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Born and bred to war, a world apart, a man detached from his past and his origins. He let's instinct guide him, lead him down the path that he feels is true and righteous. A man and his journey to find himself will lead him down a path the he is yet to understand. He only hopes that the past he is pursuing grants him the future he desires.
Known Name  
"金田" etched into the haft of his spear
//, "KAH-ney-dah"
Shantytowns of Izral, Alterion
Known Name   None currently: heartwrenching, really
Organization   Izralian Rebels
Division   Not applicable
Rank   & File
Height   One hundred seventy-four centimeters
Weight   Sixty-two kilograms
Build   Thin, muscular
Complexion   Fair
Eye Color   Hazel
Identifiable Marks  
  • Torso covered in tattoos, mostly Kanji and Shinto deities & spirits
  • A single more prominent tattoo down the left side of his neck: "悪魔人", Akumabito
  • Distinct silver hair, clearly a new development
between what was and what is. Every indication on Kaneda's person says he lived the life of a criminal, on the fringe of the law. The tattoos, his martial ability, his instinctive autopilot in dager, the language and expressions that come natural to him despite a lack of memory of his past: it spells out the history of a man who killed without question or doubt. On the other hand, the man who is finds himself considerably more compassionate, hesitant to grab his weapon unless forced into a corner.
As a martyr,  
Kaneda's first instinct is to throw himself into the fray. Whatever it was that he can't remember, whatever made him a ruthless killer, seems to have been replaced by a desire to play the hero even if it means death himself.
Putting the pieces  
together is both his foremost goal and most monumental fear. Will he be the man he is, or will he be the man he once was?



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Deft   Quick on his feet, without a single wasted movement, Kaneda's instinct makes him far more agile than most.
Like water   Nimble as he may be, the raw power he can pack by turning the enemy's own against them is frightening. He can go from calm river, to swift rapids, to colossal torrent.
Conservationist   By playing the minimalist, Kaneda is capable of prolonging his own reserves for extensive periods of time.
Life Force   Chi, ki, chakra: whatever it is called by those who tap into it, life energy has a great deal of potential. Perhaps gained through the process of being drawn into Valucre from earth, perhaps an ability he has always had simply enhanced by the unique energies of Tellus Mater, Kaneda is capable of harnessing his internal life force for any number of abilities including extrasensory, augmentative, and direct-offensive.
???   The young woman who found Kaneda shortly after his appearance in Valucre described him as the eye in a hurricane. Huddled in the middle, Kaneda was surrounded by a peculiar sort of destruction: quite literally scorched earth. She said the ground seemed dried, cracked, shriveled, and burnt. All life within twenty feet of him had been incinerated completely, dried into charred husks of whatever they once were. Kaneda has yet to define what it was that caused this.
???   Perhaps it's divine intervention, but luck seems to always fall into Kaneda's corner. He can't really explain the phenomenon, but the result has made him quite the successful gambler.
???   Unmanifested.


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armor_zpsrqqpglmp.png?m=1484632763Kaneda has adapted to the garb of Valucre. The traditional hakama and kimono have been replaced with attire carrying greater utility. The particular kit ultimately varies based on the circumstances, ranging broadly when it comes to defense and mobility.

When mobility is key (see the right picture), hardened basilisk hide has been woven into his gear to provide simple defense from the elements as well as some minimal padding from lesser assaults. Sections of the armor over critical but less restrictive areas incorporate rune-woven titanium alloy. As a rule, Kaneda's joints, arms, and legs are kept mostly uncovered and lightweight.

Most frequently, Kaneda opts for balance (see the center picture). His lightweight kit mounts additional shoulder guards, thicker padding in the thighs and legs, and totes segmented plates of rune-woven titanium alloy as gauntlets.

When defense is key, Kaneda adds an additional pauldron over his chest and left shoulder (see the left picture). Additionally, Kaneda may choose to wear a helmet over his head for added defense.


