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the Babel Corporation & Cide VII (formerly CURE)

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the Babel Corporation

Company Profile
    Industry & Objectives

Cide VII
  the VII & Enhancements
    PHOBIA & Enhancements

  Power & Infrastructure
    Arms & Materials
    AMWS (Assault Mobile Weapon System)


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the Babel Corporation

babel-ico_zpsspwjjuxa.png?m=1484622576The Babel Corporation seemed to materialize overnight in the nation of Renovatio. Throughout much of the country, its logo began to pop-up on the sides of trucks, on both legitimate and top-secret government documents, and, perhaps most notably, on a number of deployed paramilitary vehicles and weaponry.

Most curious of all, very few of the citizens of Renovatio seem perplexed. With the return of Primus, the common assumption is that it is the first sweep of many key changes to come.

The corporation's image campaign has been one billing its necessity; the value of a new voice in a nation paling in the face of what it once was. The man behind the logo, Ilos, is every bit as enigmatic as the namesake he has put in place. That said, the corporation itself seems to be on the look-out for talent of all varieties. Agents have swept the country from top to bottom apparently to capture the greatest scientific talent, new and old, for the company's and nation's own ends.

From the fruits of this labor and the depths of Babel's headquarters in Nu Martyr has come an entirely unique energy source, one with interesting consequences in a Renovatian context.

In a country like Renovatio that prides itself on the advancement of the scientific-arcane, many wonder if the corporation's appearance signals something more: a change of pace? A change of face? The timing seems convenient.

Industry & Objectives
Official Namesake
  the BABEL Corporation
Founded on
  the 14th day of Aquarius under the 3rd Cycle of Renovatio
Founded by
  "Ilos," no surname provided
Officiated by
  Exus Prime
    Nu Martyr Local Defense Ministry
  Renovatio Ministry of Homeland Affairs
Published Industry of Business
  Scientific/Arcane Research & Development
    Power & Infrastructure
  Domestic & International Data Collection
Actual Corporate Divisions
  Arms & Materials Manufacturing
    Power & Infrastructure
    Intelligence, Espionage, "Wetwork"
    AMWS Division: Innovation & Deployment
    Domestic Integration (politics & public relations)
Active Regions
    Undeclared territories
Active & Registered Personnel
Unregistered Personnel & Agents
Corporate Structure
Renovatian Overseer   Exus Prime
Chief Executive Officer
the VII
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Cide VII
the VII


The VII represent the power behind the scenes of BABEL. Its members wield an autonomy few have ever had the luxury of, tasked with toppling empires and averting disaster. The VII have foregone and prior family or identity for the sake of the name they take up. This identity is defined by their quirks and obsessions and comes to consume much of who they are.

These agents would be a field day for psychotherapist, calling to question the nature of the mantle they wear is it the title that defines them? is it they who define the title?

What is not in question is the lethal efficiency its members wield. With their power, they are tasked to insure no man or woman, both domestic and foreign, go unchecked. They answer solely to Ilos, Deicide, and their identities are known only to him and one another if they so choose.

Each of the Cide VII are assigned to a particular division of the corporation including, but not limited to, Arms & Materials Manufacturing, Power & Infrastructure, Bioengineering, Espionage, Paramilitary, AMWS, and Domestic Integration & Public Relations. Though members of the VII are assigned to particular divisions, they hold near-second-in-command leverage in other divisions in question, very much a symbol of Ilos' trust in his highest agents. Naturally, the regular interaction of these divisions results in frequent bleed-over and collaboration.

It should be noted that the VII appear bred for the division they lead, often possessing quirks very suitable to the role.



The VII have been enhanced to best fit the tasks before them. As the cream of the crop, the VII have undergone the greatest and most complex procedures to get them to where they are. The result is both the genetic and physical enhancement of their natural abilities as well as the infusion of new ones.

Primal Infusion

As is common among the elite of the elite in Renovatio, primal alloy infusion is the first critical step to cull the strong from the weak. Primal infusion is a conduit through which the later enhancements are channeled. In the face of the Cide VII, the absence of primal infusion and the gifts this infusion provide is enough reason to be culled from the herd. Those who do not survive the infusion, are not gifted with the magnetokinesis, or the adaptive gifts that come with it, will never be a part of the VII.

