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Athentha Market

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Disclaimer: Subject to edits, I'm afraid. Also, I will be putting items from all the islands here. So tons of awesome things. Even made from the leader herself. Also, coins are earned from rps, and each rp is worth 5-10 coins depending on the rp

Athentha Market:


Rings: Ember Ring-- 20% resistance against fire, flame, volcanic places. Sizes from 7-10. 20 Athenthian coins.

Shock Ring-- 20% resistance against shock, lightning. Sizes 7-10. 20 Athenthian coins.

Water/Ice Ring- 20% resistance against Water/ice, typhoons, floods. Sizes 7-10. 20 Athentha coins

Poison Ring-- 20% resistance against all poisons or acids. Sizes 7-10. 30 Athentha coins

Curse/Disease Ring-- 30% resistance against curses or diseases. Sizes 7-10. 40 Athentha coins

Tempest Ring-- 40% resistance against all elements, 10% resistance against holy and dark magic. Sizes 7-10, 50 Athenthian coins



Crucified Savior-- Made out of adamant metal and red oak bark from the trees of Val Cruxia. The bark holds holy power, blessed with holy water to keep it from being corrupted. The metal has been crafted to its finest quality and won't easily crack. Able to resist most elements, acids and magic. Can be burned. Round and square shaped. 70 Athenthian coins.

Syth Val-- Made in the underdepths of Sol-Mowenna, this shield is made of fine diamond cut metal and beautiful white oak wood. The wood, the white oak is a rare tree in Athentha and its not easy to break. Able to resist water, some alloy and acids, fire. Can be broken however. 60 Athenthian coins.

Ashlyn Cassiopeia-- Named after a famous warrior who defeated the horde of brainwashed demons, this shield was made in the heart of Athentha, Absolon. It is crafted from beautiful ebon wood and silverite iron. It however can be broken. The metal is heat resistant. 50 Athenthian coins




Otherworld Hell Blades: Long and Short Swords. Crafted replicas of the famous swords made by the infamous Sakimura family. Each made with different woods of the land. The hilts come from 8-14 inches, while the blades are 12-30 inches. Can be broken but durable against heat, cold and fire, water magic. Strong against all magic except the element the blade is made out of. Takes a lot to break these. 70 Athenthian coins {15-30 posts}


Umbra Solar: Short swords. Crafted by the hero of Lyonesse, Sayndar Lammecoil. Made out of the Maple Umbra trees themselves, they are extremely durable. Not easily broken, as the wood has been combined with phoenix hair. The hilts come from 5-12 inches while the blades are 10-16 inches. Strong against diamond, platinum and all magic except dark and earth. But takes a lot to break these blades. 60 Athentha coins {12-17 posts}


Ashlyn Ghu-Kalas: Long Swords. Crafted from the ancient magic of Ashlyn Legendia herself, they hold a dangerous power to them. Many rituals have been done to create these swords. Many lives sacrificed to the craft and infused in the blades. These swords almost even feel alive. The blade is crafted from the finest oak and strongest adamant steel. Unbreakable. Sturdy against all types of magic but weak against holy. The hilts come from 8-15 inches and the blades are 16-24 inches. 100 Athentha coins, {30 posts}. Beware these swords harbor something unholy…


These quests/rps are taken by Deviant. All three sword groups.




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Pole Axes:

Galaxy Dimension: This pole axe was crafted from the white ash trees of Hydra. It is 4.5 (1.2-2.0 m) feet long for a haft and has a hammer at the end. It has been imbued with the properties of light magi. It can do a lot of damage against vampires, dark energy or magi and demons. Resistant to dark magi and element, alloy, fire magi and element. Not easily broken. The price of this Pole axe is 120 Athenthian coins.

DarkHeart Vial: This pole axe was crafted from the wood of the dark black trees of Val Roux. It is 6 feet long (1.2-2.0 m) for the haft and has a dagger at the end. It has been imbued with the darkest magi to combat the light energies. It has been created to combat the holy magi, light magi and the forces of good. It is a cursed pole axe as it can slowly turn it's user to darkness. Resistant to poison, metal, light element/magi, water magi/element. Not easily broken.  Use with caution. 200 Athenthian coins.

Farenheit Varuna Scattered Eye: This pole axe has been made from the bark of the tree itself. However, this makes the axe cursed. And the leaves are imbued in the axe as well. It is 7ft long. The cursed item will allow the user upticks in strength and power at the cost of your will and mind. It is resistant to ALL magic. Not easily broken. Use with caution. 500 Athentha coins.




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Gravity's Union Nova: Named after the fauna of Lyonesse, these daggers are made from the bark of the Gravity Union tree. The hilt is 4inches while the blade is 6inches. These blades are steel based. Resistant to adamant. 30 Athentha coins.


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