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The Royal Wedding (Open)

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It was finally the day, and the ceremony was elegant, beautiful, private and very simple. With their children at their sides and Malaysia’s older brother, MorceLa’Kai Abaz as their witness, Ayden and Malaysia had finally come together as one and joined hands, shared their vows and while looking into one another’s eyes, expressed their love for one another.


Malaysia looked glorious for her big day, she had carefully gone through and picked out her dress; A dress that was made for royalty. Her headdress dropped over her carefully curled hair, and it accented her gorgeous features just right. Upon each wrist was a thick, leaf designed bracelet covered in crystals and diamonds and she also have a necklace to match. Her veil was also specifically designed, with a silver floral trim it fell like a waterfall over the back of her dress and created a train to flow behind her. This would probably be the most effort she had ever put into her appearance that she ever will, but it was worth it.



  The Dress 



The head dress




The veil







For Their commitment was unlike any other, and deep down Malaysia knew that despite all of her turmoils in her life, that he was end of her path. Should they be separated, either for reason or death, there would be nothing left in this world. Her Dragon King was her one and only, and there was nothing that she could have asked for in her life. He was her everything, and as she longingly gazed into his lovely blue eyes, and their lips connected in a soft kiss to seal their bond, all she wanted to go was spend the rest of the evening with him. But alas, they did have a celebration to uphold.


They had taken all the careful arrangements and she was positive that their guests would have a ball of a time. Having dropped off the children with their sitter for the evening, the newlyweds made way to the venue of their choice. Having not requested the use of the Castle Heights due to obvious reasons and recent destructions, they had decided to go about it a simpler way. A very large tent was cast outside of castle heights and by the Wishing well, it was white in texture and it looked rather small for the amount guests there were attending. Yet while not so exercised in the ways of illusions and minimal magic, she moved to deceive all of her guests on a large scale. Once stepping through the open tint doors, they would see something genuinely magnificent. Chairs were laid out in colors of black and blue, the chosen them of the Angelic Goddess and her Dragon King and dance hall stretched far into the depths of the tent. Broad and tall glass paned windows overlooked the beauty which was Morgana, and despite its recovery state it still had its own particular beauty to it.



What guests see when they walk into the tent..




Long tables stretched across the outline of the walls, which small oeuvres which include meat, fruit, vegetables and sweets. A variety of beverages would also be offered to accommodate all of their types of guests. Once their ceremony was over, Malaysia and Ayden would start to make way to the reception. Of course, they would have to arrive in style

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Though the recent events that occurred in Morgana had just passed, the city had done well to repair itself. Even in such a small amount of time, the city was slowly returning back to its normal state. Perhaps it was due to their past, where the city had burned, or been attacked time and time again, that the people of Morgana had grown resilient and handy in their trade and craft. Yet, Morgana's Knight of Diligence always stood there at the end of the day, insuring that the people remained safe and out of harms way. Upon this day, though given his thanks and blessings to the newly weds, the Knight had taken his leave in pursuit of his own heart and love within the city of Versilla.


A new air had filled the city of Morgana as a small group of dragons and dragonkin from the Red Sands remained. Just outside the massive tent that hosted the reception, the large Bone Wyrm that had assisted the Dragon King would remain docile and ever vigilant. Many of the citizens came and gawked at it, amazed by the sight of such a magnificent creature. Just opposite of the fountain, a line had been created for those who were interested. Smaller, lesser dragons would offer their services to those who wished to experience the thrill of flight upon a dragon's back. The experience was free, and after the people of Morgana saw these same dragons help save them and their home, the support for their presence was most welcomed and received. Guards would be standing by to help anyone interested in receiving a free dragon ride!


Open: Dragon Rides

- - -


Ayden brushed his thumb across each digit as the weight of the new ring took its rightful place upon his hand now that the ceremony was over. The smile on his face, placed there by his wife, would remain ever so present as he checked himself over one last time before presenting himself to the public eye. His short dark hair was neat, probably the first in a very long time. The suit he wore, black in color accented in trims of blue nearly matched the tent environment too perfectly. He laughed at the way he looked, so proper and unnatural. Though it looked extremely nice, fitting him rather well, he would have almost preferred his suit of armor. 


Though, his eyes flashed to Malaysia knowing that she would have killed him if he had shown up like that. Moving from the elegant figure she provided to the hand he held, he watched her ring. It wasn't perfect, but it held sentimental value considering he made it. The materials chosen for her ring, gifted from the city itself held certain properties that infused with his own power. Even if Malaysia didn't know the extent of its power, Ayden knew it would protect her if it ever came down to it. 