  • Primal magnetokinesis
  • Adaptive absorption of the arcane
  • Enhanced physical strength and fortitude

ULTIMA cells

In each member of the VII, a portion of the deity inside Ilos has been shared. These cells expand and become part of the genetic, physical, and psychological make-up of the individual. In most who are infused, the result is a rejection of the cells and the ultimate destruction of their bodies. The few who survive find the strengths and enhancements already in place further improved. The VII show a minimum compatibility rate of 90% with these cells.

These cells resonate with the primal alloy and use the alloy as a conduit to communicate and channel energies between one another. The sentience and elevated intelligence also serves to compartmentalize these abilities, ultimately limiting how much or what is channeled into the primal alloy. This permits greater divergence from other divisions of the infused (like SOLDAT), and from one another, allowing individuals to foster unique strengths without compromising individuality. The result is a completely distinct evolution of primal alloy, one possessing a selective intelligence.

  • Non-vocal communication
  • "Proximity"
  • Primal Resonance
  • the Intelligence
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The PHOBIA is most commonly made up of the up-and-coming within the BABEL corporation's agents. The particular form these take can vary. Most, due to their potential, have seen some infusion of either Primal Alloy or ULTIMA cells. Though the extent of which tends to teeter closer to the 25%-50% mark for compatibility.

These agents act more in the foreground and along the frontlines; they are tasked with the direct management of agents spread both domestically and internationally. They answer to whichever of the VII they are assigned.



The PHOBIA possess similar strengths and attributes to their handlers. However, these are usually far less significant and may not apply to each member depending on the extent or existence of the enhancements they have undergone.

Primal Infusion

As is common among the elite of the elite in Renovatio, primal alloy infusion is the first critical step to cull the strong from the weak. Primal infusion is a conduit through which the later enhancements are channeled. In the face of the PHOBIA, primal infusion is usually the first gift granted to agents. Though not all accept it, most acknowledge its necessity.

  • Primal magnetokinesis
  • Adaptive absorption of the arcane
  • Enhanced physical strength and fortitude

ULTIMA cells

Many among the PHOBIA go through minimal ULTIMA cell infusion. Those without primal alloy alterations tend to be limited to no more than 10% as immuno-rejection becomes prominent past this point. Those with infusion are frequently limited to 25 or 50% until their strengths and weaknesses can be further assessed in order to prevent endangering budding assets.

Just as with the VII, cells resonate with the primal alloy and use the alloy as a conduit to communicate and channel energies between one another. The extent of interaction is much less or not at all, but may be capitalized on by those nearby with greater compatibility or infusion.

  • Visual communication
  • Primal Resonance
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Research & Development

Of the many duties BABEL is tasked with, research and development is one of the principle pillars upon which the company is built. With Ilos' arrival in Valucre and Renovatio, he brought a means to refine massive amounts of energy from the latent magical energy present both in the air and beneath the land. This energy, harnessed and processed through up and coming reactors, has paved the road for many of their later advancements.

In addition to the technological improvements the company has brought, BABEL has also paved the way for some unique biological enhancements as well, many of which have been exclusively held by its own agents.

  Power & Infrastructure
    Arms & Material Manufacturing
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Power & Infrastructure
Research & development for energy supply is handled primarily by Power & Infrastructure. Primary projects include harvesting energy from mana and Valucre and then processing said-energy into a useable format. The primary tasks of the division includes the development and oversight of reactors of all size, but also includes the general management of all corporate land, facilities, and acquisitions. 


Product Designation: MIASMA
Manufactured by: BABEL, Power & Infrastructure
Application(s): Energy supply, anti-arcane technology, sensory baffles, weapons tech

Miasma formation

Technical Description: Miasma is the perfect marriage between the naturally occurring arcane energies of the planet and the technological innovation necessary to harness this energy to a profitable end.

Arcane energy, mana, magick, as it is often called, is invisible and often free form. Living creatures have always been capable of harnessing these energies for their own end, but this often requires constant exposure in order to harness. BABEL has developed a series of Materia Reactors capable of drawing this energy out of the air and channeling it into usable electrical currents.

This energy can, in whatever capacities it is acquired, be channeled across many mediums and ultimately turned into pragmatic, everyday resources.

The most outstanding of which include day-to-day power supplies and in arms development allowing heavy, high-consumption machines to become far easier to manage and feed at far lesser scale and cost than previously known.

