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Fritzfru Official Info Page

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The City of Fritzfru

Credits: @Mickey Flash

This is a city of magic, created so long ago no one knows its beginnings. It is located between the desert and the forests. It is surrounded on three sides by different land types. On one side is the desert, beside that is a mountain made with very loose rock, and connecting the two is an intense water rapids. In the center lies beautiful meadows, calm lakes and pools, and quaint villages. There is only one safe passage to the city, and to be able to make it to the city you need a fairy folk guide. Otherwise, the person will get lost easily, forget who/where they are, and even disappear.


Population: The area is so magical, that it exits on many different planes and dimensions. The villages appear, disappear to be replaced with another village, only to reappear the next day. Because of the magical disturbances, time is also unreliable. A day could go by, or a week, and both would feel like the same time frame.  The best guess on population would be anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000.  


Demographics: The majority of people living in Fritzfru are fairy folk. There are many types, which include but aren't limited to; Brownies, Gnomes, Elves, Goblins, Pixies, Mermen/maids, Leprechauns,

Selkies, Dwarfs, Nymphs, Sprites, Succubus/Incubus, Trolls, ect. Some villages appear with mixed fairy folk, but most have mainly one or two kinds of fairy.


Climate: The city is located close enough to the desert lands to have sun. The weather stays at a comfortable 70 to 80 degrees. Rain falls often.


Flora and Fauna: There are many beautiful plants in the area, but the only ones of note are the Forgetful fruit trees. Any fruit eaten from a Forgetful tree will make the non-magical person consuming the fruit forget everything. They will immediately become addicted to the fruit, and never want to leave it.


There are stone paths all through the city, and signs that warn against stepping on the grass, or flowers. Anyone who does has the danger of stepping on fairy kingdoms, light or dark. To do so might possible kill hundreds of fairies. Then they would have to suffer the consequences of that mistake.


Agriculture: All beings share the same land, so they also share in the work for the farming. Some are better at growing vegetables, while others have a better hand at raising farm animals.


Indigenous Animals:

Unicorns live it the forests, and are a protected endangered species.

Dragons reside on the loose rock mountain, and one in the lake.

Many of the people are considered half animal, and half man such as Satyrs, and Centaurs.


Religion: There are so many mixes of religions at Fritzfru that no one religion can be decided on. If any aspect of the religions were agreed upon, it would be to respect Mother Nature.


Military: It is hard to enforce a military presence when one can't find the place, or the people. But Fritzfru does have its own Magic Militia. These brave soldiers train in magic battling, one of the most deadly types of battles.


Imports/Exports:  Imports - Fairy folk are not in need of many things. Only the items they can't procure from thin are desirable. They are interested in Pop Culture items. The latest music, movies, tv show, clothing, ect. They have many valuable items to export, such as magical crystals, wands, fairy dust, ect.

Exports - The Magic Market.


Landmarks and Monuments: There is only one building that stays through all dimensions and time warps, and that is the capitol building. The shape and design change, but the location and function stay the same. Anyone who enters this building will be unable to harm another soul. Criminals are taken to the underground prison. In a land where magic rules, and lies can be discovered with a little spell, crime is low.


Hot Spots:

Stardust Cafe – Occasionally, this cafe will appear. It serves all magical fare, from foods such as the surrounding fruits that can be addictive and make you forgetful, to drinks that can change your size. You never know what the effects of the cuisine might be.


Normalsville – A shop catering to the pop culture experience. They have the latest music, tv shows, clothing, and even a cafe serving 'normals' food.


The Magic Market - There are products there that can not be found anywhere else, and the amount of magical products are varied. Are you looking for special armor? An amulet, or spell? Do you need a rare magical object? There aren't many things magical that can't be found at the Magic Market.


The “Dark” Magic Market - The forbidden dark items not allowed at the Magic Market can be found in the “Dark” Magic Market. It is an underground, no holds barred market. If you have no qualms about dark magic coming back to haunt you, it is a truly magical wonderland.




