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-Tophagraphy: Taurus is a Fort City literally built atop AND WITHIN a mountain which has a manufactured foundation. This foundation as designed was created by flattening and evening the tops of a large area at the summit of the mountain. Then building INTO the mountain, reinforcing the interior with superior unnatural materials which also compose and augment the integrity of the foundation of the city. 

Essentially the surrounding area around Taurus IS Mountainous, as the City stands elevated more then 30,000 feet ABOVE sea level to the lowest point within the city. Steep slopes, jagged rock surfaces suitable for climbing but equally treacherous for inexperienced travel. Typically speaking save for what roadways and throughways that have been created for commercial use, the Topography of Taurus is typical of any High-Elevation Mountain Range UNTIL one reaches the actual City.

CItyscape: Taurus has a very Modern City Scape. Divided into 4 sections in line with directions (North, South, East and West). The North is situated as the population district, and residential sector of Taurus. Structures akin to Modern Day Skyscrapers, some eclipsing 100 Stories in height known as "Mega Structures" are grouped together. With over Several Dozen Mega Structures in the North Quadrant, and hundreds of smaller housing structures, the northern Quadrant alone houses more then 50% of the total population of Taurus. As expected The North Qudrant also has small markets, stores, eateries, ect that are typical to population densities.

The East Quadrant is Industrial. It's there that natural materials are processed. Manufacturing, Laboring, Research and Development and relative things are carried out and distributed as needed to other parts of the city. Clothing, Food, Furniture, Technology, Transport vessels, ect are ALL produced and sourced from this location, and so this area has many different buildings of varying design all suited to aid in that buildings purpose.

The South Quadrant Houses Taurus Central Government, Law Enforcement and Judicial structures and bodies. These buildings more so then others are highly advanced and reinforced structures as they house important figures imperative to the governing functions of the city. MOST of the structures here have low elevation not being more then a few stories in height, but having sub levels built into the mountain itself. Taurus' military is also housed in this sector as well and it can be considered as one of the most highly secured part of the entire City, as the Local Law Enforcement or Policing Agency is housed here as well.

The West Section of the City is the Transportation/Import and Export Hub. It's here that local transportation vessels (Busses and Cabs) main depot's are located. Airships used to transport people to other parts of the Cold Mountain range of the WORLD are located here as well, as well as Vessels used to import or export Materials can be found here as well.


Climate - Being Situated more then 30,000 Above Sea Level, with some elevations within the city spanning even higher, Taurus has a unique climate. The Air is very Thin and scarce there, and as expected VERY Cold almost year round. Also Magestorms are particularly fierce there, however being situated VERY high above the cloud line, the MageStorms typically pass under the city, which is designed to harness the powerful magics within them for use to power the cities infrastructure. Being so high above sea level nights are especially cold but gorgeous, as the skies are almost always clear and don't block a single star from shining. When and if needed there are means of artificially inducing weather, but it's a practice only utilized during Tourism seasons as non-locals are not accustomed to Taurus Climate.


Flora and Fauna - Being in the mountains, very little vegetation naturally grow in Taurus, however, Garden Sectors are located all throughout the city allowing for the growth of trees and the liking to take place. Typically evergreens are common here as they are the only types of trees capable of weathering the harsh climate.



Culture - Tauran's are very tight knit. It's not uncommon for families to know one another and aid one another in everything from celebrations to educating youth and raising one anothers children.Tauran's are an advanced civilization, and well rounded typically having deep practices in education, and warrior training as well as the science and technology, some choosing to specialize in one or more. Religion isn't a thorough practice in Tauran culture, as the creation of their lands and people are fairly straight forward and known, and higher beings aren't called "Gods" due to some religious attatchment but rather a description of their stature in power. Things such as Churches are almost non existent in Tauran culture, and it is against Tauran Law to introduce new or false gods. Even their greatest Citizen and King---Proteus Rauz, although considered a GOD in stature and prominence, hardly regards himself as such.


Economy - Tauraus is an exporter of Precious Materials, Products and precious goods. They often sell Transport Vessels and Vehicles abroad, manufacturing them for sale elsewhere while establishing dealers and service depots in other lands to service and maintain the vessels they sell to other nations. Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, are MASSIVE exports both in raw and processed form. Mage-Metal is a chief specialty material produced exclusively from Tauraus. Quite literally refined and hardened form of Metal Created from raw Magic pulled from the Magestorms. Mage Metal is used exclusively in a wide variety of local applications from everything from powering homes, devices and vehicles, to weapons production, and military applications.With so many key exports, and few things being imported, Taurus has a rich and vibrant economy, and is a very wealthy kingdom, supplying many and needing very little from surrounding kingdoms and lands.


