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Vdara Kingdom

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                                                                      City of Magic and Dragons

Regent: The Nedane Family
Flag: (Old img lost/needs updated.)

Contact: Malaysia Nightreaver or Ayden

The nearly abandoned city-state of Vdara, revived with magics and dragons, has started to thrive once more in a melting pot of Genesaris culture. From its past, riddled with ancient magi-tech, the boom of the city is underway as the new population thrives to gain a solid foot . Under new rule of the Nedane family, the city lives in peace with the citizens and dragons working together in one unified front.

Though the city is slightly militaristic in ideology, holding virtue to peace and justice, the large city remains at peace. As the magicians of the city work with the draconian forces, old magics mixed with new, the city enters a period of magical enlightenment. New magics begin to surface as the old magi-tech comes back to life in the city. Those visiting will find themselves welcomed as long as they abide by draconian law. - -  see gov. for more on drac.law.






Located East of the Northern Capital of Coastal Grand and just inside the realm of the Arcane East's Imperial Empire. The northern tip of the city is greeted by the cliffs and hills that overlook the Great Northern Sea. Into the Great Northern Sea, a series of small islands stick out of the land, creating a maze for those unfamiliar with navigating the region. The islands themselves remain uninhabitable due to the small size, with the exception of the wild and dangerous animals said to live there. These small islands act as a buffer for any unwanted visitors, and the monsters that are rumored to live within the watery pathways remain unknown.

To the South of the city, open fields for farming and agriculture stretch far out. Just beyond that, a large lake is used for transportation and fishing for the locals. East and West of the city are smaller villages, surrounded by woods, grasslands, and open paths that are commonly traveled by those visiting by land.  



With the new population of draconians flooding the nearly abandoned city, the architecture has gone under major reform to accommodate the new race of citizens. Main roads are very large and wide, a small dragon could easily walk down them with ease. Side roads are large enough for horseback and carriage. Alleyways are reserved for foot traffic, though a steed could squeeze through if not too occupied.

The majority of buildings are made of magically enhanced stone that help with curb appeal and functionality. Heated floors help through the cold winters, strengthened stone helps fortify the buildings from damage. The list goes on as one can see the various designs created over the decades, influenced by various cultures and neighboring cities.



Being so close to the Great Northern Sea, the city experiences a comfortable climate. Sometimes tropical, but mostly cool breezes and a fair Summer keeps people happy. It rarely gets too hot and rain isn’t an uncommon event to take place.

On the opposite hand, being so close to the Great Northern Sea during the Winter is another story. On the edge of a frozen wasteland, the temperatures can drop dangerously low as the city resides in a Cold Front. Most of the city becomes covered in ice as layers of snow drop from the sky.



Flora and Fauna



Ashplum (Fruit): Unique to Vdara, the fruit is grown in an enhanced soil under the flame of dragon magic. The dark red plum is extremely sweet and a local favorite that all enjoy in Vdara. It has recently become an export for nearby cities to enjoy.

Leviathen (Monster): Upon the northern shores, it is rumored that a legendary sea monster swims through the maze of islands that protect the city of Vdara. Though no one has ‘officially’ seen it, the creature is often blamed for the death of loved ones that never come back from the sea.






The Draconian Culture has heavily influenced the abandoned culture that was once here. The remaining culture has been shown to thrive off of magic for quite some time. As the city has adapted the draconian race into Vdara, the relationship between the host and protector has become ideal for both sides. Both sides now strive to learn from one another and grow, searching for knowledge along the way in hopes to preserve peace. As dragon magic and the magic of people bloom, into a period of magical enlightenment, new magics and magitech have been under development.

Civilian Population: 250,000

Minors (Under 16): 56,000

Elderly (Over 60): 79,000

Male/Female Ratio: 42.4%/67.6%




The city is self sustained being so close to the Great Northern Sea. Fish and Seafood is traded at large and even exported to other cities. With the Dragon Knights, their increasing services have started to reach other cities as couriers or monster hunters. A large amount of employment within the city is related to magic services that require teaching or crafting.

