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Breakin' Da Ice

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E_zps98c51a14.png?m=1484632796lias would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy watchin' himself work. He had pitched the idea to the Breakers on more than a handful of occasions: a feature-length film on their (his) exploits. Time and time again, as he watched himself avert disaster— was that what it was? —or clear a room, the majesty swallowed him whole.

Even now, as Simon stood in muted horror, Elias had been swept away in a flurry of self-admiration. The grin plastered on his face was one that bled pride in a day's work. He only noticed the distraction after a moment or two of Simon writhing against the reins that still seemed to grip him and hold back the emotion that now welled up behind his eyes

Simon's gaze was red, glassy, wide, struggling to turn about and meet the author of his guilt and the target of his ire. As his head struggled against the will that bore down on it, the veins along his temple, forehead, and neck bulged in strain. A full ten seconds ticked away before the gunman managed to to face Elias, and the pale hue to Simon's skin suggested it had taken everything in him to twist those ninety degrees.

As their eyes met, a thought hit Elias square across the head, enough so that his eyebrows rocketed high and his head shot back in surprise, "Fuck, I hope that wasn't our contact. I forgot to check first."

A cursory inspection of the room, from behind him where Heidern buckled down his buddy, to the far end of the room where Ron was now curled up in a lump of limp, headless flesh, gave little indication as to who was in charge.

The hard way, then: a mellow stride brought the white-haired Breaker up to Simon with complete disregard to the daggers that now stared back at him. As Elias snatched the shotgun from the man's hands, he did not so much as struggle, not so much for lack of wanting.


Guess what Simon did next

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rom outside, Heidern jerked Alan once more, slamming the side of his head into the wall and rattling him good before releasing him. The man slumped and slid down the wall, dazed as the Breaker appeared in the doorway a moment later. Entering the room, he strode back over to where Alan was, gripping his skull in pain and picked the man up by the scruff, roughly dragging him over to sit by his buddy. He threw Alan down in a heap and moved over to take up watch by the door. 

This put both men between the Breakers, and a Breaker between any available exit. These knuckleheads weren't going anywhere now and it was obvious that everyone in the room now knew it. "Time ta' have ourself's a chat, mah boyos. And do yaself's a favor and les' keep dis' honest, eh? Ain't nobody need ta' get froggy in here, we just wanna talk a bit." He replied from the doorway, folding his arms across his chest as he leaned back against the partially ruined frame. 

He was smiling, and both Breakers looked rather relaxed, which probably made the whole situation feel really defeating for the two seated, bewildered men. However, the most interesting, and entertaining part of all of this, was watching the facts really sink in. The exchanged glances, the nervous twitching, the tenseness of the muscles, the unspoken questions and of course....the fear. He always got a kick out of seeing the Fear.

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A-salmon-sm_zpsmhdqjjqe.png?m=1484632791nyone else notice that Hei's plea for honesty was pronounced "dis honest?" Elias did. Had he not been puttin' on his best act for stoic and badass interrogator, he might've even given olGod-like a little shit for it. Somethin' the keep 'im glued to the ground, you know?

More to the point, though, the white-haired Breaker loomed over his quarry, an appraising eye turned upon them— the arbiter from his high perch above the judged, the gatekeeper before the damned, a jury before its convict. There was very little that those keen eyes and their pallor would have missed. Of the countless minutiae Elias thumbed through, one of note caught his eye: confusion. Neither of these men expected them. While he and Hei weren't exactly expecting a warm and open-armed welcome, expectation should have been there. There should have been a sliver of recognition shining behind those dim-witted, blunt-instrument eyes peerin' up at them. For fuck's sake, Bishop had written their "contact" a flowery letter asserting their intentions. Somethin' like "Hey fuckheads. Your whole rebel thing seems cool. We'll take it from here." Just probably articulated with some big sexy words like indubitably and baroque.

Yet, here they stood, with Sir Simon and Archduke Alan who hadn't the foggiest idea why they even had party-crashers in their company.

The realization took its toll on Elias' otherwise perpetual smirk in the form of an involuntary drift to the poor- and recently-departed Ron. The frown filled in the rest for his partner, though the obligatory retort that came was one of those super-Elias-sorts, "I gotta tell ya, man. When I fuck up, at least it looks pretty goddamned cool."

— —

Across town,

The acrid odor of cigars had soaked itself into the wood of the room. There was no escape, and even if the heavy-set man lumbering into his oakwood chair hadn't been suckin' one down at the moment, there was near-certainty that the odor had already settled into the fibers of his suit. These "regents," as they liked to call themselves, always made him feel like he needed a shower afterward. And, the chain-smoking was only the half of it. On the other hand, the High Mason's decree and the light of the Crystal had led him to this table today. Not all of this war was fought on a battlefield, after all.

Don't look so worried, boy. Xavier, was it? Your men and my man
mus' be sittin' down as we speak. And all this nonsense'll be settled, and we can go back to being friends," the chuckle that erupted was blood-curdling. 

Chortle, more like it. Chortle sounds like a man laughing through decades of untended phlegm, and the rot and decay of too much diarrhea and garbage chugged down a throat. The sooner he could be free of this task, the better, "
The High Mason will look favorably on you coming to your senses," probably. There was only a little bite to Ex's tone, but the chance of any reprisal further than a grimace was slim. This particular regent had recognized the southward turn in his struggle and had rushed to pick up the loose coins before his meager fortune was lost.

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"Wat? Sometin' on mah face o' suttin?"

A Pause.

I7.png?m=1513217697t did not take long before the score really sank set in. Now the damn thing had permeated the room; the two nobles staring in shocked and confused silence, the two Breaker's who at this moment did not feel particularly bad ass. To be quite honest, the whole vibe of the room and shifted and killed much of the pair of Breaker's good mood. Elias was the first to break the silence.

"Ah gaddamnit El! I never shoulda left dis one ta' you's and Bish'. Oh I got it covered, leave it ta' me, Ya' saids. Oh it's all in da' note He saids. " Heidern exclaimed, echoing his partner's thoughts and affecting his best Elias and Bishop impressions for the moment, before throwing his hands up. Then turning to face the two men, he addressed them directly."Dis why you never leave tha' plannins and da' thinkin's to a skirt chaser and a two-bit gambler, eh? Tink wit der otha' dome, dey do." He said behind one wrapped hand in an affectation of privacy, as if the other Breaker couldn't hear every word he said.

Hei looked around the room then, at Ron laying in cooling and expanding pool of red, at Alan and Simon, at Elias, then back at the two men. He sighed long and heavy and his shoulders sagged, his hat drooped.

"Well dis' is kinda embarassin' amirite? Hehe...ha...ha...whew. Tell ya's wat's. Let's try dis' again from da' tippiest of tops, eh? We finna' come tru' dat dere door again, and stizzart dis' whole shebang over. Ya' twos, just act like ya's been expectin' us and we'll take it from dere. Ok? Ok. Oh and soz' bout' yer boyo over dere. Ya' understand right? Occupational hazard and all dat. "

Flashing a pair of finger guns at the two gentlemen, he looked back at Elias with a broad grin, giggling "Dat's one way ta' break da' ice, eh?"


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