As a weapon specialist, Kaneda is capable of putting almost anything that bites to good use. Since arriving in Valucre, this list has only continued to grow. The once-bladed repertoire now includes projectile weapons like guns. He has even gone so far as to incorporate hybrids of both the period-specific he had arrived with and the entirely unique, high-tech weapons of Alterion.
"黄泉"   Class   Hybrid Katana
Composition   Steel
Special Notes   yomi-sm_zpsccds4rzc.png?m=1484632786'Yomi' was a katana & wakizashi brought with him when he arrived. The swords were inscribed with their names and carried the most significant nostalgia with them. Despite not knowing precisely where that nostalgia originated from, Kaneda held onto both swords for posterity.

Since arriving, both swords have been enhanced with runes to better fit the challenges of Valucre. The katana is about three feet long. This accompanying wakizashi is a foot-and-a-half.
A trigger concealed at the tsuba of the katana causes the blade to fold back revealing a semi-automatic pistol-barrel at the mount.
"神食べる人"   Class   Hybrid Naginata
Composition   Steel
Special Notes   godeater-sm_zpsmz36as2l.png?m=1484632776'God Eater' as its creator had dubbed it, is billed as a perfect blend of melee and ranged capabilities. The weapon itself is cumbersome, though Kaneda's newly enhanced traits since arriving in Valucre permit him to manipulate it with relative ease. The total length of the weapon spans about five feet, but to tip. The handle itself is just shy of three-and-a-half feet long, and the remainder of the weapon consists of a pauldron-like pommel and the blades. Both the blades and pauldron host an arrangement of distinct runes. 

As a final feature of the weapon, a twist at the grip retracts the blades down around the pommel to reveal a concealed double-barrel for firing heavy-artillery anti-armor shells and channeling magickal energies into an attack.
Accessories   Combat  
  • SIX kunai holstered at waist
  • ONE chain wrapping his belt


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There are those who spend their entire lives running from their past. Their boogeyman lurks in the shadows, lingering under their bed, in the back of their closet, in the deepest recesses of their mind. They live with regret for who they were, shying away in fear of what they might become were they ever to forget.

This is not the story of one of these men.
This is the story of a man who lost everything.
This is the story of a man who doesn't even know what it is that he has lost.


The pitter-patter of rain sings its chorus over the plains about twenty miles from the Alterion city of Izral. Lightning sunders the heavens open with each savage crash. The thunder roars; the storm reared its hateful head over the lands.
Today's storm is especially cruel. Only a breath or two separate the next flash of light hammering into the landscape.
There is a lull over the lands, though: one in direct opposition to the storm that rages overhead. Beyond the pellets of water rippling through the mud and puddles, the world lay still. Perhaps the typical life that scurried over the land seeks shelter from the storm. Maybe instinct has driven them to huddle in their corners in the warm safety of their hovels. 
Sprawling hillsides dotted with rain span for hundreds of miles. Small cities crop up here and there and break the otherwise pristine landscape. But between the blossoms of civilization lies a barren world.
Barren but for one.
Face down in the dirt, static in the face of the variable, he doesn't so much as twitch. Unlike so much of the world around him, the ground he sprawls across is bone-dry, cracked as each drop of rain seems to vaporize before it ever meets terra firma.
The earth glows a soft red from between the fissures shattering outward from the body; a steady pulse of orange dances in the darkness like a beacon for the foolish.
Finally, there was a twitch in his left hand. The silhouette of a man squirms, though he doesn't rise. His eyes remain closed.
A whisper in his mind is what makes him restless. It thunders in his head much like the weather he doesn't know exists, "If there is nothing else you remember when you wake, it is that you must find me. No matter the cost. You are at the crossroads of many, and if you are not prepared, you will fall."
The air cracks and rumbles, and at last, the man awakes to a world as alien as he himself.
  [] —
  [] —





