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Rowan; Scaling the Heights of Tragedy

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The airship landed on the lush grass of the dock. It could have landed in the sea, but then it probably sink. And Rowan not being so big, it was how they landed any aircraft. Unless it came crashing from the sky.

Rin exited the ship as she looked at the people around her. Hearing the exploits of what happened in the two islands of Talia and Allia. Two dead elders at the hands of the beast. She wondered if they connected it to her yet. 

She didn't know. At the same time she casually strolled into the heart of Argyll-Obelisk. She knew that she would have to reach the bigger city to find the elder. But for now she wanted to visit the temple.

It use to house an artifact. But now it held nothing but old whispers and wind. And it sounded interesting. She heard that the sorceress Sabbath hung around the temple. 

It could be a good opportunity to gain an ally to her side. Or probably another chance to fall deeper into the darkness. For now she checked into the Shady Iris Inn and rented a room. For now the local gossip would fuel her mind to see what was going on in time.

"The world is ending. Two elders dead. How many more will fall before the tide of war kills us all?!"

"The beast has come to Rowan. We need to stand up to it. The elder will help us If we ask him!"

"Thats how the last two fell! We are doomed."

Climbing the stairs to the last room on the left, she heard the scared patrons of the inn. How things unraveled to the point the elders were dying. Yet no children or seeds made their appearance yet.

And she wondered why.

Closing the oak door to her room, Rin flopped onto the bed exhausted. She also wondered why Flanna would be mad at her, her only friend in the world at the moment even though she was demon and she said nothing. 

She sighed. Closing her eye she tried to sleep.

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Rin laid there on the bed as she stared at the ceiling. The words she heard walking in here unsettled and rattled her. Why did this have to happen? What was the cause her father wanted to make the world she tried to rebuild hate her so?

It's because you're a monster. You spilled innocent blood. Innocent people died because you are eating them. It was your father's plan to make you hated.

Flanna returned. Rin was grateful. Even if she said hateful things it was the only thing she had left. The only thing she always had. The only one that didn't hate her. Alone in the room she knew it would not be long before the elder sent his guards to retrieve her.

'My father...Father planned this all along? Is it because I wasn't born like him or my mother?' Rin asked as she sighed. 'Why?'

Yes. It is because you are a half breed. He never loved you because of that and wanted you to suffer. Suffer until your heart broke. 

Rin sighed again as she laid there. So that was the grand scheme. Oisin locked her up in the underground to swallow her own soul to the demon Flanna. And any other that wanted to eat her.

Her own father wanted her dead. Oisin was helping place her into the coffin. Unfortunately that did not work and here she was in a run down inn. 

It was all unfortunate circumstances that she was here. Rin wanted to take care of all the problems that laid around her. The children, the elders and the seeds. In her head she was hoping this would change everything.

It was the only hope she was clinging to, the only thing that drove her to go on.

Could it be true Moth had been right all along? Rin didn't know as she laid there staring at the ceiling in thought.

The inn downstairs was decrepit and old. But it was fine for the one who entered the tavern. Vex. A long time he had not been on the seen. Rin may be a princess but he was an inquistor of the land. 

And he had unfinished business with the beast of legend. Vex sighed as he looked around the inn, disgusted he had to be here. 

The people felt a bit better the demon hunter was here. They whispered and talked about him, as Vex walked up to the innkeeper. He held up a picture of Rin then.

"Did she come in here? I'm looking for the girl."

"I, uh--"

"Tell me or I'll shut this place down. Immediately. "

"Y-Yes Inquistor, upstairs."

Vex shook his head and walked up the stairs. He scoffed at the innkeeper. He wouldn't have shut the place down. But he wondered why the man hesitated to speak.

It bothered him.

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Bothered him alot as he climbed the stairs. They are falling apart in places. He remembered the first night he met the princess, how in that moment he felt more alive than any moment he lived afterwards. She was his sin. 

And he hated the night he had to seal her away. It was him, Kogal and the two elders Yazu and Frederick. After the seals he placed he felt a hole entered his heart. He felt lost. And so he began to hunt demons. Like his father before him. It made him feel human again. Well his humanity returned.

For a time anyways.

Vex sighed. It was when he saw her again he knew that she was consumed by her demon. By he was so happy to see her. At least before he knew that he had to seal her again.

As he placed his hand on the door, his breath came out in a sigh. The last time he saw them he was fighting her. Trying to keep her from escaping the tower with that weird woman. 

But this time he wasn't here to fight her. Vex figured he should try to talk to her. At least figure out if she was worth saving. He still loved her. And even if she took another lover, he didn't care. The only person he cared about was Rin. 

