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Hi you guys.

I just finished fixing the map to reflect the changes in Genesaris. there are now fewer cities and less clutter. I also added in some canon to the history section, mentioning of course the guys who helped make some amazing explosions with Whipsernight: Ragnarok. The links should all work as well. If I missed anything or something is broken, let me know so I can fix it!

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As you've seen, we got a new board; Whispernight City Ruins. At the moment, it's at the experimental stage; it was agree dif it doesn't work out, it gets removed, and the threads in it will be moved back under Cities of Genesaris, so they won't be deleted or anything.

This board features all the cities that were destroyed by Whispernight and repeatable quests to go with them. However, this board can also be used to rp in any area that was affected by Whispernight; this board can host haunted forests, villages, and so on. Also, questing isn't necessary; explorers and casual rps are welcome here too!

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I think I have just found a way to reintegrate myself into Valucre - and a possible new storyline involving my planned group, the Freedom Fighters: Liberating the destroyed cities from their monstrous infestations.

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