Miasma also results in an intended bioproduct when burned releasing a titular gas from its reactor that becomes a dense violet haze upon touching the air. This inert gas has been starved of its magickal properties and responds by devouring airborne magick before the miasma reverts to its naturally occurring form. As a result, this interaction can create massive fields of magically inert battlefields, weakening or altogether snuffing the use of magic in combat. Unintended, but as a direct result, Miasma tends to baffle most detection spectrums due to the massive sapping of energy from the air making Miasma-laden battlefields harder to read data from.



Materia Reactor

Product Designation: MTR-01V
Manufactured by: BABEL, Power & Infrastructure
Application(s): Energy supply

Babylon Materia Reactor

Technical Description: The first iteration of materia reactors look a lot like the Crystal Reactors in place in Alterion. While the basic function is similar, using arcane crystals of a sort to draw energy, the specific source of the crystals would appear to be different.

Aetheryte Crystals, artificially created by Babel and a closely guarded secret,  are generated in massive quantities around swells of latent mana. These crystals naturally condense mana into solid forms which cause rapid expansion of these crystals into the environment.

Raw aether being processed

It is at this point that the Babel reactor itself becomes critical. These reactors are built around these formations where they are tasked with drawing energy directly from the Aetheryte formations. This energy, in the form of Miasma, is then channeled into a circuit of pipes and channels and sent off to where the energy is to be processed and used.


Delirium Particle Reactor

Product Designation: DPRM-01V
Manufactured by: BABEL, Power & Infrastructure
Application(s): Energy supply, Weapons Tech

Compact Delirium Particle Reactor

Technical Description: While Materia Reactors provide energy for the general public, Delirium Particle Reactors are used to further refine miasma into a weaponized form. These reactors are much smaller in size and can be integrated into small arms for munitions, large mechs (AMWS), or as power supplies for war-suits.

This is done through a mingling of miasma and cosmic radiation which causes the particles to ionize due to the rapid influx of energy and Miasma's natural quality of absorption. The process yields substantial output potential but is highly unstable requiring that these reactors be kept small and well-protected.

These reactors generate Delirium Particles, highly unstable particles that are used to create much of the weapons tech seen employed by Babel. This energy can be channeled by the weapons themselves along a lattice of charged particles which allow this unstable energy to be funneled into broad and destructive attacks.

Delirium Particles are named with respect to the long-term effects of exposure. Individuals with typical constitution suffer severe and long-term cognitive effects after just hours of direct exposure to raw airborne particles. In addition to the mental maladies, physical ones follow soon after, effects not unlike radiation poisoning.


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Arms & Materials Manufacturing
Arms & Materials primarily develops tools and machines for combat. Though many of these see outward expansion into the public and private sectors, the initial conception of these devices or tools was to support the burgeoning war machine behind them.

AETHER platforms

Product Designation: BKR- and BBL-series Aether Platforms
Manufactured by: BABEL, CasTek division, Arms & Materials
Application(s): Communication platforms, Holoaether display platforms

BKR-3C Handheld Linkshell

Technical Description: BKR-series Aether Platforms come under a number of applications. The particular shape and form of the tech vary greatly one device to the next, but all share the unifying theme of aether-based communication and latticed display. A sample of some exact applications are below:

BKR-3EB Linkshell Earpiece

BKR-3 series Linkshell Communicators: Linkshells are external or implanted communicators that allow an individual to communicate with a narrow band of aether.  3 series linkshells take nearly every form imaginable, from handheld to earbuds to completely integrated. They allow instant communication with individual across a shared aether band over long distances (any region with active aetheryte or up to five kilometers without).

Military grade linkshells possess an additional miasma band that can emit communication over shorter distances (up to one kilometer) using a miasma as its tether. This permits a greater capacity to pierce scrambled miasma zones and increases the difficulty in descrambling the signals.

AMWS-mounted BKR-53 Holoaether Display

BKR-50 series Holoaether Platforms: 50 series platforms charge a lattice of miasma that focuses ambient aether into a tactile three-dimensional display. The holoaether platforms take a number of forms over a broad range of sizes, but all serve a similar purpose: projecting an image discreetly for the user to interact with and then dispel as deemed necessary.

Wrist-mounted BKR-50A Holoaether Display

Most military-grade holoaether displays take the form of a metallic bracer. When activated, the lattice is formed by an illuminating panel down the center of the bracer, focusing the lattice above the arm piece. The individual may then interact with the display by touch.