He knocked lightly on the door. Rin sat up and blinked. She was unsure if to even open the door. But she did. It was because she was lonely. No one trusted her. Her hand on the oak door, she opened it surprised to see Vex there.

Stumbling backwards she grabbed her oar. Vex tilted his head. She flung the oar against his head. Rapidly against his skull trying to keep him from attacking her.

"Stop it." Vex muttered as he grabbed the oar. "That's annoying. Besides I'm not here to fight you. I don't need the people running into the night screaming."

"You're not?" Rin asked standing there with her oar in hand. "That's a first. Usually you're ready to kill me. The mighty demon hunter not here to fight."

"Yes." Vex said as he closed the door. "I came to see how you were. I heard about you escapades in Talia and Allia. How you single handedly killed those elders."

Rin looked down as she grabbed her right wrist and rubbed it. She didn't know how to feel about that. Vex usually was fighting her but he came to see her. Why her? 

"I'm sure you didn't come to see me unless you needed to. I heard you became Inquistor of the island. Congrats."

"It's a title. Something to help me get by without many questions. And I did. You may not know it Rinoa, but I still care how you feel. Live. Be. You saved me once, I only come to return the favor. Unlike last time."

Rin looked up then. What was this game? Vex was crafty in tricking her to get sealed. But this was different. He sat in the brown oak chair looking at her. He knew her faults, her strengths, weaknesses. Unlike Garnet who wanted to capture her for his selfish desires, Vex wanted to protect her.

Against what he did for a living. Vex smiled then. It held no guile.

"I hate it when you use my full name." Rin said. "And you know it. Vex, last time we met you tried to kill me. How do I know this isn't a trap."

Vex shrugged. He remained silent for the moment. Rin sat down on the edge of the bed. Both staring at each other waiting for the other to strike.

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Days like today are all too frequent. She awoke unable to remember where she is and how she came to be there. Since her daring escape from the roach infested manor in Tia, her imagery of the world has warped. This time she happened to be in a bar, leaned uncomfortably across a very rickety and small table.

Groggily her eyes peel open to better surmise her surrounding. Haunting images dashing across the scenery as the defunct lower level of the inn stirs horrid memories. It only takes her a second to jump up and run from the table. Anyone hearing her speak would only catch “safe place, safe place, safe place...” sliding from her pinched tongue.

Fingertips dig into the sides of her face as she moves; her legs carrying her all on their own. Everything about her adds to the decrepit state of the inn. So fitting a place for her to be. Clothes once cleanly and new-ish are now sodden in many places, torn and worn down in even more. Her knees bend and straighten with every new step up the crackling steps she take. It isn't done purposely, but the first open door she finds is the one she runs straight through.

The oak door left ajar by the occupant before her. Almost covered by the tense curl of her fingers her eyes don't bother to view the couple in the room. Ianthe merely taking refuge behind the door and kicking it shut as she slides along the wall to the floor. Much like she had done once before. “I'll bite your legs off if you get in...bite them off...bite...” Spoken to the nothingness in the hall.

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Vex looked up as he heard a faint sound. Standing up, he knew that it sounded like a voice. Rin heard it too and she also stood.

Both exited the room to see a girl sitting there mumbling to herself. Vex leaned down towards the girl and slowly touched her arm.

"Are you alright?" Vex asked. "You seem distraught."

Rin pushed Vex away. He was overbearing at times. The half breed looked her over as she shook her head. Though she knew better than to ask the demon thing inside her, she looked down at the girl.

"You're scaring her. I'm sure she doesn't want to see a demon right in her face with tattoos all over their body. Are you okay lady?"

Vex laughed. Rin was scarier than him. More so when she wasn't in demon form. And he was the scary one? It made him smile. He held out his hand to help the girl up and probably get a meal in her. 

They needed to also discuss their plan on dealing with the elder here. Vex sighed. He had a big enough problem dealing with his old flame and now a girl appeared. Somehow he was going to enjoy this week.

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Sudden voices. Warmth of bodies. Voices and bodies so close they cause her hands to drop from her face and look up. The palpitations thundering beneath her breast slowly calm. Her, realizing she is not there. There is gone, far away. At least she can only hope.

Are you okay lady?”

I didn't steal anything I swear!” Two very different sides of the same coin. Hopping to her feet she holds her hands out palms forwards to both of them. “Back up, or I'll use them!” Her hands of course.

Being in the business she is-or used to be, rather-her nose catches the scent of familiarity. Rin's proximity sharing an equal footing with Ianthe. Another mixed breed. Now her eyes narrow, caramel melt-aways narrowing in on the female. “Oh no, did I bleed a family member of yours?! Probably a cousin, it's always a cousin. I didn't know, I swear! BACK UP!”

