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Full Name   Elias Hellion
Alias(es)   "L", "Havoc", "Not-the-chump-lookin'-one"
Birthplace   "The Land of Miracles, Rainbows, and Imagination," self-reported
Residence   Worldwide, taverns of ill-repute, undergarments of the rich and gorgeous
Age   Twenty-eight
Threat Level   Blackwatch Plaid
Partner(s) in Crime   breakers_zpstlhnlyit.png?m=1484622582
Organization(s)   Yours, for the right price
Division   Mercenary,
Rank   First (&) Class(y)
Height   One hundred eighty-six centimeters
Weight   Sixty-eight kilograms
Build   Thin, muscular
Complexion   Pale, youthful
Eye Color   Gray
Identifiable Marks  
  • Violet, nearly luminescent tattoos etched over eighty percent of his body; lateral lines about a centimeter or less wide
  • Natural, white head of hair
  • Swagger
  • Entourage of female fans usually close-behind
Stark confidence   You don't agree? That's cool. But you're wrong. As far as Elias is concerned, the sun shines out of his ass. Bodily gases and fluids emerge in the form of rainbows and priceless commodities.
Enjoys control   Perhaps in line with his other traits, Elias digs control. If he lacks control, he enjoys the task of taking it, and he's keen to let you watch it happen, too.
Eternally preoccupied   And generally with the opposite sex. He lives for the thrill of the hunt, the moment just before he pounces on that unwitting gazelle. Catch him distracted? Well, it was probably the straight-10 that just wandered by.


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Every bit a continued enigma, what is known is that Elias and his partner, Heidern, hail from a world beyond Valucre. Though the specifics of this world are a mystery, it would appear that as these two shift between the veil of these worlds, they adapt automatically. It is unclear just how much changes as this occurs; witnesses have reported an odd language spoken, garbled until they completely manifest on the plane of Valucre. It is also known that Elias is capable of traveling between worlds at will, perhaps at great time and effort as this is never seen performed on-the-go.

To be continued...

  [the Breakers' Lounge Bistro Bed 'n Breakfast Bar 'n Grill on the Water] Brevity... is for the birds.
[Breakin' the Ice] We're the cool kids.
[—unravel, threads of fate.] Fire-side 'chat'. 

Conquests (Completed)   [Action Guaranteed] Painting the town... with an ad for The Breakers.
[Lap of Luxury] A balls-deep introduction.


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Dexterous Mother-Fucker   You can't hit what you can't touch. A creed Elias lives by; this is his primary physical focus
Force of Will   What he lacks in power, he makes up with internal force. Through time and careful honing of his mind, Elias has become nigh-unbreakable.
Lasts All Night   Can't always take a big hit, but he rarely has to. That said, his endurance plays a key role in his stamina. You know, for the ladies.
Mastered Telekinesis   Whether simple embellishment or a primary means of approach, Elias flaunts an ability to manipulate his surroundings a great deal second-nature. Specific applications vary a great deal, but he flaunts his irregular approach proudly, fully intent on catching those before him off-guard.
Proficient Telepathy   Technique here brings true art to the table. Frequently called 'synching,' Elias uses his telepathy to feed into and pull from those around him. He would happily gloat that the applications are infinite. In reality, it may be a bit more modest than that.
Preternatural Senses & Reflexes   The precise origin of Elias' enhanced senses are something of a mystery. The running theory is that, as a product of his telepathy, Elias passively reads his surroundings. Flash impressions of minds, even ones seemingly blocked off to him, allow him to deconstruct a situation to its base components. This creates the illusion of slowing down time or on occasion seeing assaults before they actually occur. These senses and reflexes appear to actually improve in larger crowds, perhaps as a result of a greater pool to tap into.
the Entity, Bob   Bob, as he has come to be affectionately known, is the wild card in Elias' repertoire. A parasite that feeds off any number of latent and active magical energies, Bob has built a symbiotic bond with Elias. The two individuals share body and mind, and Bob offers his boon as needed. Typical enhancements include the ability to deconstruct and absorb most magic, temporarily taking on the traits of the spells and abilities assimilated until purged.


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Big guns, big swords, big explosions: nothing captures Elias' heart and soul quite so fondly. Not everything is so publicized either; he takes a great deal of pride in the toys he has tucked out of sight as well. That being said, if you ever thought a man might be compensating for somethin' lacking, Elias is probably subject 0 in the case file.
HAVOC   Class   Shortsword
Composition   Ascian Alloy 
Special Notes   Havoc has been honed to a fine edge, arguably among the sharpest weapons in existence as a result of the unique and adaptable properties found in ascian alloy. Applying life force to the weapon causes Havoc to glow more vibrantly depending on how much is applied.

Additionally, the weapon appears to host an aetheryte power source in the hilt, thus its rather eerie glass-like look.

HYDAELYN   Class   Gauntlet & Armguard
Composition   Ascian Alloy 
Special Notes   sonofman_thumb_sm_zpsdbc324c8.png?m=1484632761Hydaelyn spans the entire length of Elias' right arm. The relatively light ascian alloy has been tempered for durability permitting a great deal of defense. The gauntlet runs from his fingertips to over his shoulder, shoulder blade, and nape of the neck. Joints have been layered with an ascian mesh or hardened basilisk hide to limit restrictions to mobility.

Aetheryte stones are embedded into the forearm and shoulder of the gauntlet. The precise purpose of these stones
are touted a surprise worth waiting for.
ZODIARK   Class   Gauntlet
Composition   Ascian Alloy 
Special Notes   sonofcain_thumb_sm_zps6bbfe137.png?m=1484632760Zodiark lies in stark contrast to its sister on Elias'. Simply covering his left hand and forearm, the gauntlet offers very few restrictions and appears to offer numerous sharp jagged edges for a more brutal, personal approach.

An Aetheryte stone is implanted into the backside of the fist.
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