Taking a deep breath, he was nervous for once. There were going to be a lot of people here and it had been some time since he played with formalities. Deep down, he was still tired from everything that had come to pass up till this point. But Ayden knew that there was no excuses, he had no reason to complain. His wife was the one who had given birth to two beautiful children, practically battle born. It was a miracle and it was now time to come out of hiding from inside one of the many make-shift rooms within the tent. With Malaysia in hand, Ayden would open the door and pass through to the room of the tent where all their guests would be arriving.


The smell of food filled the air. The sound of music played softly and with elegance. It was all... perfect.


Open: Reception

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After his meeting with the Marquis Zantara, The Lord Commander of the Northern Threat had made his way back down the Generasis to attend the awaited wedding of his younger sister, Malaysia. She had gone out of her way to find her big brother and ask him to be a witness to the wondrous event, and a wondrous event it was. She made quite the bride, and he had never seen the Dragon King dressed up. They made quite the handsome couple, and he couldn’t be happier to be able to see it first hand.


But after the wedding, he had departed, leaving the couple to their smiles and romances and traveled to the reception’s destination. It was glorious, the perfect setting for the newlyweds. The Dragon’s outside were a significantly nice touch, and the Lord Commander did what he could to make himself comfortable. Securely tucking himself into the left side of the room with a goblet of bloodwyne in his hand, he quietly surveyed his surroundings and the guests. Like many other occasions, the 6’7” beast of a man, adorned in a suit of armor and a blood red cloak, towered over many within the current vicinity. He wondered to himself if the Marquis was going to show with his posse, he recalled that the good Lord mentioning the possibility of making an appearance. Then there was that other matter..


Stuck in his thoughts, he heard the suddenly roar with hoots, hollars and applause. Looking up, he saw that his sister and new brother in law walking through the entrance of the dance hall.


He smiled. 

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It had been months of hiding within the Dasua Barony, doing odd little jobs for the Dasu government and honing his Chi skill which would allow him to access other abilities, before Luis and Darby received the letter. It seemed Luis' whole existence was based upon that "Lulu Luck" as he liked to call it, since this was not first time that an opportunity came out of the blue to him in the form of a letter. Months before the situation in Weland, the pair did an odd job in Cosanostre. Luis' was so impressed by the city's unique and expansive beauty that he wished to return one day for a vacation with his companion Darby however, things came up. Things happened. Things got in the way. Man. Luis seemed to have a lot more excuses these days. When did he, a man of great willpower, start letting life get in the way of what he wanted? What did he want? So many negative emotions flowed through him after his last job in Weland that although his chi training helped him find some peace, it was not enough to wholly ease his mind.


He still felt guilty.


He felt guilty because he knows he had a greater purpose on his home planet, as expressed by Darby. He knows that he was sent here for a purpose as expressed through his dreams- and nightmares. He knows that with every passing day he spent here on this planet he was getting further and further away from himself. He had become a wanderer. A lost soul. With no country, with no family, and with no home. A mercenary at best, homeless at worst. Having grown up a military a brat, the only memories he can treasure these days, it seemed that the lack of a clear goal had effected his morale. Though few would have known. The young man preferred to suffer behind jokes and fun, preferring to forget his qualms by being an sociable individual in hopes to meet people interesting enough to help him forget about his whole life. So he smoked and joked these past few days of traveling with Darby, because he felt guilt about her as well.


They have had moments of brief emotional bonding, such as the time they were academy teachers back in Terrenus. He still remembers the festival. The card playing octopus and fortune telling old nomad who also sold jewelry on the side. Quite the bargainer she was. Luis got Darby a shiny piece but he couldn't remember what to be honest... getting rusty with details it seemed. Most of all he remembered that they stepped away and sat upon the cliff in which they had first met their Adventuring class at, with the tall oak tree on the side. They sat there, upon his jacket, looking upon the moonlit ocean and feeling the cool, salty breeze. They exchanged smiles, giggles, and basic backgrounds. She glowed and he glowed, finding excitement in finding more about each other. Although hey did not raise the nights mood past that, he knew. He knew that she was the only family he had and that with her being his family, he felt he held her back. If wasnt for him she would be home, living her life comfortably as she did before. Sure, she volunteered to do this she says, but Luis could not tell if that was the truth He believed she was being forced to serve him until he wandered off the face of this foreign world and that.... that wasn't a good feeling.


But he hid it. And hid it well he did, for he was an actor and a gentleman of well- placed expressions and words.


Amidst these emotions the letter came. Hope. Vacation. Even Bonnie and Clyde had to stop to rest he imagined, so he was definitely going to take advantage of this opportunity. Time for a rest.