How awful, one sweeping look across the room and her hands are downed. Hanging limply at her sides. He'd tell me I'm certifiable ya know. Yeah, I know. “I'm....fiiiine. Are you guys on a honeymoon or something? It smells like...emotions in here. Heavy ones.” The thought makes her shudder. "You should really have taken her to a better place, this place is...DIS-Gusting!"

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Rin laughed a little. "I have no cousins. You're fine, relax. We aren't here to harm you. I mean this place isn't so bad."

Her red panda ears folded down against her ears as she heard the next part of the girl's words. Them lovers? She didn't really think Vex would want them to be once more.

"Probably, but being low on money makes it hard to take someone to a nicer place. No we aren't. Just chatting among each other." Vex replied.

Rin tilted her head. It was weird to see another half breed in the land of Athentha, especially one not of evil intents like her. Vex held out some bread towards the girl.

"Come inside, have some food and maybe we can figure you and your mess out."

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Ianthe can't help but roll her eyes. To her it's pretty obvious, but boy are they lost about one another. "I get you on the money front, believe you me!" There'd been hard times, good times, slow times, and fine times. Even a few fun times. And it always had to do with money. "Oh, I'm sorry. I must have gotten lost and taken a wrong turn or something. It happens...a lot."

She isn't entirely sure what to tel them about it. Trying her best to be polite, Ianthe accepts the kind offering of food and joins them. "I don't have a mess so much as I am a mess. It's always been that way." Literally, if she wasn't in trouble, she was causing it or running from it. Not to say she always has trouble about her or anything. That's just the way her coin seems to flip. Not in her favor.

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Rin leaned against the wall as she watched Vex help Ianthe towards the nearest chair. He then placed the dinner they were going to eat, it was a slice of pizza that he and Rin were going to share.

The half breed shook her head then. People did get lost in Athentha. It held such dangerous and twisting roads. You could lose yourself easily. Vex listened to Ianthe speak and just shook his head. This girl was definitely a mess. 

"A wrong turn?" He asked. "How is that possible? Did you lose your map? Well I don't know what or how you came to be but you can travel with us if you like."

Rin raised an eyebrow then. "Us? I was heading towards the elder's place in the morning. You I am not sure about."


Vex chewed on his lip for a moment thought. Not sure what to say about her plans. Thinking to himself he came up with one idea that he didn't like. But before he could ask, she told them both. 

"Yes, I'm going to cleanse the land of the elders and children. I already gotten rid of two, the one here is next on my list."

Vex's eyes widened as he heard this. He was shocked that she was still going through with this wild idea. He sighed as he sat there. Ianthe silent but probably eating, he looked at her then.

"What about you? You're plans miss?"

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"Map... I don't carry one of those." She sat and watched the two of them, noticing the small amount of food in the room and shakes her head. "You know, I'm not really that hungry. Thank you though, it's kind of you to offer."

Now all she can do is fidget with her fingers while listening to them discuss their next day plans with a little bit of disagreement tossed in. When the man's attention returned to her she could only shrug. "I don't really do plans." Maybe it sounds a little silly, but that's just how she lives. One second at a time. From here to there, and everywhere and back again. No time like the present. "What is an Elder? Like an old person? With gnarly twisted up fingers and a hunched up back, that leans all crooked over a cane?! And and and has weird hairs that grow out of their ears and nose like a troll? That kind of elder?"

It's too late, their conversation having piqued an interest in her. "Do they all live in trees? I feel like they should because their limbs remind me of knotted branches and roots and stuff like that. Old twined up rope....ya know what I mean?"

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Rin placed a hand to her head. Usually people who came to the land at least studied something about it before just appearing. But this girl, she was something else. She had really just appeared out of nowhere. Vex chuckled at her questions.

Come to think of it, that bunch of questions had never been asked. The elders could appear as they wanted and no one knew their true form. The half breed leaned against the wall once more, her lithe frame slunched back as if she had something wrong with her bones.

"Nothing like that I am afraid," Rin said as she looked at the girl. "I've never seen Rowan's elder up close but I don't know what he looks like. An elder is someone leading the islands. Instead of the rightful heir."

Vex sighed. He looked towards both the girl and Rin, Ianthe seemed so out of place. Why would a girl who knew nothing about much things end up here? Maybe she was feigning the dumb act? He didn't know.

"Then what are you planning to do once Rin here leaves our presence? If you don't have any plans." Vex replied. 

He was concerned as he looked at Ianthe once more. What could they do at the moment, but wait to see what this girl planned to do in a land she didn't know.

"Eh she can come too if she wants." Rin said as she stood there.

