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On ‎11‎/‎23‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎42‎:‎43‎, carrionjackal said:

Our modest employer, Baptistan L'Spade requested this entire run-about. He figured it would be more fitting to cause some discomfort, since you are only seeking him out to kill him. He said it would be more 'just' that way."

So, her father knew she wanted to kill him.  This changes things a bit.  Her mindset was to confront him about her mother, then kill him.  Having him prepared for her would make the odds in his favor, not hers.  These thoughts, and others, were in her mind on the walk to the Fishing Hole.  She kept quiet, and contemplated her next move.  Deciding it would be best not to have a plan, she would play it by ear. 

At the arrival of the Fishing Hole, Lorial heard the greeting of her father and looked over to see someone with her features and coloring.  It was strange to look like someone you hated.  She turned to Litalis and Hixel, almost in a panic.  She just wanted to look at someone else for a moment.  Years of searching for this man and she thought she'd be ready for it.  She wasn't.  She turned back to L'Spade and squared her shoulders.

Iriequil spoke to him first, making it obvious by his words that he wasn't privy to what was really going on.  Rone demanded a reprieve from any molestation, and a demand for his money.  Well, they had done the job that they were paid for, so it was only fair to pay them and let them leave before things went south.  Lorial reached in her jacket pocket to see many men reach into theirs.  She slowed her actions to pull for the bag of gold coins.  Taking the proper amount she paid the two who had stuck with her through all the shit.  "Here you go boys.  You can leave now, if you'd like."

She sat in front of L'Spade, her eyes squinted and watchful.  "So, you're the bastard that raped my mother?"  She leaned back in the chair with her arms crossed in front of her chest. 

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Litalis grinned smugly as everyone seemed to 'settle in' at the Fishing Hole. His eyes drifted over each of the remaining 'adventurers,' until finally resting upon his accomplice. He nudged her side, urging her to take her place as well. She looked up to meet Litalis' gaze, wrinkling her features as she understood the nudge. Quickly, she judged the seating arrangement and took a set to the right of the vampire, awaiting the company of Litalis. She wiggled upon the seat, antsy for the resolution to the little farce that had been carried out this day. Growing impatient, she turned in the direction of the bar, and threw two fingers up over her head. A nod was given in reply, and the nymph finally began to calm down.

Her master, companion, or whatever one might consider him, pulled out a chair and spun it around. His legs wrapped around front of the chair as he lowered his frame, letting his arms rest across the chair's back. He looked first to his 'employer' and then to Lorial. He was highly curious as to how exactly the scenario was about to play out. The so-called 'human element' of equations always seemed to fascinate him the most. Here a woman of questionable origin was finally to meet her estranged sire, after a rather questionable course of travel. He had nothing but high expectations for the meeting. Quietly he withdrew a cigarette from his coat and listened as Lorial was the first to speak.

The words were blunt, but given everything, not entirely unfounded. L'Spade sank back in his chair, clearly amused by her brevity, but nothing more could be assumed initially. The tension at that moment would likely have been palpable save for the riotous cackle of a small nymph seated beside the elder vampire. Hixel howled and pounded on the table, clearly amused by the rather forward statement. "This lady is a riot! Lit, Lit! Please can we keep her? She's got spunk and jokes! A nymph being raped? Oh, that's rich."

Litalis looked sideways at her, shaking his head gently. "No, my dear. She still has business elsewhere." He rolled his eyes brushing further comments off, only moving once more to acknowledge the arrival of two whiskies.

L'Spade's brown eyes finally moved from the little nymph and returned to his 'daughter.' Opening his arms, his lips parted as white gloved hands accented his words. "Ma cherie, I regret to begin our meeting with apologies, but I must. As the little nymph says, you speak nonsense. The nymphs take advantage of others, the other way around does not oft happen. Even in the ancient myths, gods are seduced by the wily nymphs of wood and water.

"I know not what you were told, or how you were raised, but if you speak of the same nymph as I, there was no ill in the conception. A fair bit of lust, to be sure, but there was no ill. The beautiful creature I bedded was just as willing as I, but shame or other such guilt could be understood. Honestly, I am quite surprised such a union was fruitful. Yet, here you are before me."

Hixel and Litalis sat at L'Spade's side, rather quiet and taken by his word. They had not expected such a candid reply from the old gambler. Each simply sipped at their whiskey and awaited further response from the others.

