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Michelangelo Hathengaffer

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First name: Michelangelo
Surname: Hathengaffer (Of the Blairville Hathengaffers)
Nicknames:  Mike

Hometown: Blairville

Residency and estates: He officially lists his family's estate in Blairville as his place of resident but he tends to move about very often mostly among Terrenus staying in various places. 

Basic Alignment: Neutral 
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Role: Electromancer/journalist/amateur magi-tech tinkerer 

Eyes: Electric blue
Complexion: slight tan
Build Normal build not overly skinny or wirly but he`s not muscular or brute like in any way. He`s fit without being necessarily buff. 
Hair: Messy brown hair, kept slightly long in the back.

Apparel: Michelango comes from a more well-off family so he`s prone to dressing well and somewhat formal. He tends to dress in dress shirts, pants and shoes with a suit vest as a standard part of his wardrobe. a dress coat over that if needed. He has also been known to wear a black fedora from time to time. He tends to wear lighter tones, such as grays or very light blues.  




Personality and philosophy: Michelangelo isn`t a bad person but he`s not exactly the most humble or fully altruistic person. He holds himself with a very charming demeanor and tries to come off as very calm and laid back. Underneath the charm and the laid back guise hides a bit of an ego streak, a drive for ambition, and a pension for minor manipulation. Michelangelo can be kind or caring and despises those he views as true vile or brutish but there are times when certain things do justify the certain means in his mind. He believes mostly in the concepts of law and order but has been known to bend parts of them to meet certain means. This is not to say he is wholly an opportunist there are still major lines he will not cross, but smaller ones are less of an issue for him. Coming from a more influential family the idea of family honor and the importance of a family's name has a certain place in his head. Like any family disagreements and grudges do exist but as a whole, he is focused on the interests of the family, even if he does let most of that responsibly fall to his siblings which as a younger son he can as he is not a foreseeable heir. He can be a very loyal person to those he decides deserve it, but he can also be very sucpouis of people and his other personality traits can make it slightly hard to get close enough to him to earn said loyalty. As a journalist, he enjoys uncovering and telling stories even if he can be a tad prone to sensualism at times.  Mike tends to give into his curiosity and intuition in most cases if something itches his brain or a hunch develops he will follow it even if he really shouldn`t.


Background: The Hathengaffers are a well off family in Blairville. Not so large that one should expect to know them throughout all of Terrenus but prominent enough within Blairville circles to provide a nice enough life for Mike and his many siblings. While growing up Mike developed a skill in the magical speacilatosin of Electromancy as well as an interest in working with magi tech but when it came time to pick a career he wanted to be a reporter. Something about it seemed luxurious and invigorating to him. Traveling the world, uncovering the truth, telling stories of his exploits, and being able to go places others couldn`t the idea was intoxicating to him. Whether or not that was an accurate view of a reporter's life it was enough to draw him into the career, and his family's name and wealth was enough to get through some basic doors over some candidates. Sadly they weren`t quite wealthy enough to make so he didn`t have to work at al. While he`s still trying to gain his footing, and he may not be the most...ethical reporter yet he is trying to prove himself within his chosen field. 





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