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Nope, not at all. Ianthe definitely isn't the type of person to pre-plan. No matter where she happens to be going. Intentionally or otherwise. Rather than bend beneath the laughter, Ianthe smiles in all her dirty glory as if pleased by the situation.

It is with deeply concentrated interest that she adjusts her position on the chair. Both feet climbing in so that her knees can rest against her chest while she leans forwards to listen to Rin's words. "What do you mean 'our' presence?! You're not going with your lady to kill the bad guys? What kind of partner are you supposed to be?"

Ianthe can only scoff at the idea of him not following the love of his life unto certain doom and death. She herself, would do anything for Raxus even if they are only the closest of friends. Bonds. They're important to her.

"Of course I'll go!!" She's up and out of the chair and swinging a fist through the air so quickly that it nearly jerks her entire body sideways. "Wait...where are we going again, and when?"

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Vex became silent then. It was a good question. Though what she said bothered him. They were not together, not anymore to be exact. He was here because he figured Rin was up to no good. 

And the rumors of dead elders rustled him.

"I wasn't planning on it." He said honestly. "I'm not her partner. I only came to reason with the girl. And seeing I can't..."

Rin raised an eyebrow then. Ianthe thought the two were together. Maybe in another time and place, but not here. Vex was a demon hunter, he murdered demons to protect the islands. She was a half demon and could easily be considered next on that list. And though he still cared for her, he didn't know how to feel.

"We are going to the capital of Rowan and find the elder. And then I'm going to murder him. Like he did me. I'm taking back the island. We leave in the morning."

Before anyone could answer, she left the room to get a drink leaving Ianthe and Vex alone in the room. He sheepishly rubbed his head then. 

"It's a long story." He said as he looked at her. "Figures I will have to try and knock some sense into her later. And you're okay with this? Her murdering people for some odd reason?"

Vex sighed. Things he did for money was not good enough for him to be here babysitting. But he couldn't help it. Rin was something he couldn't get over. Afraid, like everyone else he couldn't do it. Something about her kept him there.

Vex knelt down then and looked Ianthe over. She was an odd creature.

"Tell me about yourself. What would you do in this situation?"

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By the gods, or in this case elders, the tension is real between the two of them. Seeing is definitely believing. And Ianthe sees it. Their denials were so strong though, as if somehow lost on one another's  affections. Truth be told, it isn't any of her business. Thin fingers gently tug at the neck of her holy sweater as she looks back and forth between them for a moment.

"So...we are going to go murder someone who murdered you, but your still here...and hopefully once you murder them they'll be dead dead and won't come back to murder us in turn?" A mouth full of the sense she can muster from her nonsensical thought process.  But even as her words pitched forth, Rin was gone. Leaving her to whisper them at a very awkward looking Vex.

"I like stories. And murdering people too, as long as they're bad. Raxus said to only kill the bad ones. And I can tell she's good, she's like me. I can see and smell it." True enough. Halfling needing to stick together, especially in the case she knows she can trust Rin. Something they two could share with a single whiff of aura. 

With no where to go under the scrutiny of his eyes, she just scoots further back in her chair. All the bones in her body try to crush together beneath flesh and muscle in order to shrink her in size. "I deal in the transference of demon goods and...stuff." This would not be a good time to tell anyone what she used to do back home. Home a place so far far away from here. At least she thinks it is. And it is. "I can't tell you what I would do, but I can tell you what I will do. I will go with her and help her. That's what friends do." Placing the mantle of friendship might sound odd, but she already knew it would be so eventually. Ianthe could just tell... "And if you care about her, and know that what she is doing is good, why wouldn't you help her? You care about her, and are here to show it whether you want to see it or show it. So you might as well come along."


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Vex sighed. Yeah and that was so simple to believe? What she was doing was good. It wasn't good at all. Even if it was chasing the ghosts of the past, murder was not the answer. No matter the pain and torment. 

No matter the scars. 

The night had not passed yet and here Vex had to decide on what he was going to do next. Ianthe blindly wanted to help Rin even though she didn't know everything.

How could one do that? It perplexed the demon hunter very much. With a heavy sigh Vex shook his head.

"It's not so simple as black and white. You can't just assume murder is the right path if you don't know the whole thing."

Vex stood then as he looked towards the young girl. He had no idea how to handle her, nor did she really know the situation. And if she would go with Rin tomorrow not knowing all the details that would be disastrous.

"I don't know what I can tell you and what I cannot. All I know is that she did die a lot, more than you or me. And every time the elders have been at the end of it. But even so, demons shouldn't be free just to murder."

Vex shook his head. It was such a complicated matter.

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