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Six men were walking about in the alleyways near L'spades den of sin.  Donned with leather armor, wielding crossbows and studded maces, they were patrolling the area looking for some one to get even with.  Black Rabbit members rarely let things go; grudges were as much a staple item in their life as bread or water.  Safe for now, however, the two involved with their humiliating defeat were residing within  L'spades den.  

Hollan, a human male with imposing, sharp green eyes and a pale complexion, led the pack of brutes as they searched for two men reported to have completely incapacitated their guards in the warehouse district of Orisia.  

One of the men piped up and voiced his concerns to Hollan. "So, this job, what's it's paying? I'm not going to snoop around the city for someone to assassinate me from the shadows."   However negligible their lives may have been to Hollan, they were still a part of the gang and he couldn't simply kill them. Though the thought crossed his mind more than once, he'd have to answer to his boss about it later and thus it was not a worthwhile struggle.

"You had better watch what you say." he threatened in a low voice, eyes shifting to adjust to the shadows of the ending day.  "Eyes is everywhere, and Ears lurks closer than you might think. If you keep complaining, you'll seal your own fate."  The warning was quickly heeded.  No one wished to be on the bad side of their gangs legendary members.  Few in this line of work, and even fewer in this gang, lived long enough to make a name for themselves, let alone a code name that rang out loudly as a synonym for fear through the underground.  

"I know, I just mean Robin warned us not to come to here unless it was absolutely necessary.  I don't like being in enemies territory."  

A sly smile flashed across Hollan's lips as he motioned for the crossbowmen to position themselves across the street in another alley.  "You'll learn to love it, or you'll die trying.  I accept no cowards in my company.  Now, hold here while I inspect this building.  If I come out with with him, you know what to do." 

With that, the man in leather entered the den of the Vampire, noticing Iriequil and Rone, the two men that matched the description, sitting next to L'spade and Lorial.  

Unwise to extract them as they are... I'll wait a while and order a drink.  They have to leave eventually.  He pondered how they would leave, how he would capture or kill them, over a small glass of whiskey.  He didn't drink any, but he occasionally rose the glass to his lips.  Eyeing the party suspiciously, he waited for a chance to move in, but Iriequil seemed quite contented watching the family feud, and Rone seemed frustrated, but willing to endure a few more minutes before he left.  

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On ‎12‎/‎9‎/‎2015 at 8:56 AM, carrionjackal said:

Hixel howled and pounded on the table, clearly amused by the rather forward statement. "This lady is a riot! Lit, Lit! Please can we keep her? She's got spunk and jokes! A nymph being raped? Oh, that's rich."

Lorial narrowed her eyes at Hixel, clearing not amused by her laughter.  When L'Spade agreed with her, anger poured over her body.  "You lie," she hissed.  She didn't want to hear that her mother may have lied to her.  She loved her mother.  Yes, she was a bit over protective, and didn't want her to leave home.  But so what?  That didn't prove she'd been lying to Lorial all of her life.  The vampire in front of her was the one she didn't trust.  A thought occurred to her, and she threw it back at him like one of the darts she was so quick to use.  "One way or the other, you are a liar.  How can you profess to know things, to be clairvoyant, and then pretend you didn't know of my existence?  You would have known about me the moment I was conceived.  And I've been alive for almost eighty years." 

Lorial jumped up from her chair and paced in front of the table.  "I would believe my mother before I would believe a liar like you.  I've been chasing after you for years.  You lie and cheat your way through each town you visit.  You run from me at every turn, too much of a coward to face what you had done.  Your lackeys," she waved her hand toward Litalis and Hixel, "toy with me and my men, by trying to kill us for sport.  That didn't work out like you wanted it to, now did it Little Shit?"  Lorial hissed and showed her fangs to the tiny pink haired fairy.  Then she turned back to L'Spade.  "You are a liar.  A cheat.  A coward.  A thief.  And you are a rapist," the last she practically spit toward him in her growing rage.  "I am done with you.  And I am done talking." 

Lorial reached into her satchel, pulling out a small jar full of seeds.  The seeds were made from her own body, so they could only be controlled by her.  She took off the top and threw the seeds around the room, too quickly for anyone to be able to stop her. 

