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Yeah, so basically I've been trying to recruit talented members for Valucre for quite a few days now. And there's always a similar problem that I run into...

Me: Do you roleplay?

Them: Yes.

Me: Do you para to multi-para?

Them: Yes

Me: Well I know of a great place to roleplay named Valucre that houses some of the best writers in roleplay, which includes many of the oldschool roleplayers from back in the day.

Them: Where?

Me: http://www.valucre.com

Them: Oh, I don't get into forum role play.

Me: Your loss then.

It's like these motherfuckers treat roleplay like it's crack or something. They have to have it right then and there or they aren't happy or interested.

My problem: Yahoo RP is crap, most of the Rpers in the rooms are one-liners who don't know shit about actual writing. They just spew off random garbage like "-sits down and takes a drink of tea observing the room.-" (which is just them looking for attention they don't get IRL). Or they are the type that RP in private messages, jonesing for a shit post someone spits out in ten minutes or less.

The reason I prefer forum Rp is because I feel I can take the time to cultivate my writing and not make it just about "playing a role".

Trying to recruit talent from Yahoo RPG rooms is like looking for needles in haystacks. A whole lot of hay, very few needles. But I'll keep trying, why? Because Valucre is worth the effort.

Thank you Michele, for being a needle. And welcome to Valucre.

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