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Rowan; Scaling the Heights of Tragedy

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The more frightened Wyrn became, the more quickly Amarosa closed the gap between them. She can smell the lingering scent of the forest in the musk of the elf's hair, feel the triumphantly panicking beat of the woman's heart as she attempts to maintain her pace. Little does the girl know that one swipe of Amarosa's long and twisted arm would be enough to allow her dagger-like nails to remove her head before being able to process the thought. However, Amarosa does not do this immediately, instead, she allows the fearful creature to run. Savoring the girl's lingering modicum of hope so that when she finally rips it away, the taste of her acceptance of her fate will be so much sweeter.

Rinoa had given her a task, and she follows it without fail. Wyrn would be turned into something more. Something better fit for the new world order that clouds the skies over Rowan. Another demon of darkness to help spread the seeds of evil so desperately wanted of the people. Only a few more feet. Amarosa can feel the edges of exhaustion building up in Wyrn's muscles, her overly exhilarated heart ready to burst from the fear she attempts to outrun. Amarosa's pace does not slow, but the force of her charge on the nature surrounding them quiets. If only to have Wyrn turn to make sure she had escaped, only to find Amarosa waiting to bite down on her delicate and fragile little neck.



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Rin has turned a young woman into a monster. Elders, she's able to kill those wanting to die, to embrace her and gather false promises and hopes.. Unattainable dreams shrouded through darkness and lies. But that's not all, it seems she's at the heart of Athentha's curse. A lich demon, able to bring back the dead into her fold. Servants of the undead. We must find Kogal or even Augutus.. They know how to combat a lich..


Wyrn scribbled upon the papers she carried. Scribbled the findings she had witnessed. In her heart, Rin was dead. Sure she was asleep for two decades, but she was dead. Augustus was a grand shaman, as he was the one to deal in teachings to Kogal and Matthias. Kogal, however, was dead. Rin made sure of that, to keep herself alive, and of course Athentha's Demon King.

She ran grasping the parchment papers in her swift and agle fingers. Those fingers that held the knoweldge of Rin and her plans. How she needed to get to elder, Rowan's pride and joy, Cassandra. Her daughter, her only daughter. Of course at the helm, was the Inquistor, Esben Djinn. Her inquistor and knight commander, a key figure to Rowan itself.


My Lady, Rin plans to overtake Rowan. She desires to have her new pet, Amarosa as she calls the girl now, to feast upon Esben. You need to rally the Plutonium knights and find Augutus.. We cannot fight the lich and her undead servants alone. We are outnumbered. Please, heed my warning.


Wyrn felt that she had no time. That Amarosa was close behind, gaining on the girl. She rolled up the parchment papers with her observations and warnings as she closed her eyes and breathed. From this magical breath came a carrier bird. Small and invisible, she wrapped the papers among the bird as she tossed it into the air. It vanished then.

Then she turned to face the beast called Amarosa. She was ready to accept her fate as her bird flew towards Rowan's capital. Her job had been accomplished as she knew that she wouldn't escape Rin's dead slaves. Wyrn called out then.

“Such a fool to let her take you. What did she promise you? Strength? Wealth? Love? Did she show you some false dream or happy memory to lure you in to being her slave? If you let me go, I can help you return to normal.”

Amarosa wouldn't hear her words though. Every moment from this point, she became more and more dead, corrupted and corroded. A chain would form around her neck, showing she was gone, a servant to the Lich king--the demon king to be exact. Wyrn saw her eyes.

Nothing remained. Her dead heart beating only to serve and please her Queen. Amarosa would stand there on all fours, her maw dripping as her fangs hung over her lips. Her body decaying into something horrendous. Rin's magic was destroying her into madness. Her form would rise as she was a demon after all, returning to the grace and beauty of the void.

“You were Ianthe weren't you? She twisted you into a monster to serve her didn't you? Yet, I can see what she's made you. A lesser lich demon woman. Her vessel to feast upon tbe land. Let me help you.”

Wyrn pleaded then. She cowered before Amarosa, pleading for her life.