So they ordered clothes for the wedding, which was tough to find a tailor in Dasua who had been willing to go that modern in terms of fashion. With the little money he had, Luis also ordered a gift, frequently visiting the blacksmith to check upon its progress. After saying a quiet goodbye to the only place in Terrenus he had felt truly safe, he disappeared as if he had never been there. A ghost with no attachments. They pair were simply passing through Weland, quickly for supplies since Luis did not want to spend another moment there, when they happened across an airship. Some guy named Marquis owned the magnificent vehicle. His men were outside the ship and offered transport to the wedding! How lucky! Luis was just going to go to Casper and take the chance but this was far better.


Soon enough they were in the air. Luis and Darby (hopefully) met a few unique, and/or powerful individuals. Who was this Marquis? How was he able to offer such luxurious transport to these powerful individuals? Was he merchant or politician? And was that Sharps!??! Its best to make the least amount of contact with him on this ship, lest he brought it down before the group even made it to the wedding. In fact it was probably best to avoid any personal questions altogether and to keep all conversations and friendly yet brief. So as always the pair stuck together like glue. During the day he was himself, and at night he smoked on the deck and meditated, feeling the exceptional breeze offered by the gliding beauty. 


He guessed that they had arrived when they set the ship down, but that wasnt the case. They were met with ships that they had to switch to in order to get to Orisia. Luis found this odd but had heard from the others that there was a great magic that surrounded the island that seemed to disable airships. Quite impressive! This was effective towards any enemies who wanted raid the large island by air. He couldnt recall any Terrenus city having such a powerful deterrent towards threats.


When they landed he was happy to be on ground once more. Instead of traveling with the rest of the group, from then on Luis and Darby gathered info themselves and made their way to Morgana city, which rested in a desert type climate within the eastern island. They traveled with nomads around the crystal which was a magnificent site to see. Once inside the city, Luis got a hold of the map and visited the nearest school which contained a few books he borrowed. Once they checked in an inn inside the River Trade district, they toured around since they had a few days to kill, though Luis continued smoking the whole time, thus remaining mostly quiet. He felt the energy of the river district and the virtues of past heroes on the Wall of Heros. They visited the wishing well and got a peak at the entrance of the castle. With that done Luis and Darby grabbed food and drink and turned in. Luis spent the next few days reading about the royal family, the city, and basic background of orisia. He realized the reason why the place felt so medieval-ish and more magic focused was because Orisia was a part of Genesaris... the Russia to Terrenus' America. Luis suddenly became obsessed. On the night before the wedding Luis put down the books and the smoke and went for a night stroll with Darby.




It was confusing yet oddly familiar and amazing. He was used to christian weddings so the ways of the Orisian Ceremony was foreign yet amazing to see. Once that was done the pair made their way to the party. On the walk there Luis froze. Fucking. Dragons. Luis told Darby quietly not to look them in the eyes, though it was clear they were not a threat. Seemed he missed that part out on his research! They followed all sorts of people from all sides of the planet into the plain looking tent, only to discover that it was not plain AT ALL! It looked like an even sleeker version of Beauty and The Beasts ballroom in there, with entertainment, music, and all sorts of delicious food to try! They even served blood in cups, since it seemed vampires were a huge deal here. Luis definitely didnt want to be someones meal so made sure to mind his manners, which wasnt hard at all for him to do.


Luis and Darby continued, arm in arm, stepping to her rhythm, as the looked about. It seemed the couple wasnt here yet and they they were waiting. Perhaps the couple was changing into something more suitable for a party. In the meanwhile Luis grabbed the pair some wine, white wine just in case, and stood to the left side of the room. He looked at all the unique faces of military personal in their distinguished uniforms and people from all castes wearing their Sunday best. As he scanned left he froze. 


He was looking at a humongous armored arm. He scanned slowly up and looked at the pale face of the 6'7" beast of a man. He wore beautiful, intimidating armor and red cloak as bright as the blood of his enemies. Why enemies? Because Luis had the ability to pick up "vibes" as he called it and to analyze a mans gestures and face... most importantly his eyes. The eyes of a lion. He was not too sure who he was now, but since he studied the royal family he knew that Malyasia, the bride was the sister of the Black queen, whom ruled Orisia. If he found his name hed know immediately that he was their brother, The Lord Commander Of The Northern Threat.


Luis considered gulping his whole glass of wine but instead spoke. 


"Evening milord." Luis said with a small bow. He knew that it was respectful to acknowledge a person on a higher social status than yourself, but decided it best not to continue a conversation from there unless he insisteed. He suddenly missed Terrenus, which had a less strict, medieval styled caste system.


He'd need another drink, maybe a smoke. He looked to his side and forgot how out of place he felt admiring Darbys elegance, and looked forward with a reassured feeling. With her things just seemed right.


The cheers signaled it. It seemed the lovely couple would be arriving!







