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Reverse Vamperism

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 When one hears the word vamperism or sees fangs flash, they assume it to be a creature of the night who lurks in the shadows to feast on you`r blood. There is however a different phenomenon. A cousin to the stranded unnatural vampire if you will.



  It is unknown what causes this type of vamperism. Some believe it be a plant based parasite of sorts that alters the hosts cellular structure in order for it be cable of feeding and sustains the parasite. Whether or not this is true or even possible has never been proven. Even if it was there is no knowledge on how this plant based parasite would spread. Most people that show any signs of having such a parasite die fatally before any test can be done and the family's typically refuse to release. The rare few that do survive become something different no longer truly human, something unnatural some would call it. They refuse study for a variety of reasons if they can be spoken to long enough to suggest study at all. They exhibit some of the classical vampireism traits. Fangs, unageng, unable to die by natural means, enhanced senses, super strength, speed, reflexes, some pisonic abitles, and the power to heal themselves.  Two of the main identifying signs of a vampire however are switched. Rather then burn or weaken in sunlight they feel empowered it, at there strongest when the sun is at it`s highest. A thirst for blood seems non existince in the specimens we`ve tracked. They seem to prefer to feast on the chlorophyll of plants. Stakes and other traditional slaying methods are noneffective. Only through beheading, or a high intestine flame can they be executed. With enough sun exposure they only require 2 hours of sleep, 8 or more if deprived of sun exposure. While awake at night that is when they are weakest and they tend to be sluggish at this time. Some have been recorded as extermly iratieble once the sun goes down.

  It is unknown whether vamperism is the correct term for this phenomena. While there are simlerites the strands seem to be highly different. While most would point to the fangs, it is possible that these are merely needed to break thick plant skins and not a carryover trait. As fang samples from both reverse and traditional vampires would be hard to get and ermine no study's have been made.

 It is unclear whether these beings pose as much a threat as there common cousins do but my team will continue there recherche and determine a answer.


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