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PeaceKeepers of Terrenus - Obsolete 2017-24-04

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Updated from a previous thread. In an effort to make Terrenus canon defense easier and streamlined, I am listing a small group of members that can NPC any PK that isn't active and any level of military resources or personnel below that. This is in supplement to the naturally established powers (in the legal sense, not magic sense) and abilities (same) of characters in sanctioned positions (military ranks, government officials, etc). 

Terrenus Canon Defense Team:

  • Amenities
  • Desolate
  • Lastlight
  • Paroxysm
  • Praetorian




The above is the official list of  PeaceKeepers. The purpose of this post is to educate everyone about PKs and their purpose. Before we begin let's take note of some important rules in Terrenus. Violation of these rules can result in intervention from a Peace Keeper, both in character and as a GM.

  1. Teleportation isn't allowed/possible Terrenus outside of the Warp Gates. Under special circumstances, it may be achieved at great cost and attention but generally teleportation isn't allowed or feasible.
  2. No autoing of cities or large infrastructures. Readymade villages and towns are fine.
  3. No entering closed threads without permission.

Now that we've established the general rules, I'm going to explain what the purpose of PeaceKeepers is. They can be considered the general enforcers of both Valucre's rules (in Terrenus) and defenders of the IC world. For example, a PeaceKeeper will intervene if you auto a city because he's defending Terrenus' citizens and because it's a violation of the rules. With this in mind, the decisions of Peace Keepers in regard to their interpretation of the rules will always be considered backed by the administration unless specifically ruled otherwise. If you have a problem with the action of a PeaceKeeper, then you have to bring it up to either myself (supernal) or Damon (desolate).
Outside of their GM capacities, PeaceKeepers are incredibly powerful IC but can still be defeated by established or powerful characters or groups of characters. They are not infallible and any abuse of their powers in a way that does not enforce the rules or defend the canon will be ruled against by administration. 

To recap, here are some powers that PeaceKeepers have:

  1. Interpretation of mild powers (within reason.)
  2. Rejection of autos against NPCs or cities (within reason.)
  3. Rejection of metagaming.
  4. Executive control of any military members.
  5. General low-level game master abilities, stemming from the above. That is, they are able tell you what you can and can't do in character to a reasonable degree and in some circumstances even kick disruptive parties out of threads. 

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