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L'Spade remained calm, sitting rather comfortably but alert. His chin rested up the heel of his palm, fingers curving up along his cheek. He looked to Litalis and Hixel for but a moment, but he returned his attention back to the woman taking charge of the 'trial.' It was of little surprise that she carried on the very behavior he had predicted. The vampire gift was not equal in each one made. Her blood was not pure, nor was she considered among the old ones. The youth seemed to have lost much, or rather not come into their full abilities yet. This daughter of his was proving to be very much a case of the latter. She had the spit and impatience of a youthful nymph, not the cunning or knowledge of a matured vampire. It made him scowl as she carried on the vulgar display. 

Brown eyes quickly darted about the room as Lorial took to her vengeance. She was indeed fast, but she was not pure blood. Her escape would be halted in an instant as the back of a hand flew like lightning, and struck the side of her face like a block of granite. "I did not dismiss you, child."

The 'father' stood still just before Lorial, feigning ignorance of Lorial's present condition or response. He had heard enough of her words. His eyes instead panned the room, seeing that each and every one of the 'boys' had risen from their seats. All looked upon Lorial and Iriequil, blades, guns, bows, and the like all drawn. Only the stranger at the bar, and the duo of Litalis and Hixel remain seated. A slow clapping began to emanate from the side of the large, round table. Litalis smiled quietly, with a devious look in his eyes but said nothing.

"Your brash impertinence and lack of knowledge of your gifts makes you vile. You are not worthy of the dark gift you possess, and so you shall be spared the tragic life of unwanted child. By first light, you will have been disemboweled, quartered, and finally beheaded. If you had actually been my offspring, you might have known your fate before even entering Veelos."

With that, L'Spade turned and proceeded to the rear of the bar, leaving the scene to it's likely close. "Kill the elf, should he linger." The words hung in the air as the vampire disappeared from sight. Only his apparent subordinates remained at the table, curiously watching and waiting for what her next move might be.

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The elf shifted in his seat and cycled through his training.  The threat produced, he was certain, would not be the fate that befell his employer.  However, it would require near perfect timing and vigilance to ensure this.  Taking note of what was in the room, around 20 angry patrons, he concluded that now was not the time for finesse; now was the time for efficiency.  Eighty some odd years was not enough to handle these creatures of the dark, but as for the humans that rose to fight him it was more than enough time.  Inhaling sharply, he then gagged, and stumbled over to Lorial.  

He placed a hand over his mouth and gagged again, leaning into Lorial and pushing her towards the door as if he were to almost faint from the situation.  A whisper to run left his lips into his cupped palms, and he hoped also into her ears.  His brow furrowed and his movements were drunken, yet he persistent to stumble awkwardly with his employer towards the door.   Wounded, though mostly just her pride, Iriequil was certain that  she could still make it to the door and hopefully, out of the city.  A few impatient men stepped closer, and so with a disgusted shove , and a bit more speed than anticipated, she took off out the door.  This was the elf's queue; he belched out a noxious, vaguely tan coloured gas to flood the room.  Those with weak constitutions would hurl from the smell alone, while slightly stronger others might hurl from the grotesque display around them.  Still, those with the strongest of stomachs and hearts would find it difficult to see and breathe as the gas lingered with oppressive intent.  The tactic bought him obscurity but not invulnerability.  Many shots were still fired in his general direction, and a crossbow bolt narrowly avoided giving Iriequil a new piercing.  

A mug, thrown by Litalis, did manage to bruise the elf's left ribs, but with determined swiftness, Iriequil lunged from the pub and into the streets without taking a blade into his body. 

These streets, of course, were just as deadly. 

Two crossbow bolts from the Black Rabbit Gang landed in the ground next to him, and a man with a drawn sabre lurked in a nearby alleyway.  He hastily looked around for somewhere to hide, and for signs of Lorial, but to little avail. There were tracks of his employer but she was not a sight to be found.  Two more bolts, and one sliced into his right calf.  A pained cry broke his silence, and forced him to move along.  Trying a path in which she took to, and hoped that it have him regroup with her soon enough.   Quickly leaving the range of the bowmen set up nearby, it was now a matter of hiding from the invisible.  The elf and nymph were notable, were not very quiet.  They were efficient, but loud in breath and heavy in scent.  The vampire is what caused him concern.   Down, an alley, wrapping his leg, and running quickly out and down the street, he continued his search a bit more stealthily.

After a  minute of running, unfortunately, Iriequil had lost Lorial's trail.  He drew a strained breath, but curved off into an alleyway nearby and rested behind some dock equipment.  Surely this is far enough.  None of them saw me duck in here, so if I wait it out all I must do is be wary of the vampire.  Easy enough if I was aware of his capabilities, but alas I am the hunted now. Hmph.  What luck he must have.  A soft sigh passed his lips as he listened intently for someone to draw close. He would be ready when they came. He murmured an enchantment and held a dart in hand.  Whomever he saw next would get a nasty surprise -- if he could land it.