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Wyrn's choice to stop and face off with the demon does not do her any justice. There is no empathy or kindness left in Amarosa, and the name of Ianthe is long since forgotten. Drowned out by the seed of evil oozing through her core from the ore implanted in her by Rinoa. Like scalpels, they slide through the thin flesh of the woman's neck without causing any pain....at first. But any movement from either of them would allow those perfectly sharpened enamel blades to tear too easily through the muscles, tendons, and cartilage of Wyrn's throat.  And just like that, she would be no more.

However, that isn't the appropriate course of action. Cold bone white hands descend upon the shaking frame beneath them wrapping around Wyrn as if coddling the delicate demeanor of the elf. As if she had never spoken the deadly words slipping from Amarosa's mouth indicate the motives by which she currently transcends life in her own undead way. "You belong to Rinoa now....you naughty little thing..." If not for the chain now encircling her neck she would tear the little woman into pieces and leave her for the insects and fungi to feast upon. Worthless, ridiculous, unnecessary morsel that she is. "There's nothing you can do for them...it's already too late. But..." Having already unlatched her mouth from Wyrn's neck she lays her cheek on the girl's shoulder, her nose nestling in the warmth of blood freely flowing from the wound she had inflicted. "There is something you can do for me... Don't worry...you're not going to die....not just yet." 

As instructed by her Queen, Amarosa performs the same manner of darkness on Wyrn to defile the innocence within and turn her from natural into demonic. Both kneeling on the ground, one crushed in the embrace of the other. Amarosa pushes her backward, pinning her to the dirt and decaying foliage of the forest floor with the strength of her frame. No matter how much squirming she does, there's no longer an escape for her, not in the way she would more than likely choose. Amarosa's lips slide from Wyrn's collarbone, her tongue cleaning away the blood, only to make a slimy trail and plant themselves over the girl's mouth. Allowing her to taste her own blood and receive the vomit of inky darkness swarming within every inch of Amarosa's body. It wouldn't take much time for Wyrn's thoughts and ideas to melt away and change into something more fitting of the new station granted her only by Rinoa's sweet delicious kindness. 



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“I'm not too late. I've sent the documents to the elder and Inquistor. They will receive the information they need to kill your Queen and release all those trapped!”

Yet those words reach deaf ears as Amarosa is upon her, teeth tingling and delicately grasping her throat. She didn't whimper nor scream not giving the monster the satisfaction of her fear. No, as long as the bird got to the elder and inquistor, they still had a chance. A chance to save the land. Wyrn eyed the girl's neck as her eyes widened in fear, a chain appeared before turning into the mark of the organization.

“No--No, you cannot--She cannot be--This isn't right! What the hell are you things?!”

Wyrn cried out. It was how things were turning out to be. Rin's dark magic cursed and killed those that embraced her, yet their rebirth was a painful invitation to become a part of the organization. If not, the island would decay and crash into the ocean. It was the year to create monsters and seeds. Children to don the title of the Red Blood Moon. Amarosa had been chosen to become a child. A dark lesser lich but notheless a child. And in time, she would falter into her new role.

Pushed against the ground, o’ how she did squirm. She threw dirt and grass and anything she could find at Amarosa. And even though she addressed her as her original name, she didn't come to it. She was lost. A creature becoming into the new creation. Amarosa’s eyes were the only thing she could see at the moment, the color of red and orange.

It scared her. Scared her intensly. Only thing was, was she couldn't escape. Couldn't find a way to get Amarosa off her. And she didn't want to become like them. She didn't want to die here, die and be cursed like everyone else. She didn't want to become a part of the organization either.

It seemed Wyrn was in a lose-lose situation as she had no mere option left to choose. Her eyes darted back and forth as Amarosa placed her lips upon hers, as she bit them, tearing at them to get them off her. There was fight left in the elf. She spit out the inky darkness placed into her as her nails clawed at the flesh that tried to pin her down.  

No one was coming to save her. It was hopeless to think such. She had to fight for herself and hoped the papers reached their destination. Wyrn knew death was coming, she couldn't escape--then it happened. Something worse she feared. The sword, and shield marked in Rowan's inscriptions.

God no, run. Get out of here. Wyrn thought as she eyed the woman cladded in Rowanian armor. You're her target. Run!