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Kaneda has undergone a unique transformation since his arrival in Valucre, a transformation that is short of impossible to change. Despite coming from a world absent magic or advanced technology, he has found an eerie knack for both. The precise nature of this adaptation is hard to explain, but in those moments when he grips a weapon, when he steps in a vehicle, when he moves into a machine of some kind, a connection is established and memories are triggered. These memories, through eyes he has no recollection of, tell of a world unlike his original and unlike the present. However, through these borrowed eyes, Kaneda simply understands the nature of the tool and has turned this to his advantage.
Designation   "Little Brother", "Triple Zero"
Model Number   BBL-V000
Unit Type   Archetype Mobile Weapons System (AMWS)
Manufacturer   VII, Cide
Operator   Unknown
Notes   RNO-V11 was a test model for a number of new Renovatio prototype combat systems. Its output has been tuned for peak performance to most adequately test its capability.
Dimensions    Head height: 8.5 meters
Mass    Empty: 23.5 metric tons
 Max Gross: 39.8 metric tons
Armor   Miasma-cast delirium alloy
Accommodation   Single in "ULTIMA" cockpit formation
Power Supply   Prototype electrokinetic miasma reactor
— rated 2335 kW
Propulsion   Miasma lift thrusters (3)
— est. 43000 kg
Vernier thrusters (8)
— est. 125000 kg

One element integrated into cockpit design is a rather unique system, the "ULTIMA" (Universal LaTeral Interface for Mobility Acceleration)cockpit, that equips these suits for optimal reaction time and combat performance. The pilot effectively climbs into the cockpit that runs near the midsection of the suit. The pilot slides their arms and legs into slots designated for the appropriate portions of their body and directly manipulates the suit's appendages using the motions of their own body. While this eliminates options for emergency ejection and places greater risk on the pilot, performance is optimized to a point unparalleled by standard cockpit designs. 

An added functional element is the ILOS OS and its identification system built into the operating software for the machine. All BABEL AMWS have had a sliver of Ilos' consciousness imprinted in the machine. This self-aware, living entity is capable of discriminating friend from foe and locking down the machine if necessary. Individuals possessing ULTIMA cells are capable of bypassing these features as the AMWS recognizes the entity in the pilot's genetic structure.

Furthermore, the OS is capable of resonating with Ultima cells in the pilot offering a more seamless marriage of pilot and machine. The result is greater reaction time, senses more closely attuned to the machines, and greater peak performance.

The "Triple Zero" employs miasma-cast delirium alloy. Delirium alloy is one of the basis alloys used for the development of Renovatio's infamous primal alloy. The metal has been cast prior to further tinkering and infusion by Primus' unique genetic make-up permitting a rather large degree of resilience in combat. This unique metal has been infused with the second element of Renovatio's unique scientific wonders, miasma. As a result, the unit is rendered nearly impervious to most magical assails unless applied with massive arcane force. It should be noted that physical damage depletes the miasma-coating, so long-term combat will weaken the unit's advantage against magical attacks.

In addition to the alloy making up the unit's frame is a miasma-powered energy reactor. The reactor uses electrical charges channeled through a miasma power supply to yield a rather extensive source of arcane energy to support most of the unit's combative functions. Using miasma permits a number of other possibilities for BBL-V001's sorties including a lift thruster mounted at the unit's back. By using miasma very similarly to that of Renovatio's aircraft, releasing charged miasma permits bursts of long-term flight. When charged miasma makes contact with the air, the miasma naturally becomes very heavy and repels from the original miasma source as a thick, heavy gas. The internal source of miasma maintains its natural lightweight property pushing the AMWS airborne. The visual result of this process is a bright emission of red-to-white particles from the unit's thruster array commonly referred to as the "havoc effect". This also provides the primary, though unintended, effect of miasma. Long-term deployment of these miasma-powered units provides a considerable amount of magical interference within close-functional range to these reactors.

