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Lol smooth. Side note, crystal has no relations to anyone in the group. Xavier I don't think is anyone's brother either. I believe Kate is the one with a younger brother. He is one of the two kids who were sleeping in the tent. That being said it's understandable that Cole as a character would make that mistake as he is knew so it would be kinda funny just to leave it in. Haha

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Salt Lake City is where we are going to be headed, but it is a four hour drive from where we are. And since the zombiessss pushed us out of camp in a panic, we are actually headed the longer way which is around 5 hours and 20 minutes. 

The next town we'll stop at is Manilla, it's not too far away, and it's very very small. I think we'll just stop there and take a breather, let people process things and calm down. Then as May and someone like Gabriel check over everything and everyone to see that we're all good to go, we can have a few people wander the town and scavenge what we can. Then your new person can pop up!

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