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Lo'Bre Official Info Page

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Lo'Bre is a harbor city with a large population. Sometimes the city has trouble with thievery, and the occasional pirate attack. Warehouses line the harbor, as well as shops, taverns, and inns. There are many underground tunnels in the city that lead all the way from the caves in Dawic to the tunnels under the Ashfesari Ruins.


Population: Around 900,000. 50% Elf, 30% Other, 15% Human, and 5% Dwarf.


Climate: The weather is a bit wild and unexpected in Lo'Bre. Rain storms can happen at any time, with lightening storms and wild winds. There is also occasional waterspouts and hurricanes to worry over.


Agriculture: Fishing is the mainstay for this city.


Indigenous Animals: There are many sea creatures that can be found around Lo'Bre. Some of the creatures have yet to be discovered.  Pinked Back Sleels, and the Kraken.



Military – Lo'Bre has a large military base, set there for the criminal element, and the pirate attacks. With the exception of the capitol of Seinaru Forven, Dashkanchcy, Lo'Bre has the largest military force.


Inports/Exports: Lo'Bre is the trading town, where all goods and services can be traded or sold for a price. If not, then the chances of it being stolen are high. Many ships dock there at all hours of the day or night.  They have privateers there to protect the harbors from pirates.  Ironically, this allows for the pirates to disguise themselves as privateers while they dock, drink, steal, and make merry.  




Education: Though there is a high criminal element in the area, the education system is a progressive one, at the insistence of Queen Nylam and King Skacharm when they were in power.  Even though the Spirit Wars have changed many parts of Lo'Bre, they still follow with Skacharm's insistence of progressive education.


Transportation: There are many forms of transportation in Lo'Bre. You can travel by boat on the dock, or airship as well. There are also horse and buggy, and an occasional automobile. 


Landmarks/Monuments: There are statues in Lo'Bre of the Great Dragons, made from the black obsidian like rock from Black Mountain.


Hot Spots:

The Brawlon Warehouse Co. - If you need to store your products you can't find a more prosperous company in the city. They have warehouses stationed all along the harbor.


Basic Blues Bar – Found in the center of the city. It has the best blues music around, not to mention great food and unique alcoholic beverages.




Quests: WIP



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