Major Companies and Institutions - Taurus is a Government sustained operation.Corporations and Institutions are far and few inbetween, and while foreign institutions and companies are allowed to establish themselves they do so at higher taxation. Healthcare, Education, Goods and Services, Transportation and the relative are government provided services available at no cost to Citizens and driving down the need or either. Individuals are allowed to open their own businesses, but do so at the risk of competing with far better funded and established government service departments.


Parks and Recreation

Landmarks and Monuments - In the Center of the South Quandrant there stands a 100 foot tall Statue of the Cities King and Idol----Proteus Rauz. Other land marks would be the North Quadrant State Park---a 2000 square mile Forest Reservation said to house some of the most powerful and prominent wildlife the city has to offer.



Local Government - Each Quadrant has a Mayor/District Representative. This individual is the chief authority over that said Quadrant, and are the voice of the people of said Quadrant. The South Representative in particlar also doubles as the chief of Local law enforcement as well, while the west representative douvles as the chief of Transportation/imports/Exports and the east the director of labor and manufacturing as well as the Surgeon general and Chief medical officer. These Representatives communicate directly with the Federal Government when it comes down to the needs of the Citizens and the City, and represent the first line of that chain.

Federal Government - Taurus has a unique federal arrangement.There is an appointed King----Proteus Rauz. Who stands as the Absolute Authority over the city and the Highest power. However as balance, the citizens are represented by District Representatives who report to a "Council". A 5-Panel gathering that advise the King as to what may be best for the City and it's people. The Councils power is stated to clearly NOT rival the king, however should the King become indisposed, dies, or captive...take his power and authority over the City and can act in his absence. The King, being the absolue authority can at any moment appoint a new council, or new district representative. he is judge, jury and executioner and rarely is there an issue with his city that he does not see to purposely. HOWEVER, Due to Proteus (BULL's) Nature, the Council is often left to run the City in his absence as to maintain things when he isn't there.



Education is stressed heavily in Taurus. As well as physical conditioning. Sciences and Mysticism are taught, as well as military practices and training very early in a childs progression. As designed, the system divides individuals based on aptitude. Children inclined in either aspect more so then others are pushed to develop in that field to their full potential all the way up through adulthood. Upon graduating and completing the educational requirements an individual is PLACED in a position they are best suited, be it for labor/Workforce/Law enfrocement/Military...or research and development/Medical/Teaching and Applied sciences. This assures that every citizen is applied as effectively as possible so that they can contribute and excel as needed.



  • Roads and Highways: - Taurus has an extensive net work of roads and highways which are accessible to the public and the government for use in moving between sectors and within sectors. These roads are very very well maintained as is the entire infrastructure of the City of Taurus.
  • Rails/Subways: - There are few underground rail ways in Taurus. They run specifically Quadrant to Quadrant and do not see the volume that the highways and roadways see.
  • Riverways:--None
  • Cab (mounted horse, etc?): ---There are many cab services and privately owned transportational services as well as government supplied services as well, all by roadway, some however are by air and are the fastest routes.


Canon - A Celestial Mage--Alar, protesting the the exclusivity of his position, and sympathetic to the lands and it's people, decided to defect. He took with him many secrets and gifts held sacred by the authority he represented and helped to build. Immensely powerful, knowledgeable and wealthy with technological and mystical know-how the Former Celestial emerged and with his own power and might forged the City Of Taurus which had thrived under his rule for quite some time. It's said that the people there were born mystical and technological expertise, giving birth to a race of highly developed people adapted to living at high altitude and making use of the Magestorms that rage the lands.

However when his past threatened him, and the Celestial Mages he once held rank with threatened his prized city and creations. He sought to create a Protector for the City, a Power able to resist and rival the Celestial Mages themselves should they ever turn their bitter hearts and petty minds toward the city to seek revenge for the treasures and knowledge stolen from them and provided to the people. He  did so by taking part of the essence of the Celestial Son --Armedon Pyron---THE VIOLATOR, and using it to Create Proteus Rauz---THE BULL, by Using the most Ancient of magics, and proficient technological advancements, He forged him as  A WEAPON...an ENGINE of Destruction and the Embodiment of the Rage Alar felt at the behest of his trifling past affiliates. It's said that the Celestial Mages once decended upon the City, which he defended with all his might until he ultimately fell at their hands. With his last breath he transferred the rest of his dwindling might into BULL...releasing him from his confines where the engine of Destruction met the Mages head on and drove them out of the city.

From that Day Forth....Proteus Rauz stands as The King of Taurus, granted the power and Authority of the Lands Creator Alar, to forever sustain, protect and rule the Kingdom and it's people.

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