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The Crucible - The City of Urbem Amissam

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 Scarlet sat on a stone bench surrounded by a thick and dense layer of stone, somewhere in the womb of the swirling and shifting city of Urbem. Currently, she was situated in a comfortable jail cell in Lorta—what was known as Orisia’s most secure detention facility. Located more than a mile down into the earth, deep in the hot catacombs created by the inferno-like volcanoes that sprang from the place where the Hodenaufer and Cathedral mountain ranges came crashing together, Lorta really was supposed to be an impenetrable stronghold. The perfect place to contain a terrorist of her ability and magnitude. In all reality, she should have been dead. She should have been put to the sword for all the countless lives she was responsible for ending, and her part in Jezebel’s rebellion three years ago. But it seemed that the honorable Lady Knight Lyrae had a bit of a soft spot when it came to her own flesh and blood.


She smiled, hearing the echo of footsteps. The guards were making their rounds. Gold-orange eyes lifted and peered at the nearly foot-thick, stone door. A metal screen was lifted, and she saw the brown eyes of her guard. They shared nothing—not a greeting, not a smile, not even cruel words. He saw that she was present, and then dropped the screen and moved on.


Then, and only then, did Scarlet’s blood-red lips spread into a grin.


“Goodbye Stephen,” she whispered, just as a hot breeze blew through her small cell, causing the metal screen to shutter before escaping out into the outside hall. She heard a gasp, a half-scream, and then the sound of armor falling to the floor—metal hitting metal.


“It is done,” hissed a voice from the other side of the stone door, the one thing that stood between her and freedom.


“And the other guards?”


“There was a woman,” said the high-pitched and menacing voice, “—they have been taken care of, and her armor awaits you.”






She stood between two Cinis’, glancing down at the damage they had wrought. The ashes of seven knights, all which remained of them now save their armor, was scattered across the floor. She toed a small pile of red-hot dust, before stepping over it and motioning for her companions to follow.


“Ensure my getaway—if anyone comes looking or trying to follow, burn them away.” She didn’t have to wait for confirmation, she knew the Cinis’ were loyal to her, and knew that the creatures shared her own hunger for destruction. Still, her heart was filled with gratitude—none of which she would ever reveal. She should not be thankful for freedom, the very thing that was her natural state of being. Who in their right mind sought to contain fire? Only a madwoman would try such a foolish thing, and now her sister would pay the ultimate price for her foolish pride.


The last three years of her life had been spent in jail—three miles below the earth’s surface, deep where she heard the rivers of lava, where she felt the trembles of the mother, and where her powers grew stronger.


“You’ll pay for everything you’ve done to Lyrae. I’ll make you pay for your sins against nature.”


She fancied herself the reincarnation of Ak’b’a—the Night Sun, the source of fire and heat. Hers was not madness. Her desire for death and destruction was the natural state of fire. She was the chaos the world needed, the balance to all the peace and tranquility.


“I am a necessary part of this world,” she hissed, talking to herself as she strolled out the through the main gates of Lorta. “I am fire.” 





Info on Cinis:



Deep beneath the Aereder Mountains in the caverns surrounding the magma pools where Urbem Amissam floats, are the fallen. They are told as tales to the cities children to keep them from wandering too far from the safety of its massive black walls. These monsters are leftovers of creatures once human and vampyric that have descended from their natural bearings into unnatural abominations of the dark. No one knows exactly how they come to be what they are, and those who encounter them rarely ever escape alive. Survivor accounts describe them as ashen skeletons with sinew the color of coal wrapped around diminishing bodies. Dead and empty sockets for eyes sit inside slick rounded skulls leaving nothing but abysmal nightmares to stare into. Harrowing voids between fractured apertures hold glistening teeth ready to gnaw and tear at the flesh of the living. Those overtaken by the Cinis and fed upon suffer a horrifying fate; as their bodies are relinquished of life they begin to decompose into ash. (Written by Lilium)




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The City of Urbem was the only place Xioa had ever really known. Xioa was a shy and sheltered girl. Her parents wanted nothing more then to protect her; that was so many years ago. Xioa still lives in Urbem and is still shy, but now she lives on her own. Her parents were killed in a terrible accedent and so her grandparents send her enough money to live off of.

Xioa was not a normal child, eveyone in the family knew of Xioa's power and treaded her differently for it. Xioa could see the future and control the wind, her family found her powers to be demonic. The only reason why Xioa's grandparents send her money is because it was the only thing the parents asked for in there last few minutes of living.

Xioa has no friends and is ok with that. She rather have no friends then treated poorly because of who she is. Xioa likes to wear the mask her mother gave her, as a way of remembering the only person in her life that truly loved her.


Xioa now lived in a small house in the city of Urban. Thay night Xioa woke up to a frightning dream that she would soon cross paths of a fire woman. Xioa couldn't shake the feeling she had. Xioa felt hot as she kicked her covers off she had been sweating in her sleep, something that normally doesn't happen.