OOC: By the  way if anyone wanted to come with us, feel free to include yourself in our journey

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Darby had spent quite some time with Luis, other than a few weeks she had trekked out on her own, she had been traveling along with him since she had luckily happened upon him that first night she arrived on Valucre at that tavern, what a culture shock that was. However, these past few months she had the opportunity to actually observe Luis rather than his surroundings. Things had quieted down a bit to where she didn't have to constantly be in guard mode even though she tended to be intentionally or not, old habits were hard to break. But she consciously let herself relax as no new threat made itself apparent. She did however feel as if she was letting Luis down, she was sent, along with Junior to Valucre to bring Luis back without any idea on how to get back and now without Junior. She occasionally thought of him, wondering if he even made it to the planet at all. She went searching for him for a little while, as were Luis' orders before realizing she was surely not fulfilling the mission that way, she was not protecting Luis nor figuring out a way off Valucre. At least that's what she told herself when she turned back to reunite with Luis again, a bit of a difficult task since he had apparently made his whereabouts as unknown as possible, but for good reason.


Though in the time spent around Luis she had learned most of his smallest quirks and mannerisms, and the not so obvious meaning a few of those had. Having always been more of an observer than one who chose to interact she had a tendency to notice more of what people left unsaid rather than what they chose to say, mostly in terms of whether or not they posed a threat but occasionally about other things as well. But as time went on she grew worried for Luis, his smiles had gotten a bit forced and strained, and his expressions turned a bit more inward. There was concern, worry, or some other somber emotion wearing a line upon his forehead when she would catch him in thought, which had been quite often lately. The time at Dasua Barony was peaceful, especially compared to the first escapades she encountered with Luis when reaching Valucre but it seemed it gave too much time for reflection, which seemed not so ideal for Luis but about the same as usual for herself. She had always been a lost soul, no true purpose, and no true niche to fit into. Rainbow bridge gave her the most out of anything in fulfilling those things but there was always something scratching at the back of her mind. She mostly settled on the way she felt about those things, believing she was never really one to truly belong anywhere, perhaps it was her gypsy background, her free spirit attitude, her inability to truly be satisfied with the idea of settling in life, or a combination of it all. And so therefore her thoughts were aimed more at Luis' well being rather than her own, whether that was a good choice to not explore her own head didn't matter much to her, it was working for now, and her job after all was to look after Luis, not herself.


And though she was noticing these subtle changes in Luis, she had no idea how to address it nor would it be her place to do so. Though she thought of Luis as a friend and the closest thing she had ever had to family, he was ultimately and foremost her superior, and certain boundaries and respect had to be maintained; something she had to remind herself from time to time since things flowed so naturally around him. He knew more about her background than anyone else and the only one she had ever talked about her mother to. She supposed he deserved to know the background of the one who was supposed to keep his head attached to his shoulders.


She remembered the day the invite had came, it seemed to have brightened both their spirits. Which was odd such a formal event would since it was far from Darby's thing but perhaps a change of scenery was overdue as well as a break in a recently formed and unexciting routine. She was pleasantly surprised with the tailor's ability to fashion something that suited her tastes with her poor description of what she wanted. She was even more surprised as they were able to make it through Weland without so much as a hiccup as well as managing a ride on an airship for most of the way to the venue. She made various mental notes on people who she recognized, who looked familiar, and who deserved a bit of a extra attention for whatever reason while on the airship who appeared to be heading to the wedding as well. She was thankful Luis decided that they were to go on their own to Morgana City, being in a large group was exhausting for her, constantly making sure one wasn't a threat, reading people, and determining what placement they were to have in her web of people she kept in her mind while in crowds and confined spaces.


Darby's favorite thing about the expedition to Morgana had to be watching Luis read the books he had borrowed as well as speak aloud either to inform her of his findings or just ramble out something he had found interesting as he read along. She could predict when he was about to speak by his facial expression as he came across something in the text, something that always made her smile at seeing the change, he was the most expression ridden person she ever met, making up for her rather expressionless, often "resting bitch face" self. The walks he'd occasionally find time to indulge her with were also one of her favorite things, she hated being in one place too long and felt more at ease talking when on the move than when sitting still. She had to admit Valucre had seen more of her smiles than Earth ever had most of them occurring while she was in the company of Luis. His charismatic way and laugh were contagious even to her "serious" ways.




Darby had expected fancy and perhaps a bit outlandish since after all it was a royal wedding but this was much more than she imagined. It was glamorous and sophisticated all at the same time. Her attention was drawn to the dragons as they headed towards the tent. Luis' warning slipped past her though she didn't look any in the eyes as it wasn't respectful no matter what the species. But the dragons were definitely something that took some effort to tear her attention away from. She was determined to touch one at some point. They defied every law of nature that she knew of, especially the Bone Wyrm. Luckily, Luis walking arm in arm with her kept her from walking into anything or anyone while staring.


