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Something like a zombie pandemic. Me, and however many other survivors, must fight for survival to regain a foothold in our earth. The situation is from a story I am currently writing and if it gets published then it will have been worth the time making it. I want real person reactions to the happenings here so I will be recording the reactions and conversations into my notebook, so please use a name that wouldn't take too long to write. You can make your character any way you want but as it is human, Elf, what have you, it must be able to die, loosing people is a natural occurrence in these type of situations. Here is all I have so far...


We all crouched in a corner behind an over turned desk. " I need a mag, any one have an extra?" I object into the silence. My response was the door at the far end of the large room began pounding on its hinges. Then as if someone had flipped a switch, it stopped. In fact all noise had ceased causing an eerie chill to surround the group of people. Frank (Non Playable Character),who was standing in front of me, suddenly jerked through the floor and vanished on some floor below ours, as we were in an office building. On his way down he dropped his 38 special revolver with one shot in it. I snagged it up and reloaded it from some spare 38's in my pocket. Then, slowly approached the hole looking into it with my pistol trained in that direction. " Frank" I shouted into the abyss, crawling on all fours, I gingerly introduced my head into the hole to see blood strewn all over the walls and floor. In the corner was Frank, chest blown wide open and some kind of giant, man-sized, bat looking creature gnawing away at his heart. (Anyone seen Jeepers Creepers...)


This will be an open role-play, so please join in after reading the above story plot and latest posts. There is no posting order so if you would like to say something. then by all means.

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