The woman pointed the sword at Amarosa’s back. She shook her head as she knew that this was dangerous but she needed--wanted to save Rowan's people from the Red Blood Moon Children Organization and its pet Rin. Esben sighed as she eyed the creature. Cassandra’s orders were absolute. And when receiving the papers, she told Esben to scout ahead and find the beast and her puppets. That to bring them back alive to get useful information out of them.

“By order of Elder Cassandra, you are to come with me. You are to release the woman before you and come willingly to the castle. You are to drop any weapon you have. And to not try anything tricky demon. Now, put your hands around you and let me tie you up.”

Esben Djinn remained on guard, as she knew that anyone associated with those two, would be dangerous. Her sword remained out against Amarosa's back. Wyrn tried to speak, call out and tell Esben to run but she couldn't find the words.

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Pieces of paper, providing their ability to cut, would do nothing to stop Amarosa. Even the little elf beneath her teeth knows this. It cannot be denied. She could send a thousand messages and warnings, only to receive nothing for her trouble but an inner change in the end. Rowan will fall under heel as Rinoa demands of it and its people will become part of her demonic army against the rest of Athentha

No matter the fight left in Wyrn, Amarosa doesn't budge. The nails scraping against her do little to unhinge her from the woman's neck. Then, she feels hope radiate from the elf, followed shortly thereafter by sheer terror. The letter hadn't helped anyone. It was too late and the target Rinoa sent her after had instead presented itself to her like a beautifully wrapped gift. 

“By order of Elder Cassandra, you are to come with me. You are to release the woman before you and come willingly to the castle. You are to drop any weapon you have. And to not try anything tricky demon. Now, put your hands around you and let me tie you up.”

Outwardly she presents as defeated, and caught off guard by the night. But the armored woman is clearly defined in the reflection of Wyrn's eyes. As instructed she releases the disgusting little elf and proceeds to right herself. Leaning her frame back against her earthbound legs and slowly moving her hands behind her back. Amarosa waits, moving slowly as if afraid to bring about the wrath of the Knight's blade when in reality she waits for the right moment to spring. 


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Wyrn watched as Esben sheathed her blade. Now free of the creature, she sat up. But she was doomed from the moment the elf was bitten. The inky blackness hadn't fully left her, as she coughed and grasped the ground. Her nails digging into the ground. The elf tried to breathe in the air, but it did nothing to ease the next moments that occurred.

Her notes could help plan an attack against Rin and her puppets. Wyrn's heart hoped this before it crumbled to dust within her. The elf laid against the tree as Esben watched for a moment, not moving. Wyrn’s body corroded, grew white as snow. However, Amarosa's new powers as a Red Blood Moon Child, was something to behold. The knight looked at Amarosa, eyeing the creature and her tribal mark.

The inky blackness that had spewed into Wyrn began to enter her heart and rebuild it, a black cross as her heart. It erroded every tissue, organ, vessel, artiery, connective tissue and nerves. Vines appeared out of the black cross heart rebuilding her system with its own vines, keeping her alive with the forbidden magic of old. Her eyes would open as her fingers would twitch. Eyes of yellow black peering at both women.

Horns twisted and grew out from under black yellow curls. Her eyes slitted, as fangs grew and her fingernails became claw like. Her body jolted, as it grew more voluptuous than before. A tail grew at her butt, as she looked up. Her fate sealed. Her memories of her past life as the elf Wyrn also faded.

Esben looked on in horror. What happened just now she had heard about but never seen. Eyeing Amarosa, she approached the demon slowly, as she knew that Rin had also touched her as well. She bore the most powerful mark of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. And she had those illumating eyes only the children did. And it was the Umbral Year where innocents were sacrificed to the island to keep it afloat.

“What the hell are you?” Esben asked as she approached slowly. Her hands grasped Amarosa's own, cradling them as she began to tie them up. “What did you do to her? She’s a monster! You plan to help the islands stay afloat by giving it sacrifices aren't you? Lady Cassandra will enjoy your capture. We will save the land and--”

Esben paused. This wasn't something that could be easily brought in for capture. But for now Amarosa was complying and it made the knight commander suspicious and even more cautious. She looked over to Wyrn who still hadn't moved, yet she eyed the markings upon her alabaster flesh. This wasn't good, the elf had become a sacrifice.