She released his arm as he went to find refreshments, more than relieved that he came back with white wine after letting her gaze wander at the variety of guests, drinks, and food while Luis was away from her. She did however, take a small sniff at the drink before sipping it. The bangles that Luis had bought for her at the fair a while back slid down her arm as she pushed some hair out of her face which was fashioned in a usual braid of some sort with her other hand. She never did wear them as often as she'd like for fear or losing or damaging them, it was the first gift anyone had given her in a long time and she didn't want anything happening to them, so wearing them at a formal event seemed safe.


She glanced around once again but her gaze was soon also interrupted by the towering form of a man donned in a red cloak. Her nose scrunched slightly as she examined him, a habit of her's when someone seemed worthy of more than a dismissing glance, soon realizing Luis was doing the same. The man was far from someone to be trifled with and someone who came from importance it seemed. She followed Luis' lead giving a bow of her own and a lowering of her gaze but spoke no words. She looked up just as Luis was looking away from her and his, as well as most everyone in the room's gaze fell upon the newly married couple entering the tent that was full of grandeur and curiosities; at least to her. She craned her neck to catch a glimpse of the couple.

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 [To Luis and Darby]


Stoically, Morce’ admired his sister and new husband from a distance. They both looked amazing, and Malaysia herself was simply glowing; being married certainly suited her. Placed the goblet to his lips and taking another deep gulp of the bloodwyne, he barely even noticed Luis and Darby approach him to his left side. Perhaps it was the music or the beverage, or maybe he was just too enthralled with the idea of being invited to this wondrous event. Yet then he heard a voice break through all of the noise, his impeccable hearing catching even the slightest rustle.


Turning to face the couple, he observed their courtesy and returned the same with a bow and a slight break in his waste. He noticed the tailored suit that Luis was wearing, and it was quite strapping on him as well as the dress the young lady wore. The woman looked glorious, and he wondered to himself when and if he would ever meet the acquaintance of a young single lady; perhaps one he could claim for himself(without kidnapping her of course).


“Good evening, my lord and lady.” Shifting his weight, he attempted to remain comfortable. Social gatherings were not his specialty, especially when it wasn’t involved with war. It might have been easier for him to wear a name tag so his introductions wouldn’t be so choppy, “My name is MorceLa’Kai, I hope the evening’s festivities has found you well?” 

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The Claws of the Bloody Seer


It had been a trip across the ocean for those who traveled from Terrenus to this wedding of Royalty; the Airship Chryopelea from Weland to the South Seas and then west to the outskirts of Orisia to drop off the four masted schooner known as the Claw of the Bloody Seer. Six hours to remast her and set the sails and then the two hundred mile trip past Veelos and into the bay, slowly moving upriver to the city of Morgana. For days and nights it seems, the High Cleric of the Bloody Seer stood at the helm, always vigilant for trouble from any quarter. As they finally pulled up to the docks of Morgana, he looked over the Knights who came with him on this ride, many of them veterans of Veelos and the Forest of Ellwood. He was lucky that in most cases he could run even a vessel this large by himself with a bit of magic but surprisingly he'd had a enjoyable time teaching a few of them the rudimentary ideas of how everything worked.



Gods Above and Below, he would be more than happy to have this La'Ruta behind him again. He missed his airship and technology.

Holding up a gloved hand to the soldiers on the docks while the Knights cast out the lines to tie them into place, Zantara called out "Morgana, Last Stop!!"

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The journey overseas had been long and perilous, and having only been back for a few months the traveling of a ship on rough water’s was definitely she had to get used to. Like her Lord before her, the Dark Goddess couldn’t wait to get back to Terrenus and Patia, not only to return to the more familiar way of life but also to continue working towards the goals set for Weland Gorge.


Having been neatly tucked away in the main cabin of the ship, Kalicity heard Marquis’s voice ring through the upper decks announcing their long awaited arrival to Morgana’s sandy peers. Sitting calmly upon a stool that was set before a vanity station, she looked at the mirror and simply observed herself and what she looked like. Her platinum hair was messily pulled away from her face, leaving her bangs to dangle in an occasional strand leaving that sultry look about her. Her attire was something that she never quite imagined herself wearing, but this was a wedding made for royalty, and she supposed it would be more than satisfactory.




Taking one last glance before standing up and moving towards the door, her dress once again flowed with every stride. Unlike what she normally wore though, blood red in color, this dress was extremely form fitting and shimmered in the light. Her darling Marquis had done well to find her a wardrobe that suited her tastes, and he certainly obliged to all of her requests. He took good care of her and for that she was grateful. Upon her left hand and her ring finger, was a serpentine ring that he had given her not soon after her arrival, and she promised to keep it safe and had not taken it off since he placed it there. As she stepped out the door and onto the deck, she pulled her wolf cloak up and over her shoulders. While she particularly didn’t require it, she did desire to cover herself up until they made their appearance at the reception. 

