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Adolescents and Infants

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When his sister and brother in law had called on him, the last thing that he expected was to be the babysitter for his brand new niece and nephew. They were squirmy little things, already moving around and nearly crawling on hands and knees, creating mischief wherever they went. One would think that with Alukai’s personality that they would get along famously, but alas, that was not the case.


While he was missing the celebration, where he felt he surely needed to be, the young deity of chaos sat in his chair, staring at these two children as they attempted to wiggle out of their play pen. The boy was much stronger than the girl, with his big blue eyes staring at Alukai while he was gnawing and chewing on the wooden crib. The little girl seemed rather preoccupied with the sheets and blankets, grabbing a hold of them and placing its gentle texture to her cheek, before she too started to stick it in her mouth.


With his head resting in the palm of his hand, Alukai huffed and he puffed before setting his feet on the ground and standing up. He moved towards the crib, having questions running through his head as to why his niece and nephew were trying to eat everything in sight. Were they hungry? Looking down towards Aremis, the adorable child had little wings that had sprouted from his back despite them being useless to him. He held out his hands to his Uncle, asking to be picked up.


“What? You expect me to carry you?” He then turned away from the crib, stepping to the right and holding out his hand. “You must learn.. magic, child. To go wherever you want! Whenever, to not listen to anyone but yourself. If you want out of that crib.. you must –“ He spun off the edge of his heels to face the crib again, “Wish it!” But as he turned around, even though he had light blue sparks dancing at the edge of his fingertips, he quickly sighed as he saw now both Aremis and Ana were both standing on their feet, having pulled themselves up and they were watching him with focused eyes and a soft stare.


Curious. They were oh so curious.


“Well don’t just stand there! Come on, you can do it!” He threw his hands up and was upon them once again, “Ugh! Fine! What do you want to eat?” He recalled Malaysia giving him strict instructions, that she had premade them meals in a bottle in case they were hungry. She had set them on the counter. “Oh fine.” Waving a hand the bottles popped into his hand, and he reached down and handled them to the two children. Yet instead of drinking the bottles, Aremis threw his on the ground before Ana followed suit.


“Ugh, I'm not picking those up for you.” 

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