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Teller's Respite

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Kalmuli raised an eyebrow, looking around the Valkyries that looked a little guilty for lying. However, the way that they felt about doing it was more or less to try to make things better. Something that, Kalar blew out as quickly as a candle. Kalmuli would smile. "That is what having friends and companions are for...is that we take on each other's burdens to lighten them. Not make them heavier."She said, giving a lantern to Plume before she ran off to get the battery. 

"Storms in this area are often so there's plenty of chance to charge up...I suggest getting what you need before we step outside."She said, looking to the orb that served as her light. "At least if we charge a few of the aetheric batteries then we can get the power back on and you can use them if need be to keep yourself grounded."

Kalmuli would step away from the table as the girls started to collect a lantern each. "As for my ladies...confide in them what you wish. I'm sure they can answer your questions about things around the house. Cultures and such."She smiled. "Wait here for a bit while I change and get my Needle."

Kalmuli would move away with her floating orb to head back to her chambers to go change. At least it would give her some time to think about what Kalar may have been hiding as far as what he considered his burdens.  Kalmuli would return to her room, getting dressed back in her usual attire and grabbed a leather pouch that rattled as she walked downstairs. Putting her hand into the pouch, she pulled back as a sword pommel, a handle, the guard and then the blade as it formed from seemingly, a bag of ball bearings. 

She waited at the foot of the stairs as Plume brought in a cart that had the six large aether batteries that were in sore need of a boost. "Are you sure you want to do it? Kalar seemed like he was...ready to jump in and do it himself."Plume admitted but Kalmuli shook her head.

"I'm sure. Besides, it should speed up my healing a little bit more."She said as she headed back into the dining hall, Plume pushing the cart behind her. 

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