Fire-Control System(s)   Tri-linear cerebral targeting system
— This system track's the user's visual movement using a small crystal-based sensory mounted just over the right eye. The system then factor's in eye movement to the positioning of the pilot and suit to differentiate targets from all potential pings the suit picks up. Synchronizing the pilot to the system is often the greatest challenge as unintentional movement of the torso, legs, or arms could reorient the suit and throw off the system. However, once a pilot has grown accustomed to the system and establishes focused control over his or her line of sight, this system performs significantly higher than most alternatives.
Defensive System(s)   Charged Miasma Lattice
— The charged miasma lattice is a defensive unit mounted into the suit's left forearm. By charging and realigning miasma ions along a lattice just slightly larger than the mounted shield, the unit can generate both a physical and magical defense against incoming attacks. The lattice is capable of completely neutralizing magical attacks at minimal cost and a reasonable number of ballistic attacks before effectively overheating. The typical threshold against standard-grade weapons is between 3 to 5 bursts. Overheating will effectively render the shield out of commission for about one minute (between one and two rounds depending on actions done during said-lapse). This downtime can be evaded by limiting shield use and powering the lattice down before the shield is overpowered.

Miasma Ventilation 
— Charged miasma naturally expands. So long as a charge is sustained through a body of miasma, the miasma supply can effectively be maintained for extended performance time up to as long as 7 hours through a process not unlike fusion. As a result, however, AMWS must nearly constantly vent excess miasma, whether through thruster arrays or a variety of vents scattered over the frame of the suit. This results in a rather resilient passive defense against low- to mid-range magical attacks or sensory. It should also be noted that this limits ALL magic utilized within close range of the unit indiscriminately.
Optional Loadout(s)   bro-shield_zpsxfjstpoc.jpg?m=1484622583Ragnarok SHP/000 
— The SHP/000 is a shield about 7.4 meters in length and about 2 meters wide at its broadest point. The shield itself carries a number of systems including the generator for the charged miasma lattice stored on the inside of the shield (about 1 meter wider and longer than the shield itself), and the SHP/000 Javelin. The Javelin is a small, weighted, retractable blade fired from the base of the shield attached to a delerium wire about 100 meters long. The javelin permits the unit to deliver a powerful electrical charge to whatever is attached to the other end of the wire. 

beam_zpsbrbsniyo.jpg?m=1484622578Ragnarok R3/000
— The R3/000 is a prototype rifle mounting three basic functions. The first is the ability to fire non-elemental energy at a caliber comparable to 50mm ballistic fire at a semiautomatic firing rate with a max burst rate of 3 shots. The energy is fed through energy packs recharged along a waist compartment on the AMWS. Each battery back can fire a total of about 120 shots before being exhausted.

The second function of the rifle is a ballistic barrel mounted beneath the first. This is probably the most versatile offensive tool equipped on the AMWS. The ballistic caliber is a semiautomatic 70mm rifle. The bullets can be pre-modified for a number of effects prior to sorties. The most common are explosive miasma rounds designed to quickly disperse miasma at long range. They may also be fitted with engraved shells if magical effects are desired upon impact. Each drum permits about 20 shots before a reload is necessary.

The final element of the R3/000 is an energy-based jutte mounting the top and sides of the rifle. The blade is formed by generative miasma along a latice. This permits the unit to deflect oncoming physical assails with either the shield or rifle with little risk of damage with the weapon itself. sword_zpspqqjw3bh.jpg?m=1484622694

RVI-HH3 Variable Heat Hawk

— Another application of condensed miasmi along a lattice, this weapon is capable of charging energy into one of three forms: a single-sided hatchet, a double-sided axe, or a sword. The scale of these weapons can vary based on the output fed into the weapon's suits auxiliary-energy supply (fed into the weapon from the hand). The greater the energy supply, the steeper the drain on the weapon itself, and the shorter deployment time available.
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