Quests:  Bringing Darkness to Light - A young boy from Dawic has been possessed by a demon from a demon spell.  His mother is asking you and your companions to find a cure for it at The Magic Market in Fritzfru.  Your journey will begin by finding a guide (contact Mickey Flash) to Fritzfru and to The Magic Market.  

(Class A Quest) 2 to 5 players, 2x post-credit value per player.  


Good Luck Bands – Bands made by fairy folk ages ago, for good luck. Want to find that lost treasure? You will wearing a good luck band. About to be killed in a battle? You won't with a good luck band. Want to survive a harrowing journey? Wear your good luck band. There used to be an endless supply of good luck bands, but over the years fairy folk stopped making them, and then forgot how to make them anymore. There are three good luck bands left in Fritzfru.


To get to the good luck bands, you have to pass a test. Each test is located in a fairy ring. The fairy rings are rings of grass, mushrooms, or flowers found in meadows. These fairy rings change location as often as the villages change dimensions. They are hard to find, and when entering one you run the risk of disappearing from Fritzfru, never to be able to return again.  (contact Mickey Flash)

(Class C Quest) 1+ players, 1.25x post-credit value per player.


Flower Ring challenge: This is a ring of riddles. The riddles are very hard, and challenge your intelligence.


Mushroom Ring challenge: This ring tests skills. Whatever your skill set is, you will have to face your own self in battle. Your challenge is to evolve and defeat yourself.  ((This quest has already been won by Karelian Echorider.  His characters Karelian and Aleau, have faced fighting themselves, as well as fighting a Valkyrie in order to be awarded the good luck band for the mushroom ring.))


Grass Ring challenge: This ring tests strength and stamina. You will be placed in either the desert (with venomous desert spiders)/on water rapids (with flesh eating fish)/or at the bottom of loose mountain (full of poisonous snakes). Your task is to get from point A to point B by sheer force of will.  ((This quest has already been won by LadyLenore.  Her character, Margaret Rothkar, traversed the water rapids, facing flesh eating fish, dangerous mermaids, illusions, and finally a kelpie.  Then she was awarded the good luck band for the grass ring.))


Once challenges are won, you will get a band. The band is large, and fits to the contour of any body part you place it on (head, neck, hand, finger, ect.). The good luck band will have only one good luck charm inside, so once used the band will disintegrate into dust. Choose your use of the good luck bands wisely.


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Magic Market



mirror/reflection – class D Reflects or mirrors someone else's appearance

transformation – class C Transforms someone from one species to another temporarily (about an hour)

restoring - class D Restores energy, or magic, but only slightly

slow motion – class D Can make an object go in slow motion for a short period of time

trap someone in stone – class B Traps someone in stone, but will not kill them.

Shrinking – class D Will shrink you if consumed

make really tall – class D Will make you tall if consumed

time stopping – class B Will stop time temporarily for everyone but the person casting the spell

SPELLS USING FORGETFUL FRUIT- class D A common fruit in Fritzfru, it will add a forgetful element to any spell given

love reconciliation – class B Will make your love more amicable to reconciliation

reversal spells – class C Will reverse other spells given



amulets – class D

spell books (level 1) – class D common spells

spell books (level 2 ) - class C tricky spells with more power

magic jewelry – class D

magic glasses – class D

scrolls (level 1) – class D common scrolls

scrolls (level 2) – class C complicated scrolls

magic swords – fire, ice, electricity class C

wands – class D

staffs – class D

runes – class D

keys – class D

crystals – class C magic energy crystals found in Lothrei

magic armor – Class D protects against magic


Other items

curses – class C

demon possession scrolls (specialty) – class B will allow a demon to possess anyone of your desire

candles – class D used for peace, good fortune, money, love, family, friendships, strength, and any number of wants and needs.

other ingredients like feathers, eye of newt, bones and blood and things like that. Class D

Unicorn horns – class B Hard to find and even harder to acquire

Dragon scales -class B Hard to find and even harder to acquire


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