Major Companies and Institutions



Draconian School of Art: All things Draconian are taught here. From the teachings of the Primordial Dragons, Genersaris Dragons, dragon riding, fighting, draconication, draconian law, to way of life, the School educates individuals to express themselves in the Draconian Arts. Anyone interested in the draconian arts, regardless of race, are welcomed here.

Kullo Astar: Known as the “The Golden Faith,” Kulla Astar is located in the heart of Vdara. Here is a place where both the citizens and guests are welcome and are not judged. Within the large walls and vaulted ceilings, the people who walk through the entrance do not need to believe in  God or Deities, instead they are asked to only have faith in one another and the country as a whole. The large temple is shaped into a spire that emits a concentrated beacon of light, contributed by worshipers 24 hours a day, that shines into the night sky to guide any lost souls home. Unlike most temples, sunlight pours in through the spaced out pillars and large glass windows, giving it a humble and welcoming glow. Save for one room, which has been dedicated to Malaysia’s mother; Kalicity Saflicia Darkbane, The Dark Goddess.

The room is ignited by enchanted candles that never stop burning. In here, one does not offer a place of praise and importance, but merely a gloomy reflection of the Dark Goddess’s life. Where she was once feared and respected, she was also living in a world of darkness and when she finally walked away from it all, like a drug, it kept calling to her until her untimely death. In life and in death, she was glorious. A lesson that can be learned by so many people, without the tragedies to follow.

Chaga Corps: While there are several businesses within Vdara that boast the combination of magic and technology, Chaga Corps has become the leading company within the massive city. The company sports products from everyday use to possible warfare. Due to the importance and sensitivity associated with some products, Chaga Corps employees are screened and assigned to specific functions based upon need, insuring only individuals with a ‘need to know’ have authorization to city secrets.  



Parks and Recreation



Landmarks and monuments

Nedane Castle: Home to the Nedane family. The Castle, located to the far Northern tip of the city is relatively secluded for privacy purposes. A long private, guarded, bridge connects the castle to the city from the south. To the west, another guarded gate stands. The perimeter of the entire area is closed in by a large stone wall that is patrolled by guards. The hills that reside on the edge of the Castle property open up into the Dragon Grounds: a series of caverns and open areas where the majority of the dragon population reside. Despite the difficulty of entering this area through conventional means of travel, the area is also off limits to the locals.

Firaga’s Fate: The best Tavern and Inn one could hope to stumble across in Vdara and Valucre. The Tavern will fill your belly with a burning fire of alcohol, and the female employees are enough to keep you coming back for more. If you’re hungry, you can easily grab a bite to eat as the food tastes just as good, with options suited for all people! Tired and weary? No problem. The rooms upstairs are private and quiet for guests to enjoy. The best part about it all, is that it is cheap! Firaga’s Fate has been deemed the best of the best in all of Vdara.

City Library: Placed in the center of the city, the Vdara Library is made of massive architecture. Offering pieces of art, literature, maps and scrolls from the old and new kingdom, anyone within the city is welcome no matter their rank or station. Of course there are rules that have been set for and the library itself is protected by spells. These spells have been genuinely placed, not for the protection of the building but for the security of its patrons. Should anyone choose to act out in a destructive or disrespectful manner inside of these walls, they would be immediately and magically escorted out of the building and into the streets with no hopes of returning, unless permitted by the King or Queen of Vdara, which must be requested in person.

Community Boards: The CB’s are scattered throughout the massive city offering different odd end jobs that citizens or visitors can take on in order to earn some money. The jobs can range from finding a lost pet or missing person, to assisting the local city guards in challenging tasks. Accomplishment of any job will earn that person a Guard Coin. Once a person has three Guard Coins, they can turn those back in to any local Guard to earn an additional monetary reward.






Agency Overview
Ayden and Malaysia
Draconian Law: According to Draconian Law, punishment for crimes committed will be equal in severity or worse. For example: Crime = Theft, Punishment is to have the item returned and have something of equal value forfeited to the victim of same offense. If the criminal can't pay it forward, he/she is taken to the Prison. All Punishments are public displays, acting as a massive deterrent to others. As such, crime rates are relatively low throughout the city. The above example is flexible to change with each situation.