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Be polite. Be professional. However, have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” -- John ‘ Soap ‘ MacTavish



A storm brewed inside his stomach, nervous excitement of returning to Orisia churning the acids, and yet he couldn’t help but smile. His emerald eyes sparkled with electricity as he guided the beautifully clad Ardelle inside of the tent, her gentle but strong hand wrapped around his left arm, dexterous fingers dancing on the bicep. John MacTavish, Governor of Sector Two in Alterion, Tellus Mater smiled warmly down upon his date for the evening with sincere love for the woman who had become a most trusted and close friend. “You look lovely Ardelle, in case I forgot to tell you that a moment ago.” John whispered into her ear, leaning down in close proximity that ensured intimacy. “I do believe the groom has even ditched the bride to ask for your hand in marriage instead.” He teased with a voice thick of childish joy.

[spoiler] LLTS2.jpg.cf_zps8moj7bbs.jpg

John MacTavish had even dressed for the occasion in his best suit: expensive wool with chalk pin-stripes tailored to accommodate his lean, but muscular body while accenting the width of shoulders and slim waistline. A three-piece suit designed with purpose to impress the crowd, John had requested Alterion’s finest tailors to create this masterpiece of London.

Conservative or fashionable? John had dreaded the decision of choosing one over the other, but his date had made the final call. A warm blend of pink could be seen with a full Windsor knot underneath the wide collar of his dress shirt, complimentary to his olive complexion.

[spoiler] italian_leather_oxford_shoes_762112a6.jp




He has and always will remain the distinguished gentleman; on earth, Gaia Primus, or Valucre, and continues the tradition of such with honor and prestige. A couple of raps on the floor with his lions head cane brought the attention of a young usher to bearing, politely bowing to the couple and then leading them to a table clothed in white fabric. Once reached of their destination John would hold the chair for Ardelle and then push her in before joining her side.

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For quite some time Mithe had done nothing but walk around the reception tent after the ceremony and take in the splendor of the lavish wedding details, happy to have her feet or solid ground once more. Forest gnome did not fair well on open water. The dragons outside was a sight to see and she spoke with the handler setting up those who would care for a ride. She wished to have a go atop one but decided that the very wind produced on the back of the magnificent creatures might send her tiny body flying off its back. Would she become famous for dying at the royal wedding? Probably not. She assured herself it would not be such a great idea and made her way inside the reception tent once again. When eyes would fall down upon her she would look up and smile polity and give a nod of her head in acknowledgment. If it was not for her delicate and rather conservative garb and exquisite hair-styling Mithe was sure she would of gone unseen by most.






The sea foam green coloring of the dress contrasted beautifully against her skin which was the hue of coffee with just a hint of cream. Her black hair with its natural streaks of hunter green and light brown looked like a masterpiece twisted within the ornate braids. Mithe was very proud and impressed with herself for accomplishing such a look, her shoulders and arms still ached for the hours it required to weave her thick strands into such an exotic fashion but it was well worth the torture and time. Plus she had desperately needed the distraction from the rocking and swaying over the waters.


Finding a tall table(they all were) with refreshments she cleared her throat to bring the server's eyes down to her, "Excuse me," she said with a small smile, showing clean white teeth behind her painted [url=http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/e2/f7/d9/e2f7d9c455d9bcc0cd9360e468b1270f.jpg]wine colored lips[/url], "Would you be so kind as to pour me a drink? My height can be quite problematic at such events." She chortled cutely and accepted the large goblet of white wine given to her. The size of it was a bit much for her to handle and the possibility of spilling was evident. Find a table, find a table, ah-hah!


Two of the occupants of this particular one were two she had seen upon the ship. The man was handsomely dressed(John) and so was the lady(Ardelle), maybe a couple, but Mithe could not be sure.


"Mind if I join you two?" Her hands with the goblet clasp around it would be the first thing to be seen as she lifted it above her head and placed it upon the white table cloth. Thankfully the chairs had small but very firm and plush pillows to support ones' lower back. Mithe used this as a sort of booster seat to give her height as she climbed into the chair. Ah, much better.


The gnome's dual colored eyes, one a rich dark brown the other a cool gray-blue, looked at the lovely couple before her. "My name is Mithe, it's a pleasure to meet you two. I saw you upon the ship, though we did not speak. Are you relations to the bride and groom?"