BBL-203OI Implant

BBL-203OI Optical & Neural Implant: Currently military-grade only, the 203OI is an optical and neural implant that replaces the individual's natural eye. A marriage of a focused aetheryte stone and Renovatian technology, the implant allows the individual to directly access information and data networks as a visual HUD overlaying their vision.

The implant is typically manipulated by some variation of the 50-series display.

The particular applications of this HUD are many including but not limited to readings of aether flow on a battlefield, both active and latent, subterraneous readings, and uplink to relevant information networks for in-field analysis of variables.



BKR-B series CasTek Arms

Product Designation: BKR-B series Castek Arms
Manufactured by: BABEL, CasTek division, Arms & Materials
Application(s): Small arms & munitions

BKR-B32 CasTek Tri-barrel Blaster

 Technical Description: BKR-series Arms are CasTek weapons produced in collaboration with the CasTek division.

CasTek weapons range from small arms to heavy munitions, but all function under the principle of aether-fed, multi-platform weapons. These weapons are some of the most adaptable in Renovatio, capable of altering their form and function at the press of a button. A flip of a switch on the butt of a rifle will reshape the projectile into a bladed weapon and then back.

Additionally, CasTek weapons focus aether into an aetheryte crystal core that may then focus and channel magic into a pointed attack. By using aetheryte, the range of attacks that can be focused are at the whim of the user him- or herself, playing on the strengths and aether-type used. This serves to bring out the strength of the individual and greatly enhance any natural ability he or she might already possess.

Existing applications include enhanced cutting-strength, reinforced durability, elementally-charged blasts or strikes, and debilitating enchantments.

Due to the use of aether, CasTek weapons see grossly diminished returns in Miasma-rich environments.

BKR-B400 series Rifles 

BBL-1000 series Delirium Arms

Product Designation: BBL-1000 series Delirium-Particle Arms
Manufactured by: BABEL, Arms & Materials
Application(s): Small to heavy arms & munitions

BBL-1000 series Blasters

Technical Description: Produced in-house by Babel's arms division, Delirium Particle weapons utilize condensed DPRM-01V reactors in the weapons to general, charged bolts of heated plasma at a target. These bolts are capable of ripping through a target and cauterizing the wounds left in place.

These weapons possess limited firing rates due to the amount of energy incorporated into each shot but possess maximum stopping power and range. These weapons also come in a broad range of sizes, from small handheld pistols to AMWS weaponry. The size of the reactor proportionately determines the strength of the plasma bolts fired.

Due to the presence of the reactors, these weapons are notably less adaptable than CasTek weapons, not adapting to account for its user. However, what these weapons lack in personalization, they make up for in threat.

Delirium-weapons show no diminishing returns in miasma-rich environments and increase miasma density when fired.



BKR-L & H series CasTek Armor

Product Designation: BKR-L & H series Castek Armor
Manufactured by: BABEL, CasTek division, Arms & Materials
Application(s): Armor plating, combat attire

L-series (left), H-series (right)

 Technical Description: BKR-L & H series armor is the most common infantry gear issued within BABEL's private military division. All CasTek armor is constructed from Ascian Alloy weave or plates in order to optimize defense. Additionally, nearly all CasTek armor has aetheryte embedded inside to offer additional advantages. The precise schematics vary based on purpose or division, but a basic description of the gear is provided.

L-series armor is the lightweight gear provided to units that require greater mobility. The armor offers fair mitigation against small cuts and abrasions from most lesser metals and lessens the impact from blunt strikes.

H-series armor is heavier and is built utilizing plates of Ascian Alloy affixed to the L-series mesh. H-series armor varies some based on desired mobility but at the most-armored locations, H-series armor can completely mitigate damage from most lesser and greater metals. Additionally, blunt force trauma can be mitigated up to a significant degree depending on the thickness of the plates.

All L- and H-series armor comes with some minor perks:

  • Aetheryte shards offer minor healing when charged with aether by the user, capable of healing small abrasions or bruising slowly over many turns at any points where the armor covers the skin

  • Aetheryte shards can offer added perks and manifest aether-based weapons or enhancements as per the user's specifications at any locations where shards are mounted

  • Made from Ascian Alloy, charging armor with a portion of the user's life force permits the armor to greatly mitigate magical attacks at the cost of stamina


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