Military: The Golden Shields
The name represents “Swift Justice,” a motto often heard from members in the great city if Vdara. These individuals are trained in sword and bow, as well as magic and horseback riding. 25% of The Golden Shields are classed in Dragon Riding. Another 10% is classed in Dragoon. Total Military Population, separate from City Guard, is roughly 25,000 or 10% of the total population.

Military: The Golden Shields
Territory Coverage: About 125mi Radius
Estimated Number of Barracks: 8
Troops able to defend city within 1 day: At least 80% or 20,000 Golden Shields + 4k City Guards
Time to gather entire army: 2 hours max.
These numbers fluctuate on a daily basis due to missions. As the city rapidly expands, so will the military forces.

City Guard Total: 4,120
Officers: 25   
Jail Workers: 115
Castle Guards: 30
Undercover: 40

NightReavers: N/A


With the various cultures that have come and gone throughout the once abandoned city, the level of education is heavily influenced by the drive of mages. While education is pretty standard for most individuals, there is a focus in magic and skill craft, preparing students for future jobs within the city and around Genesaris.






Crossroads Gate: Placed in the South East district of city where trade and business is conducted, largely where the tourists come to see what the city is all about.  

Dragon Rail: Some of the more docile dragons will allow citizens to ride back and forth from landing pads located throughout the city. Though the dragons vary in size, the smallest can take up to 4 people while larger ones can hold up to 10.

Airship: There are two landing zones for Airships to come and go located on the east and west side of the city. Though it isn’t nearly as common, the option of travel still exists for those who have longer distances to travel.


Notable Residents



The Nedane Family - Current ruling family.
Bianche Stad - A powerful mage within the Mage's Circle.
Lord Raxiz of the Dragon Spire





Pre-Nedane Rule: The large city of Vdara had been previously owned by a mad man in times of old. It was a city of magic and technology that fueled the northern regions of Genesaris. Great minds had been rumored to spawn from this very place, despite the mad ruler, giving birth and design to its neighboring cities. The advent of the Northern Capital of Coastal Grand had caused many of Vdara’s citizens to move and abandon the city, leaving their mad ruler behind. Years after the mad ruler died, the massively abandoned city remained without a leader.

The city would serve as a pit stop for many travelers passing through Genesaris. While the North wished to place a new figurehead within the city, the city had been gripped with looting and pillaging by bandits and thieves for years to come. The remaining populace had fled, losing their business that profited as a pit-stop. More years would pass until there was nothing left to loot from the city. All that remained were abandoned buildings and debris, and ultimately… it was forgot about. Post-bandits, only a small handful of the original populace remain.

Currently: The Nedane family has moved in with a following of various draconic creatures. It is here that the family learns of its former populace, and that the two groups had much to offer each other. As the family secures the trust of the locals, the city begins to undergo reform and slowly starts to prosper once more. Under the current rule of the Nedane family, and the formal creation of The Golden Shields, the city has become recognized once more throughout Genesaris. While the large city is no kingdom, its rapid expansion and independence has allowed it to be referenced as just that.





Long Roads Ahead - Priscilla has established a mine within an existing mine, which she has dubbed 'The Magmaworks.' Although the mine currently belongs to someone else, it has been out of commission for a while, making it unlikely that anyone will discover her kobold workers. Torie, meanwhile, endeared herself to a small cluster of kobolds, who have been instructed to worship her as a deity, and to form a clan around her identity as 'Trashkill.' Kobolds will travel to the Magmaworks for work, shelter, and to unite under the title of Trashkill to form a mighty clan. Aaric, though he fought hard and ultimately earned them a victory, is nowhere to be seen. Whether or not he escaped the mine intact is a mystery to both Priscilla and Torie.

Consequences: Kobolds are being drawn towards the Magmaworks, and unexpected raids on nearby farms has increased slightly. Monster populations are on the rise.


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