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Head Master of Spy Academy and Teachers

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The head master of S.A. is an important figure there.  He makes sure that everything is running smoothly.  Anyone who joins the academy won't know his real identity.  But for those interested in him, here are some secrets about him he wouldn't like told.


Cloaked Mystery Man (Head of Spy Academy)


Skacharm is an unassuming elf. He'd never been given much attention, or treated as someone special. All his life he had been an average elf. He has blond hair, and green eyes, and the only thing that made him stand out was his winning smile and charming attitude. It had been hard for him to make friends as a child, for everyone wanted to be friends with the more beautiful elves. The ones that stood out from the rest. It had been easy for him to just hide in the shadows. Until one day, a beautiful female elf came and noticed him. Her name was Nylam, and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had pity on him, and became his friend. He'd fallen in love with her then, and had secretly been in love with her ever since.


Skacharm had joined the military to become a stronger man for Nylam. He found he had an aptitude for finding out secrets. Since no one thought he was of any consequence, they confessed to things, divulged plans, and left around secret documents where he could just find them. He started to live the life of a spy. He became very good at it. Skacharm never thought he could ever get a girl like Nylam, but he was sad to hear that all hope for them was lost when she bonded with her dragon. Then mysteriously, she was found with a burned arm and a baby at the bottom of a mountain. Skacharm didn't know what had happened, but he will do everything in his power to help Nylam, even become the head of her spy academy.


Description at the Spy Academy – Wears a dark purple cloak that covers him from head to toe. When he appears, shadows surround him, and it is impossible to see past them. He rarely speaks, but if necessary his voice is disguised. He shows his real self to no one at the academy. The only one who gets to see him is Nylam.




The teachers of S.A. will be your guides and trainers.  They will help when dangerous situations call for it. They will determine if you will qualify to graduate from S.A.  Here are some fun facts about them.






Background - Drock was born a human warrior. He was raised to appreciate the importance of weapons. His life was almost taken from an unknown secret mission. Because of his valor, and highly trained skills he was granted reconstruction surgery to improve his fighting abilities. His left leg is made of the strongest of metals. He is able to leap great distances using the momentum of his bionic leg, as well as using the same leg when landing. His bionic arm gives him immense strength when he needs it for fighting equally strong creatures. His left eye is fitted with a laser capacity to use when needed. His new parts have made him almost super human, except that on occasion they have been known to malfunction. He will need his parts repaired from time to time, or possibly even upgraded.


Personality - His personality is gruff, and uncomfortable with emotions. He prefers to talk only of fighting techniques, or not to talk at all. He doesn't have many friends, although Kaylia is considered as close to a friend as he could acquire.


Teaching techniques - His teaching techniques lean toward using the trial and error method. He uses a mix of knowledge with muscle memory to achieve the desired effect with a student. If a student begins his classes physically out of shape, by the end of the courses that is no longer the case.


Physical description – Cyborg warrior, male, bionic eye/arm/leg on left side of body, 6ft. 4in., 200lbs of muscle, tan skin, hazel eyes, and brown hair, usually dressed in warrior garb.


Classes taught – hand to hand fighting, sword skills, knife fighting, firearms, dragon riding.




Background – She is a Elf of common birth, although there is nothing common about Kaylia. She got a grasp of her magical skills early in life, and have been perfecting them ever sense. Her magical abilities are legendary. No one knows why she became a spy, although there are rumors that it has something to do with a man.


Personality – Kaylia will give anyone the shirt off her back, but don't try to take it. In other words, she is kind and understanding, but hard to take advantage of.


Teaching techniques – She likes to use show and tell in her classrooms. She believes in studying the subject until you know all there is to know of it, before practicing the use of it. Her classes are hard, but fair.


Physical description – elf, female, long black straight hair, green eyes, pointed ears, slight build, 5 ft, 95lbs, wears a belt with small bottles of potions looped into it, clothing of average elven female.


Classes taught – code making/breaking, foreign languages/policies, art of deception, poisons/deadly potions, magic fighting.



Any species past the age of sixteen can come train to be a spy.  If you will be needed, where you might be placed, or what your duties will be depends on the requirements of the missions you're sent on.  You will not be sent on any official missions until after graduation.  Five courses can be taken a year, and each course has a minimum requirement of four years training.  Therefore, you will have to attend S.A. for a minimum of eight years.  This amount of time for training will be nothing to long living species, but for humans it might be a challenge. 




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