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@ John & Mithe
"He would be a fool to think I'd abandon your side."
Ardelle had squeezed his arm and leaned a bit closer to show he had her entire attention, and to steal a bit of his strength. Her senses had been completely assaulted the second they entered, so she found herself slightly dependent on his guidance until she could get further adjusted to her rambunctious surroundings. No matter the years and constant training she's gathered under her belt, her excitement at times interrupt her barely profound concentration. 
She took great care sitting down, showing how well she is not at all accustomed to be so finely dressed. The tight fitting gown left very little to the imagination and the color is one that compliments her olive complexion, but it is not a hue she normally wears. A woman born into fabrics of navy and black, suits and ties, Ardelle had a fitful time finding something both appropriate and worthy to accommodate her date's own attire. It's good to know that by his compliments she had done a fine job. 
"So what is on the agenda? Dancing? Mingling?"
Her eyes shimmer like the varied gems speckled through her hair like stars splashed against the dark sky. There was very little work that had to be done to accessorize, since her dress did most of the work, all she had to do was coif her hair in an elaborate array of black curls. 
"Or perhaps a drink to start out the night?"
Instinctively, her small hand went directly to John's knee at the arrival of a curious guest. She was not showing claim nor was she fearful of the woman; protection of the gentleman comes first and foremost, and the action was only done to reassure him that she hasn't lost her touch when his safety is concerned. The touch is intimate enough that it would just be passed as a passing act of possession - she did not want to cause a unnecessary scene. 
"Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Mithe. You could call us curious bystanders."
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Hand in hand, the bride and the groom eagerly moved into the reception hall. Even though Malaysia was the one who designed it and put it all together, it was still breath taking. This day had simply been amazing from sun up to sun down, and she could have not asked for anything more. Crystalline hues ignited with pleasure as she saw all the guests beginning to arrive, and she couldn’t have been happier. This was a celebration, and she was no doubt ready to celebrate with her husband, family and friends.


With a smile she looked towards Ayden, and she softly squeezed his hand for reassurance purposes. She knew that he was nervous as these types of occasions did not happen upon them often, and it probably wouldn’t have surprised him to know that she too was feeling the same way. Despite her overwhelming joy, she felt almost lost in her undeniable passion. But as their eyes met, she knew like everything else that they would get through this together.


Gently leaning into him shoulder to shoulder and placing a kiss upon the nape of his neck, out of the corner of her eye she glanced out towards the growing crowd before whispering into his ear. “You look very handsome, my love.” Although she knew that he thought she would have killed him should he have showed up in his armor, she would have had him either way. She always did love the way he looked in his armor, but she would not share that on this day. Having gotten rid of her veil as she didn’t feel the need for it any longer, her ebony strands poured down her back in mounds of spiraled curls. Her dress complimented her perfectly, and her ring not only matched the rest of the ensemble, but it seemed to bring it all together.


Ayden’s own ring also had some special properties, as she too made it herself with the assistance of her personal blacksmith. The ring was made of blue steel, a rather infamous metal that made her mother's weapons so famous. It was indestructible, and it also honed to capabilities to absorb other powers if the one so willed it to. Malaysia may or may have not, infused certain abilities within the ring which would also keep her dearly beloved safe when it danger and assist him in future endeavors.


Lightly brushing the back of his hand with her thumb, she offered him yet another smile as they continued to walk through the tent. She had noticed her brother off in the back corner, conversing with two other individuals that she did not recognize. Another very handsomely dressed couple also caught her eye interacting with a gnome dressed in green. Shad never seen one up close and childishly, she was very curious.  No doubt she and Ayden would make their rounds to greet all of their lovely guests throughout the evening. 

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Name: Ayariel Daerwen

Age: 17

Race: Human

Wearing: This dress


The boat ride hadn’t been terribly long. Ayariel, accompanied by her family and a few family friends, made the long journey to Morgana aboard one of the Daerwens’ ships. Despite the relative comfort of the vessel, the trip was a tiring one. She could hardly imagine how people took much longer journeys to the continent and beyond. Her books kept her company during the hot hours of the day and the party played card games in the ship’s parlour in the evenings. The excitement among them was palpable, especially among the young ladies. Ayariel had never been to such a grand event, especially one that required her to travel all the way to Morgana. She had heard that people from all over Valucre would be in attendance. The very idea of seeing people from foreign lands, their strange attire, and the way in which they conducted themselves, fascinated her. She hoped that she would get a chance to talk to one of these foreigners. Perhaps she would learn more about the world in which she lived. Perhaps they could enlighten her on their customs and on the inventions that their island lacked, the ones she had only ever seen between the covers of a book.


The night before they arrived in Morgana she couldn’t sleep. Her restlessness was so terrible that she arose from bed and made the short trek to her sister’s room. Peeking inside she saw that the older girl was fast asleep. Without a word she sat on the edge of Regina’s bed, gently poking the girl in the arm, “Regina? Are you asleep?”


Regina mumbled incoherently, clearly irritated by her sister’s presence. She turned over, turning her back to Ayariel, and threw the covers over her head, “What does it look like.”


