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It's a safe bet on blonde, she looks like she already won in that photo

Andrea weighed in at 125 today after cutting 22lbs to fight.. 6 hours later? 140. By fight time tomorrow? She'll easily pass 145. The willingness to endure a rigorous training camp, fatigue, to work through injury, hunger, thirst, and sweating in a sauna suit and heat box, not to mention all the unspoken psychological distractions, all to put herself into the most advantageous position to beat the living shit out of another human being... Yeah, this woman is a beast. We spoke on the phone earlier and she told me (as she was dozing off from the fatigue) her opponent looked a little soft. The game plan is to keep it standing and get the KO. Other girl is a brand new purple belt, Andrea is a blue. But I've seen Andrea run through seasoned blue belts and the occasional (sometimes heavier) purples during grappling competitions just from sheer heart, athleticism, and technique. This is an MMA fight and she's going to play it smart, keep it on their feet, and bang.
Hey, hey. There's a new sheriff in town.


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Oh yeah I'm back and have tattoos now. :P


(My months away were pretty jam packed with interesting stuff, let me tell you.)





That's weird. It appears that your forearm isn't proportional to the rest of your arm.


Having trouble with the ladies?

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Guest Deviant

Hairy, bearded and muscular men are the best.

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