Hollen thought something amiss about the elf's sudden actions, but before he could do anything about it the room flooded with awful fumes that smelled something akin to a rotting corpse fermenting inside of another rotting corpse.  Struggling, pulling himself out the door and away from the gas, he was greeted by frustrated and worried crew.  

"He took off down the road.  We landed a bolt in his leg but he kept going."  

Hollen growled at the man and drew his sword, following the blood trail left by Iriequil.  "Shut up and move.  I don't have the patience for this." 

The  crew carried off down the road, leaving behind the patrons that began to flood the street to escape the gas, deciding between staying and chasing.  Rone ducked out during the confusion, and headed for greener pastures evading what might happen next.  Determined, hounds out for blood, the crew continued to scour the city.  They stuck close to the sides of the street, drawing glances from passerby's and thus keeping the street relatively empty.  When they came to the end of the blood trail, they turned back with curses on the life of the elf.  This was more than Hollen had expected, and far more than he bargained for, so unless he happened to pass the elf or human in their midst later, this would be a bounty that stayed open for the next few months.  They didn't hurry back to their HQ, but they didn't necessarily want to see more of the vampire, and they were most certainly done with elves for the day.

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Lorial hadn't planned to let L'Spade get free.  She had planned to destroy his ass, especially since he'd just ordered her death.  His disapproval meant nothing to her, and the slap to the face was weak and pathetic.  It lacked strength, and real power.  The only way he could kill her was to have others do it for him.  She had no respect for his so called vampire skills, and no love in her heart for such a vile creature.  She was raised by creatures of nature.  In most instances, the parents would protect their young with their own lives.  But there were some instances where they would eat their young, given half a chance.  Lorial had seen both, and she knew that in order to survive this child eating parent she would have to kill him first. 

Iriequil's actions surprised the shit out of her, and not in a good way.  She knew he was only trying to help by shoving her out the door, but she didn't need help and had a plan to annihilate all her enemies.  His good intentions were the only thing that kept her from seriously doing him harm for shoving her around.  She ran out the door to keep from doing something to him she would later regret, but she only circled back to the other side of the building.  She looked for L'Spade, and he was nowhere to be seen.  Still frustratingly enraged, she focused on the seeds inside.  Quite a few people had escaped, most of them human.  There was a straggling vampire or two that escaped as well.  Ones that more than likely been influenced by L'Spade's stronger and older vampiric hypnotizing control.  She let the seeds she'd thrown earlier burst forth, vines coming out of the shells and increasing in size at an alarming rate.  Guiding them, she had the vines cover all possible exits, secret doorways, nooks, and crannies.  She knew that by now Hixel would be terribly frustrated at her inability to control the plants.  Lorial hadn't thought about it when she'd made the seedlings, but the fact that they were made from her body and essence came in handy now, against Hixel.  Anyone who tried to escape, cut vines, enforce magic, or any other way of damaging the plants would see what it felt like when nature decided to fight back.  Thorns encrusted the vines, and poison rested in the fibers. 

Lorial looked through a crack in a window not yet covered by her plants.  She couldn't resist a parting comment before she left.  A message for her failure of a father, if you will.  "Tell your master, if I see him again I won't hesitate to kill him next time."  After that parting shot, she allowed the plants to cover the last of the openings.  She smelled Iriequil's blood, and followed it to an alleyway.  She smelled magic, and assumed he was prepared to defend himself. 

"Iriequil, it's me," she warned.  She stepped around the dock equipment to see him holding a dart in his hand.  "No need for that.  I haven't been followed."  She sighed as she looked at him.  "You fucked my plans up royally, trying to help me.  You know that, don't you?" she asked amusedly.  "It's no matter.  You were trying to protect me, and for that I am grateful.  I plan to leave here.  No reason to waste any more of my time chasing that vampire.  He's not worth it."  She flicked a bit of lint off of her shirt and sniffed.  Then she looked back at Iriequil and smiled.  "If we should ever meet again, we will not meet as enemies.  Good luck to you, elf." 

Lorial nodded to him, a sign of respect.  She turned and ran swiftly away.  Her plans now open for new adventures, and meeting new people. 

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