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Masonic Imperial Family of Alterion

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The symbol of the Imperial Family. 

The Holy Masonic Church of Alterion is ruled by the Masonic Imperial Family, with its members holding the highest positions within its government and military. The Imperial Family are descended from High Mason Anomander Traech, the designated heir and spokesperson of The Crystal and Riva the Masonress.

Each of member of the Imperial Family is ranked by both chronological order and inheritance. As an example of Chronological order, Nadia Royce is Ocelot's sister and the first of his siblings discovered--making her the First Princess, while Jul Norer is the Eighth Prince, making him Ocelot's eighth discovered sibling. 

The numbering of the Imperial princes and princesses is not separated by gender or; for example, Nadia is the First Princess and Jul is Eighth Prince, despite Jul being her elder and a direct son of Anomander Traech. 

The order of succession appears not to follow male-preference primogeniture, though the number of children and precise inheritance is difficult to determine, given that Anomander Traech was notoriously promiscuous.
Some apparent members of the Alterion Masonic Family

Ocelot, having established the Empire himself, likewise established his own order of succession. Had Anomander Traech followed suit and established a traditional order of Succession, Ocelot would have been something akin to Eleventh Prince and Seventeenth heir to the throne, this six place gap can be explained by Ocelot having a number of half-nieces and nephews.

Thus, the traditional order of succession has no bearing on Alterion politics as no King or Empire ruled long enough to establish a lineage. Given his orders and succession guidelines Ocelot is secure in his position despite the fact that many of his elder brothers yet live. 

Each member of royalty is entitled to elect a personal guardian called a "Throne," who are given authority and placed directly under their command. The Throne is expected to serve as the Imperial's right hand and is permitted a squad of soldiers to serve outside of the military's jurisdiction, serving the Imperial family above the state. This 'squad' is known as the Personal Guard and serves at the pleasure of the Throne and the Imperial Heir. Each Heir's personal guard effectively serves to fill the ranks of their own military unit, though oftentimes its ranks are filled with Poor Sons or other soldiers sworn to the High Mason. 


The 37 Imperial Heirs, each have control over a Royal Castle which allows them to act as independent military units. The Heirs compete with one another and have shown little to no interest in cooperation. Most of them are elitists who look down on the other nations, though more so on Terrenites and Genesarisians more than anyone else. 

Note:One need not be a Traech bastard to be considered a member of the Imperial family. Those absent the proper bloodline, that have been infused with Ocelot's blood are considered his progeny and are thus heirs. 

In example, Aleksandre Starfall is an orphan from Lessertown. He was picked up and genetically modified in a lab to partake in the RioT program. He was the first test subject to receive Ocelot/The Crystal's blood and survive (the Crystal infusion process other people go through are with s diluted form of liquid Crystal, not the Crystal's lifeblood.) In gratitude, Ocelot named Starfall his 'son' and bestowed him the title of Second Prince .


Crest of the Imperial Family 

Order of Succession

Patriarch: Ocelot Royce

0 Null Prince (Heir Apparent): Viktus Gallin

1st Princess: Nadia Royce 

2nd Prince: Aleksandre Starfall 

3rd Prince: Allister Traech

4th Prince: Barbas

5th Prince: Syam Vector


7th: Throma 

8th Prince: Jul Noret





13th: Hiriwa Xing



16th: Bravo Reindale

17th Princess: Nieves de la Mar





















If interested in joining the family make sure to message me here, on valucre.

The Bloodline

Each member of the Imperial Heir is either a blood relative of Ocelot Royce or instilled with his DNA. Regardless of the case, it allows Ocelot to bestow upon his family the gift to access Crystal Energy. Though they are incapable of accessing the Crystarium (Alterion's key information, security and defense grid) or the Crystal itself, it does grant them the ability to activate Crystal Drives, meaning they can serve as a power source to their own Royal Castles and Mobile Suits. Ocelot uses this as a means of empowering his heirs, as well as compelling loyalty, for as easily as he gave this power, he can snatch it away at any given moment. 


The Imperial Heir's responsibility is to serve the family's interests and ensure its continued success and survival. Though some heirs operate under the belief that this means they should be Primarch, the dominant ideology is that the heirs of Anomander Traech must maintain control of the Masons and Alterion, itself. To this end, the Imperial Heirs often serve key posts in the Military and swear their Throne and Personal Guard to the High Mason's cause. 


