten sick, some fainted, and others quickly and quietly removed themselves from the area, Daemin included. All the while complaining about how messy his clothes had gotten.

Gemini on the other hand, even with blood trailing down her arms, pulls her phone from the now stained lab coat she's wearing. Fingertips dancing across it's smooth glossy surface.


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It takes some serious patience in waiting for the woman to respond, but she gets what she wants. The woman's reference in regards to her knowing is indeed very true. Gemini's constant prying always leads her to monitor Betsy's screen to ensure that any and all paperwork is written properly before being submitted to the boss-man. And with that done, Gemini continues on with her day. Smiling as brightly as ever. 






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    Few things in the little slice of world she knows of scare-no-terrify, the woman. Aside from the big boss, none too many would think that there would be much else to startle a hellion like her into submission. But the day comes, where in front of all, Gemini Croquet is laid to waste by a familiar and much more powerful face in the game of science they all joust in...    
    A few weeks after the disruption everyone had driven themselves into a frenzy of business. A fresh reminder of what could be-of them-lingering via bloodstains on the walls. Written quite delicately by fingertip. 'YOU CAN & WILL BE REPLACED' Smiley face, exclamation, exclamation, point and trigger.    
    With the newly devised DNA strands she's retrofitted from prospects chosen by their almighty Mr. Royce along with some aspects procured and provided by her mentor, Gemini was able to contrive a new method of replication. Faster, stronger, more stable. Regenerative cells, power-housed with enhanced mitochondria to ensure strength and stability. Keeping cellular degradation as much to a minimum as possible in order to urge the combined DNA stands to replicate more quickly.    
    Now that they are able to do this, the fetuses bypass the petri dishes and go straight from the crystal artificial wombs, into the gestational chambers. It is today that she and some of her team take a trip to examine those infants ready to be born. The technogeeks from the other side of the building holding on standby. Their preparations for enhanced skeletal structures and Daius approved devices to be installed as soon as she gives them the 'nod'.    
    Shoulders straight and rolled back with head held as high as the stars, Gemini marches proudly with her entourage into the examination room. Whatever dictum may come from such a blessed day of creation, is crushed by sight before her. Not the infants being carefully removed from the orange gelatinous placentas they were held in. But more the woman standing in the examination room with her back towards their entrance through the door. Auburn tendrils dangling just right against jacketed shoulder blades. And much to Gemini's dismay, she endured her signature attitude first hand. Inherited, taught, and passed down from someone seemingly of the same age group.    
    “From all of the mail, the paperwork, the box, sitting on my desk... I would have thought that this would have been completed quite some time ago.” Reflected in the streak free class admitting their attentions to the labor and delivery of over a dozen new specialty members of their organization, is that of a teal mug as it is lifted towards an unreadable face. “What say you, my dearest Croquet?”    
    As if the words are spoken so that only she can hear them, her subordinates join and surround the newcomer at the large rectangular panel of glass dividing scientific minds from successfully created bodies. It is then that Gemini realizes she'd been ousted in some form or other. Those who leave her side, pretend as if she doesn't exist. Like with any other inspection into the lab from upstairs.    
    “We had a few fanatical setbacks, but--”    
    “I want a full report on my desk regarding everything that happened while I was out and while I was out, in two hours. That should give you time to take a gander at the babies, kiss a few cheeks, clean the bloody writing off of my laboratory walls, and me time to sort my mail. Make sure to note their lack of reproductive organs upon autopsy of one of every ten, run biometric scans on each body, complete labs for any abnormalities or hormonal leakage, and ensure maturation rate, before and after retrofitting them with what the Technology and Cybernetics departments have made from our schematics. Make sure they understand the life cycle needs to be a minimum of 14 days per charge. And detonation upon damage is a necessary tag with active locators in place. And make sure to check their DNA again after maturation, to ensure it's stability. And as a cherry on top, make sure the Daius identifier mark is still there.” Soft sounds of tea being sipped follow. “Also, HashtagGetYourShitTogether, Gemini.”    
    And with that, the good doctor takes her leave of the newly arrived entourage in order to gain perspective on the latest goings on. Via the mail waiting on her desk.    
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Dear Dr. Concordia,


It is my understanding that you are head of Research & Development here at Daius Industries, as well as hold a great deal of knowledge in multiple areas of science and technology. More specifically Herbology and Genetics. It is with these two advances to which I adhere my interest. My name is Idora Metka Cet'ce of Arkadia Prime, and am currently positioned in the lower levels of your department under the Daius Industry Conservation Project. I have been working here for many years and despite numerous budget cuts have produced phenomenal efforts in my field.


My purpose in writing to you at this time is to ask for your assistance. Enclosed I have provided plans and ideas for an educational outlet merely in need of more functional and operational space. And I truly believe with your knowledge, understanding, and help we can make this a shared reality. Please take the time to look them over and reach out to me as soon as you are able. Thank you for your time.



Idora Metka Cet'ce

D.I. Conservatory Suite 13

? Attachments enclosed.

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