She couldn't be saved even though Esben tried her hardest. It couldn't be helped and she would chatise herself later. For now, the knight had a job to do. She closed the space between her and Amarosa.

“So, you've become a child to that disgraceful organization. You allowed yourself to be from a honest girl to some degenerate creature--no, a slave to a beast and my brother. Cassandra will enjoy intergating you to the fullest extent. March.”

Esben then walked around her and pushed Amarosa along. Or she would have if the newly created Wyrn hadn't sprung up and grabbed her by her arms. The knight commander struggled hard as she knew that as also Inquistor of the land, she would have a higher regard not to become one of those things. She was an important figure to the land for those reasons alone plus more. Her eyes looked at Amarosa.

The ore that entered Amarosa's body sang out to her then. Feeling a piece of its master within the knight. Only because she was Esben's twin sister. It hungered for the knight, wanting to corrupt her fully as it appeared in Amarosa's hand. And that was the order as well, to make sure the leaders of Rowan were corrupted to the fullest.

O’ Amarosa, it seems we have the inquistor in our grasp. The ore whispered to her. We shall take our time creating her to the perfect jmage, as she will be a part of our scheme. Of course, the ritual of old must be performed on her unlike the unworthy Wyrn.

Esben squirmed, she tried to break the grasp that held her now. Yet, she couldn't escape the demon that held her and she was scared to know what would become of her--her fate held in these two.

The ore wrapped its etheral arms around her dead withered heart. It knew that in time, Amarosa would be a grand addition to the organization and Rowan. She was, after all, a special breed. A child made from a woman society casted aside. Rinoa had picked her up and gave her a new life as her servant. Not just any servant either, but as a child to the Red Blood Moon Children Organization.

O’ how we haven't played that ritual in eons since we made Rin. And only children can perform it upon worthy souls we deed important. And the inquistor in our grasp, it shall shake up everything they hold dear. Now, it's time to make a terrible creature out of the elf.

It laughed, knowing Amarosa would obey. She would not dare question her master's nor the ore's orders. In time she would slip from being Rinoa's pet to meeting the true owner of her. In time, everyone belonged to Serphus Alumna. For now, it focused on the matter at hand.

“Unhand me foul creature!” yelled Esben as she eyed Amarosa. She seemed to be lost in a thought or two. “Please, understand I am trying to help you.”

Let us begin. Whispered the ore. The path to creating a monster out of the inquistor is in these simple notes. In your pocket should be a piece of ore called Catastrophe Edge. Place it into her mouth then speak these words. Ka Sath Ku, Rah Do Za, Ghuth Ze Ash. These words will create something in her, a dark herald.

With those instructions, the ore went silent. Esben didn't show her fear, for she knew that she could possibly change the tide of battle. She was wrong, the inky blackness had swallowed her whole, that--that she was now something worse than death itself.

She, Amarosa, had become the Red Blood Moon Child, the seventh herald of the Red Blood Moon. And her eyes, illumated then, of black and yellow. She no longer held any purity within. Once Ianthe, now Amarosa, she had a new life. 

Amarosa would for a moment fall to her knees as her form would buckle. The ooze within her thickened, knowing she was ripe to complete her ascension into a child. On her neck a new mark formed in the form of the black heart mirror ore cross. 

Esben was afraid. Her fear grew as she watched Amarosa. She would stand a moment later as she had become the seventh child. Though Rin's control remained upon her. The knight commander grumbled, waiting to see Amarosa's next move.

Edited by Rin

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Amarosa couldn't answer the knight's questions even if she wanted to. Her lips were soon held tightly shut by the haunting smile curling the ends. She would wait for the right moment, the one where the knight felt comfortable enough to take control if the situation. If that is even possible...and eventually it is. The knight soon disarmed by the complexity of Amarosa's calm surrender.