Each member is usually granted autonomy when it comes to their clothing and equipment, but each member of the family is provided with a uniform that consists of a black frock coat, black pants, black gloves that leave their fingers exposed, and black, knee-high boots. In combat, or when incognito they don black hoods with ornate visors, and some choose to cover their faces with pieces of black cloth. Many members customize their uniforms; a leather chest plate, silver pauldrons, and status boosting ribbons. Each ranking member one of the 37 Royals is given a weapon of their choice, hand crafted by Ocelot himself. The weapon is affixed with special runes and crafted through rare alchemic rituals in order to grant the user the ability to teleport to the weapon's location when thrown. 



An Imperial Prince's Uniform 


An Imperial Princess's Uniform 


An Imperial Prince casting a spell. 


Imperial Family Equipment



Not signed in


Royal Castles are massive Alterian space carriers. There are 37 Landing Castles, each one commanded by and named after the 37 Royals (e.g. Prince Starfall's Landing Castle is called Castle Starfall). They initially orbit around Alterian Space and as their name suggests, land on it to deploy the soldiers, automatons, Mobile suits and set up a base of operations.

Royal Castles are roughly 2 km in length. Each Castle are their own distinct military force and serve as a fortress and base of operations for each Royal. A Castle Fortress is a specialized Landing Castle that has been built around the castles of Alterion's old monarchy. There are no more than 7 Castle Fortresses and they are roughly twice the size of a standard landing castle. 
Royal Castles are designed to be dropped from orbit onto the surface of a planet. They were, however, originally intended to construct colonies on other planets.

While in orbit, the Castles four "arms" are closed and rotate clockwise around a central section to keep its axis stable using the gyroscopic effect. The rotation being stopped is part of the preparations for descent to the target location on the ground below.

In order to withstand the tremendous heat and impact of dropping down with several times the speed of sound, its outer side has heavy armor which doubles as protection against any attacks from the ground during descent.

The sharp tip on the lower side stabs into the ground and the kinetic energy of the castle drives it far enough into the earth to stabilize the structure. A useful side effect is the enormous shock-wave which obliterates anything and anyone in the near vicinity of the landing zone. Before the war, this was most likely used to make the ground around the landing castle easier to build on, but during War it is a convenient means to clear the landing area of any hostiles. The Crystal Technology on board prevents the crew from getting flattened by the enormous G-forces upon impact.

While approaching the landing zone, its four "arms" begin opening and once the landing is complete, the rotal castle stands with all four arms wide open, although some decoration details vary from castle to castle.

Once landed, the castle serves as a base of operations and is not meant for direct combat. For defense it relies on the Mobile Suits of the Alterian Knights, as well as various robo-guards and automatons.

As they are colonization vehicles, they severely lack internal security, making them very vulnerable to enemies who managed to get inside.

Landing castles are also capable of leaving Valucre's atmosphere under their own power and returning to space if the situation demands.


  • Crystal Drive
The main power source of a Royal Castle. It will stay activated even if the Orbital Knight, who activated it, is absent and will only power down when either the person who activated it shuts it down himself, the said person dies, or the Primarch of the Royal lineage forcibly shuts it down.
  • Sky Carrier
Royal Castles are equipped with a hangar for Sky Carriers, which carry heavy machinery such as Mobile Suits  to their destination or even infantry soldiers as well. These aircraft are equipped with turrets and missiles for defense.
  • Mobile Suits
Each Royal Castle belongs to one of the 37 Imperial Heirs, and has at least one of their own mobile suits on board. When not in use, they are stored in a liquid Crystal, most likely to avoid damaging them during descent. Each Royal Castle is equipped with multiple tanks for storing and maintaining.
  • Audience Chamber
The audience chamber enables holographic communication, it is mainly used by the Imperial Heirs to talk to the High Mason. It works by projecting a holographic version of the user in the Cathedral which enables said user to communicate face to face with the High Mason without the restrictions of being separated by a screen, hence the name "Audience Chamber".
In order to use it, certain preparations are needed such as contacting the The Masons directly who relas the conversation to the High Mason's location with means of FTL (Faster Than Light) communication, bypassing the time one would normally need to wait until a signal reaches its destination and comes back.
As long as the connection is established, anyone can use the audience chamber to talk to the High Mason, even if said person does not possess the activation rights for Crystal Energy or even the permission to be in the Audience chamber in the first place.
  • Missiles
The Royal Castle is equipped with numerous missile ports which can be used to attack targets from afar. In times of war, the missiles can be used to destroy any means of long range communication such as undersea cables, radio stations, and any communication satellites up in orbit. 
  • Bunker Busters
The Royal Castle comes equipped with numerous missiles that are bunker busters. They are designed to penetrate hardened targets or targets buried deep underground.
  • Anti-Aircraft Guns
Each Royal Castle is equipped with several AA guns that are maneuverable for combating incoming hostiles within its inner perimeter, but the AA guns look more akin to tanks.


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