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The Hummingbird

The Genesar Calendar

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Current Year: Year of the Falcon

Previous Year: Year of the Crow

Next Year: Year of the Goshawk


 -Every day has 24 hours, and every week begins with Sun’s Day.

  • Sun’s Day (Sunday)
  • Moon’s Day (Monday)
  • Tier’s Day (Tuesday)
  • Winter’s Day (Wednesday)
  • Thunder’s Day (Thursday)
  • Friar’s Day (Friday)
  • Satyr’s Day (Saturday)

-Avians are of significant importance to Genesaris. They are bringers of song and color, omens of war and peace. To honor them, each month is named after one.


Month of the Eagle (January) -Winter

Month of the Heron (February) -Spring

Month of the Songbird (March) -Spring

Month of the Corvid (April) -Spring

Month of the Falcon (May) -Summer

Month of the Goshawk (June) -Summer

Month of the Condor (July) -Summer

Month of the Rook (August) -Autumn

Month of the Magpie (September) -Autumn

Month of the Crane (October) -Autumn

Month of the Raven (November) -Winter

Month of the Crow(December) -Winter

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