At some point, her mind went foggy, unable to condemn the words slipping out of the darkness within her. Commanding her actions. And when she comes back, it is to the sound of the inquisitor telling her to release her. But there is nothing Amarosa can do but follow the instructions given, and her hands tighten, fingers digging into the caring hands that want so badly to 'save' her. As if that could happen, the time had long since passed.

But suddenly she has no choice but to let go. The voices in her head playing just as many tricks on her mind and body as she seems to be playing with the inquisitor knight. The further deterioration and transformation of the ore inside her causing her to suddenly freeze and fall. Outside of writing in pain, she does not act against the night. Not for the moment. Somehow she is still able to keep her senses sharp. Watching Esben and keeping her hearing fine-tuned for the elf she trapped behind her. It does not take long for the end to come. Her transformation into the seventh child of Rinoa's Red Blood Moon Children comes to an end with Esben having born witness.

The moment could not be any more perfect in the abominations mind as it rises back up from the ground. Her body twists and contorts into the monster the ore wants her to become. Once it is finished, once she is able to withstand the oozing black void of power within her, she lifts her frame from the ground. Things move more quickly then, flashes of flesh and metal as Amarosa attacks Esben wanting nothing more than to tear the woman apart from her weapons and armor and sweep her off her feet. Things that only the righteous darkened ones would do for the beings they need to transform.

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112efd66306e6c78b14ed6e35209b37c.jpgAmarosa has been perfected. A monster of twisted power and almost unrecognizable save for those haunting eyes.  Esben is pushed back, her sword and shield flying backwards as she hits the ground. Her sword sticking into the dirt and her shield laid shattered against the dirt. 

The beast flew upon her, raking her skin and clawing new wounds. Blood splattering against the ground. Esben wouldn't lay down and die. The inquistor, slammed such razor sharp crystal shards into Amarosa's flesh. The beast would shriek, hiss and back off allowing the knight to stand. 

Esben knew that she'd have to fight the seventh child--a child of the red blood moon able to corrupt and possess lesser beings. Amarosa's purpose rings through her brain, her mind. Capture the Inquistor, have her twisted into her puppet and reclaim Rowan from the Lady Cassandra. 

Before she could grab another weapon, Amarosa was once again upon her form, tearing, clawing, eating the skin. Esben doesn't scream nor whimper as she claws at the beast. Slamming her nails into those haunting eyes. 

"I will be no child's puppet!" yelled Esben trying to not show how scared she was. 

But this was something she knew couldn't be stopped. Amarosa dripping that black ooze onto her. That black ooze hitting the knight as Esben's limbs fell limp. That ooze that made her go limp. 

Was this the end of Esben's fighting? It seemed so as Amarosa placed the buckets of ore around her. Esben quickly began to eat it. Her hands picking up piece after piece stuffing it into her mouth. Her fingers stained in ore, as she continued to eat. Her body grew fatter and fatter.

O' how Esben swelled as she consumed the ore. Licking her fingers, covered in ore dust as she looked up at Amarosa. She was so fat she couldn't move. She was ripe for Amarosa to remake the Inquistor into her puppet. 

It was time to begin reclaiming Rowan.

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Gluttony is beautiful… This is what Amarosa sees and feels as Esben gorges herself on the ore forced into her. No not forced, not anymore. Accepted and lavished. It took time to get her here, the fight leaving even her wounded in the process. But it was worthwhile to fulfill the destiny set before her. The strings of fate dangling her over Esben allow a rise in the edges of her wicked lips.

Victory in the twitch of a smile. It’s sobering to think she’d come this far in so little time. To gain power and wield it. To destroy those standing in the way of her Queen. Her Goddess. Her new life.

Esben now bloated and limp with the desire of destruction Amarosa feels like an unruly quake in her bones, is nothing more than fodder for Rinoa’s whims. Something inside of her forces her forward to complete this task, to complete Esben’s transition into that of another puppet, to dance at the behest of her new master. The Inquisitor no longer exists, and what is left behind is nothing more than the will of Rinoa to destroy everything and rebuild it in her own image. Her dreamscape of illustrious horrors and delights.

Amarosa follows these freshly ingrained instincts and takes over...combining black ooze with ore, with the will and lament of the song playing in her head. The bidding of the darkness that twists and turns inside of her like a hurricane. Waiting to be unleashed. Rowan will fall.

