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End of Staff Storyteller Services

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Due to a combination of factors, it has been decided that Storyteller services, as provided by the site directly, will be discontinued. If you are currently receiving aid from a storyteller, the decision for them to continue ultimately rests with that storyteller, but I do hope they finish their services with you. That said, I cannot make you any guarantee.

As for boardleader quests, if you currently list a thread as requiring a storyteller or GM, it either falls on you to assist the person yourself, or help them find someone who can facilitate that thread in your stead. Given that storytellers are no longer a guaranteed service, you should carefully consider what threads you want to make them a required component.

Instead of leaving everyone with nothing to replace this service, we have decided to create a program that will allow people to have their names added to a list of endorsed individuals who are willing to provide storyteller services. Bearing in mind that:

  1. We in no way guaranteeing you the services of someone to act as your storyteller.
  2. That this inclusion on the list is not a staff position nor is it a position of any kind of authority or privilege, other than having an endorsement from Administration and/or myself saying we think you a reliable and helpful person who is a good fit for storytelling.
  3. Inclusion on the list does not in any way obligate you to take a specific thread, but we do ask that if you find you are not willing to provide services to the degree you have listed yourself available, you either downgrade yourself or ask to be removed entirely.

We will post the list of approved individuals in a “request thread”, where you can go post a request and the nature of that request. If you want a person specifically, you can PM them instead of posting in the thread- posting in the thread implies you are generally open to anyone. I would advise those adding themselves to the list subscribe to that thread. ;)

Those who wish to be listed as available as a storyteller option have three categories they can choose from:

  • “Lite”- you are willing to do 1-2 posts for someone, mainly to create an event of some kind that kicks off the plot.
  • “Regular”- you are willing to 3-5 posts that covers something like a fight against a big bad, dealing with a troublesome NPC who has some important information, or whatever need you may have that can be easily resolved in a short time.
  • “Full Flavor”- you are generally willing to help with threads in a capacity that requires more than 5 posts, but probably should not be for more than 10. You might play a side character who is not meant to be a lasting character, but has a significant role in the thread (guides them through a dangerous location, leads them to the treasure, etc) or handles a full on battle scene.
  • “The Works”- full flavor with the whip and extra creamer. 10+ thread committer who also is willing to GM a thread or two. Being added to this list takes a willingness to be dedicated and will be screened a little more stringently than others will.


If you wish to be added to one of the lists, all you need to do is send Supernal and me a PM letting us know which of the categories you want to go into. There is no need to be part of one- if you are full flavor, we assume that means you are willing to assist with those that are less than that.

Required qualifications are simple:

  • Active role-player for the last three months
  • No disciplinary issues within the last six months (warnings, formal verbal warnings, etc)
  • Those wishing to take on GM roles will be considered based on history of reliability, organization, and capability.


Anyway, see this thread for making requests and the current list of willing storytellers. Of final note, not adding yourself to the list does not preclude you from helping someone- if you want to do a onetime deal, feel free to reach out to someone via PM if his or her request catches your attention. Getting on the list just means you are available for helping on a more consistent basis and we gave you a vote of confidence.


Thread will be open for a week for any questions and the like.

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Uh! I am willing to try my hand at being in all categories. I find myself with ample time to write. So I wouldn't mind throwing that weight into progressing stories for people. This would be my first time ever doing so. 

I also have this somewhat tedious habit of making characters on a whim because a concept has come to mind. I would like to offer up some of my characters inside of my cast box for NPC's of free use. Yeah uh! Lemme know.

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I'll have to admit, I think I can volunteer as a storyteller. My problem is going to be in NOT taking over the story as my own if it's not my idea originally. I think I can handle the works style, depending on what's really required. But actually, I may need to wait. THings at home are beginning to fall apart a little and in a month I may be forced to move... but that's a month from now and I'll probably be in a new place a short time later. No more than a week tops with being off my computer.

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