The windows to her room burst open with a strong gust of wind swirrling into the room cooling Xioa down. Xioa knew what her dream meant and it was only a matter of time now tell she saw the fire woman.


Xioa now not being able to get back to sleep. Xioa walked to the open window to look out to the sky.

Xioa's house is in a verry small sucluded part of the city where many people tend to over look her place or have forgotten that her house even excists. No one knew Xioa lived and that was just how she liked it.


Xioa listen to the wind blow through the trees. Xioa sar happily in silence listing to the trees whisper a story only for her to hear.

As the night grew on Xioa became more restless and decided to go on a small walk. She closed the window and locked it. Xioa walked through her small cottage home locking all windows and back door. Grabbing her keys by the front door her keys jingled as she looked for the key to lock the front door. Once locked Xioa was off.


Xioa walked around her small cottage house made of stone and i to her back yard. From there she walked off down a small dirt path she had followed many times before. Nothing pretty ever grew in the city of Urbem besides from some trees, but where ever Xioa went there was always a plesnt breeze.

Xioa admired the brillence of the moon while she walked

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“We’ll start here,” she said to the blackened creature by her side. Skeletal in nature the Cinis turned it’s ugly charred head towards Scarlet and gave something akin to a nod. When it turned away it was to face two more of it’s kind, which had been summoned through some magical means. There as communication of some kind, nods were exchanged and attentions redirected, but then they were off -- moving far faster than could have been expected of such frail looking things.


Scarlet was left alone with the original Cinis.


“We’ll start small. I want to coax her out. I won’t be denied my opportunity to make her suffer.”


It was an explanation she didn’t have to give, but she gave it anyway.




The alarm had been raised not too long after she made her escape. The city of Urbem was on high alert. The normally quiet neighborhood that Xioa knew had changed into a hotspot of activity due to its proximity to Lorta. There were guards moving through the buildings, knocking on doors, and stopping people on the street for impromptu interviews. Such a guard would stop Xioa before she got too far from her home.


“Have you seen any suspicious activity tonight?” he would ask the young woman, but before she ever had a chance to answer the rising cry of a dozen voices, screaming into the night, would drown out any words she may have spoken.


A fire had broken out.


A quarter of the small neighborhood was already in flames.


People were screaming and running.


It was utter chaos.




“Burn it. Burn it all. I don’t want a single building left. Make it all ash. Make it rain ash.”


Scarlet was moving, with red flames licking the trail she left behind. She was moving towards the heart of the small neighborhood. There was a group gathering there. People were scared, they weren’t certain of what was happening, and they were all coming together around the small plaza at the heart of their community. Little did they know that they were all being pushed there on purpose.  

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Xioa was stopped by a guard. She tried to answer the Guards question but only to have her voice muffled out by the cries and screams of the unfortunet souls that have been set on fire.

Xioa saw the smoke bilowing out from houses and rising into the sky turning the beautiful night sky the color of ash. There was so much fire,Xioa's heart sank as she ran back home. Happy to see her hidden little cottage untouched by chaos she ran to try and help anyone she possibly could.


Xioa got to the middle of the chaos and held her hand to her nose. The air was filled with the sent of death and the smell of metal and human flesh burning. Xioa had known what had started all of this. Her nightmare had became a reality.


Xioa had tried to use her powers of wind to blow away the fire, she had failed and ended up making the flamea larger. Xioa screamed as a flame burnt her hand. With her mask on her face, Xioa held her hand and looked around. She knew she had to find the Fire woman and put an end to her terror.


Skelleton like creatures were seen eating the flesh of both the dead and still living. One of the things spotted Xioa and ran after her. Xioa blew it back with a large gust of stale hot wind. The creature slowly got up and then looked to Xioa. Opening its mouth it made a terrifying shreek. Xioa covered her ears and within seconds more of the black creatures were after her.

Xioa ran knowing she was out matched. It was hard to see through all the smoke and people. Xioa ran and tried not to slow down as people ran nd pushed past her to save themselves. As people tried to leave the city Xioa made it. She used her wind powers to help her over the large wall keeping everyone in.


The creatures had began to catch up. They were far faster then any thing imaginable. Xioa knocked them all back one last time with her wind. Now out of breath and out of power Xioa was doomed to die it seems. Xioa used the last of her energy to find a place to hide.


Xioa was far from the chaose but coyld still hear the cries of the damed on the winds. Xioa found a place to hide in. A cavern opening beneath the mountains, she hid behind a large rock. She watched with bated breath as the skeletal like creatures surched and then left in search of more food.


Xioa let out a sigh of releaf as she thought she was safe. Her kneese shook as they felt like led. Xioa sat to take a rest. The cavern was hot even near the entrence. This was a place Xioa had never been to, but she was to out of energy to explore, besides something in her gut said to stay put and not venture any further.

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