Ayariel let out a sigh before a thought came to mind, “Can I sleep here?”


Regina didn’t say a word. Worried that she was asleep again Ayariel poked her in the back. The older girl let out a huff of irritation, “I don’t care what you do just stop pestering me.”


Ayariel slipped under the covers and stared at the door of the room. It took a while before the gentle rocking of the ship lulled her to sleep.




The next day was filled with much bustle as everyone tried to prepare themselves for the day ahead. They docked and took carriages to the famed Castle Heights. As the carriage rolled through the city streets, Ayariel eagerly watched the streets of Morgana roll by. The decorations for the royal wedding were breathtaking and only grew more so as they neared the massive castle gates. After weeks of looking forward to this moment, Ayariel stepped out of the carriage and made her way to the reception area along with her family.


Nothing could have prepared her for the sight she was met with. The outside, although elegant, still looked like a tent but the inside was something else entirely. If someone had brought her in blindfolded and finally revealed the sight of the tent’s interior, she would have insisted that they were within the castle walls. Cherubs floating on clouds covered the ceiling of the tent while a chandelier hung from the middle, thousands of candles burned brightly in their tiered holders. Large bay windows circled the tent, allowing for panoramic views of the city below. Already people were filling the tent and taking their seats. Ayariel watched in awe as they made their way to their table, her brother’s hand on her elbow the only thing keeping her from colliding with the guests the littered the room. Chatter filled the tent as the guests waited for the royal newlyweds to arrive.


The Dragon King and his bride finally made their entrance. Ayariel stood along with the others and watched as the couple walked through the room. The beauty of the bride’s dress and jewelry was unlike anything she’d seen before. Unbeknownst to her, a delighted smile spread across her face. She whispered to her sister standing next to her, “She looks stunning!” The older girl simply nodded in agreement, a bland look gracing her pale features. Ayariel ignored her sister’s attempt at looking bored, that girl could never allow herself to enjoy things, and instead focused on the spectacle before her.

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Be polite. Be professional. However, have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” -- John ‘ Soap ‘ MacTavish


“I do not dance my dear,’ He genuinely replied with a warm smile, ‘but here I am spinning you around and around in circles. It is not my style, but I do not care, because I would do anything with you anywhere; you have me in the palm of your hand.” A kiss to the back of her hand accompanied his words and helped to ensure Ardelle that he was teasing.

“I will only dance if the prettiest girl will accompany me.”

A gnome joined the table, requesting permission to attend John and Ardelle’s company; which the handsome gentleman granted with pleasure, and introduced herself. John would sip on his concoction of refined bourbon as Ardelle gripped his knee, curiosity for action shown with one raised eyebrow.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma’am,’ he said while presenting her with a bow. ‘I am John MacTavish of Alterion, Tellus Mater, and this beautiful woman is lady Ardelle.”

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She had caught him in a moment of suspension. Ayden hadn't realized he had been holding his breath until her words caused him to release the air from his lungs with a soft laugh and smile. He knew that she could feel and sense his stress under the facade he wore, but he would do his best to hold his own. Thanks to the recent events that had come to pass in Morgana, he had been waking every night in sweat and panic from the pursuing nightmares. Despite the lack of sleep he had been getting, and the edge he still walked upon, he would keep step beside his lovely bride as they walked through the tent.


His fiery blue eyes scanned the room to take note of each individual as best he could. The man in armor that stood in the corner, no doubt had to be of some relation to Malaysia. Ayden had heard much of Malaysia's family, and even met some of them in previous adventures. It was nice to see that she had family still here, family to support her and offer their blessings. Unlike her however, he wouldn't have family here. Both his parents had passed away long ago and he was an only child. If he were back in his home lands, located in a world far from here, he was sure that his people in the Kingdom of Croven would attend their King's wedding.


So, despite the fact that his new life here was without his people, he would invest his time into personal relations. Though he had no intentions of being a ruler or King of Orisia, the support he had here from the people of Morgana was beyond appreciative. His aid with the draconian's of the Red Sands had brought him some recognition with the people, and in return they offerred their home as a place to celebrate his wedding. His title of Dragon King was slowly gaining merit in these lands, even if it held more weight in his home, he wished to pursue the solidification of this claim. The primordial dragon within him demanded it.


"You did an amazing job with everything." 


He complimented her as the music continued to play in the background. Though he wasn't necesarrily one for grandure, he did admire Malaysia's resilency and specific taste in putting this all together. It seemed everyone was curious as to what was going on, or who they were. Likewise, Ayden was also interested in who these people were. While he tried to refrain from accusing anyone or assuming motives for these strangers to attend, Ayden would calm himself as his eyes laid upon Malaysia. This time, she had taken his breath away as he remembered to breathe...


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