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As hard as she tried, Esben could not fight the coursing ore that went through her, mostly by her own eating. The ooze that now filled her made the girl fall back among the tree lifeless, silent. 

Her body exploded in a ray of a bright light, as bones could be heard crunching and reforming to those of new form. Her eyes opened silghtly, eyes that held nothing inside. Blank empty eyes awaiting to know what she has become. 

Those turned by children become puppets. Creatures able to perform as their own lives to add to the illusion. But they are nothing more but puppets. Empty vessels to fill with their masters needs and wants. 

Esben looked down then as she had eaten so much. She couldn't fight much and she didn't expect to fail. Amarosa was a crafty demon. Her nails dug into the ground. 

You... You monster...  she whispered yet she knew it was her fault too. 

Esben still fought the ore, the ooze. But for how long could she continue when the outside whimpered and cried to be the puppet. Yes, a puppet. Wasn't that the Inquistor's job? 

Either way. She was one. Either to Amarosa or to the Lady Cassandra. She growled, anger bubbling forth. She knew that things needed to change. Esben sat there in silence.

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Amarosa can only see the future now. Not one of her own making but something much crueler and more deluded than she could ever manage to create on her own. It is a devastating reality where they find themselves standing above the bodies of the fallen. People they'd torn from their homes and disemboweled on the streets amid smoke and fire. 

Screams are the musical notes that replace the normal lub-dub beat of the cities heart. Blood-curdling cries of pain, agony, and suffering. Whether it is real or not, Amarosa has chores to contend with. To cleanse all of Rowan in the name of her queen, with the newly reformed creatures at her back. They would wreak havoc on the city, the continent, the world. Wherever Rinoa's darkness can leech into, they will be there to turn those spidery veins into torrential rivers. Unstoppable. Or so she believes in the blackest pit of her darkly poisoned heart. 

"Get up." Despite the delusions of grandeur she manages to growl out Esben's sentence. Nearly tearing at the girl's arm as she too stands and pulls Esben along with her. "Let us go, we have work to do." That includes the elf who used to be known as Wyrn. The unlucky little tattle-tale who managed to get herself caught and transformed. Amarosa barely laughs. The sound rumbling from her throat more of a garbled click. 

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No, the way to the end wasn't going to be this way. Lady Cassandra had gotten word despite Amarosa taking both her knight and the spy Wyrn. She had decided to face this monster head on. And she wasn't afraid of Rin or her monsters. The princess wanted a war did she? Well Cassandra would give her one.

Standing from the castle entrance, Cassandra as she called herself wasn't her true name. It was a codename as Amarosa probably had a new way to command others by knowing theor true names. She wasn't a hundred percent certain but to be safe she had people call her Cassandra. She sighed softly.

Esben what's happened? Where are you? What have you become? Are you under her power too? O' Amarosa you will not take Rowan. I will fight until my last breath to keep it safe.

Cassandra thought as she walked towards the group. She would cut off Amarosa so she couldn't gain more power. And she hoped Esben didn't meet the same fate as Wyrn.


The knight fell to her knees as the skin on her broke so painfully. Cracks of her bone snapped here and there as it began turning her into something unholy. Esben was frightened as she couldn't stop the transformation into a demon. Wings ripped out of her back as horns appeared under her hair which was black and blue now.

Yes… she whispered as she stood. We must begin the people's enslavement. Begin their suffering. Their punishment for denying our Queen.

Esben tried to fight back inside as this thing began its takeover of her body and mind. The creature chuckled feeling her struggle as Nova decided her host wouldn't win. It was hers now, and with it she would commit the atrocities to the knight's shock. Her armor turned black and red with Amarosa and Rin's crests entwined. Esben wouldn't let Nova have her without a fight.

My host still fights you my Lady. She believes she can win over you. I want more power, to become the Yokai demon instead of her. Lead me to your desires, I am your shield…

Esben muttered low inside as they walked. She tried so hard to not let Nova win. Would Amarosa completely erase her? Could Cassandra save them? No one knew.


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