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Dawic Official Info Page

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Dawic is made of up swamp land and sea caves. It has beautiful scenery and a slowly growing economy.  


Population: Around 350,000 total. 60% Dwarf, 25% Human, 10% Elf, and 5% Other.


Climate: The air is humid from all of the surrounding water and swamp land. There is sunny weather, and daily warm rain showers.


Flora/Fauna: There are a lot of swam reeds, and thick swamp vegetation.  There is one creature that the land is known for, though they don't advertise it.  It is the swamp monster.



Agriculture: The area is a farming area, with lots of rice farms.  Fishing is a major pastime for the dwarves. 


Indigenous animals:  roalites , albino piranhas, dino-crocs, and large insects that have been known to carry off small animals.  


Military: Dawic is a small community, and hard to navigate around, because of the swamp areas and the sea caves. Therefore, the military base is small, but the soldiers trained there are skilled and ready. They were previously trained and guided by the Rainbow Bridge group with the reluctant help of King Skacharm. They focused on the more modern weapons, to add with the magical weapons of before.  Since Queen Malia had come into power, they are now reorganizing their forces. 


Inports/Exports: Dawic needs all kinds of food and supplies from other areas, since conditions are not excellent for their own growth and production. They do export eels, crocodile clothing/boots, fish, and rice.


Education: There are some small schools surrounding the area, but most residents like to home school their children.


Transportation: Most of the transportation in the area is by boat.


Hot Spots:

Sea Caves - The sea caves are beautiful for romantic boat rides, but the farther in the caves you go the more chances of getting lost. They are only accessible by boat, and some are hidden by waterfalls.


Swally's Swamp Bar – Swally's is a local swamp bar that caters to the more common element. They also sell supplies for those who want to hunt the dinosaur crocs and fish, as well as weapons to fight off the huge insect population.


History: Dawic started out as a small village, the swamp and sea caves being too dangerous for most of the population. Then rice was introduced to the area, and more people moved there looking for the quiet farming life, made for simple people.  

Quests:  *WIP*

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