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LEGEND | Arkadia Prime

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Long ago, before the Masons held sway over the populace, before any indigenous people paid worship to the Crystal, there was the glorious Empire of Arkadia. Little is known of the ancient kingdom, but many historians believe it to be the first civilization in Alterion, with previous indigenous peoples existing as nomadic tribes. Scholars disagree on the date, but n at some point prior to the reign of the Winter King, the Arkadia Empire disappeared. All written records indicate this disappearance occurred overnight and without bloodshed.  The fate of Arkadia remains a mystery to this very day. 

After her rise to power, Riva granted territory to each of her favored followers and granted the territory where the Arkadian Empire once stood to the Proteus Merchant Guard. 

With a history stretching back to the founding of the Masons, Arkadia Prime is Alterion's most technologically advanced locale. Founded and controlled by the Proteus Merchant Guard, more commonly known as Proteus Enterprises, Arkadia Prime is the home of cybernetics and all things mecha. Proteus Enterprises elite mobile suit  soldiers, ARMADA, defend the city alongside the Poor Sons. Arkadia Prime is also home to the Alterion Space Program and is responsible for maintaining Alterion's various space colonies, as well as defending the Prime. 



The Masons 


The Luxe Hunter's Association




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Originally the properpty of the MaGNUS Corporation under the designation MaG-01 is an artificial proprietary satellite manufactured as the prototype for technological innovations of future space colonies to inhabit space as they do gaia. Built as a testament to future generations to herald Alterion's vocational prowess in automation and heavy machinery it was once the cornerstone of Alterion's Space Industrialization Recognition (SIR) program and the means of which to conduct highly classified experimentations that sought to transform the realms of technology and science across the continent. Over the decades that followed, as other artificial space colonies were created within the same Lagrangian Point it became known as the Side of Alterion where a collective of satellites belonging under the juridiction of Daius primarily resided. However, due to the term of policies and internal politics that proceeded the disbandment of the MaGNUS Corporation the chief engineers who worked tirelessly combined their efforts with a prodigy of exceptional fortitude and scientific prowess known as Ulyboros Reinbach to create the Reinbach Corporation, a society more than a megacorp that submitted to the demands of Daius for the sake of pushing science to the next frontier. They would become the intellectual-minded council to replace the tyrannical rule of MaGNUS which in-turn allowed them to conduct an overview of the colony, it's residents and it's purpose. 

To this day, while it is far from the most advanced space colony, with a military might that falls below that of many of the colonies founded after— there are said to be secrets within the Heliostat Array's confines that only the Reinbach Corporation and Daius HQ are allowed access to. 

The breakdown of the satellite includes: 

1. The Storage Zone located at the bottom where it's abundant resources are kept. 

2. The Heliostat Array, three reflective mirrors located on the outside of the colony that allow's the control of the weather and time zone within. 

3. The Agricultural District located closest to the storage zone that handles the cultivation of essential agronomics. 

4. The Residential District located just above the agricultural district where the majority of the scientists, analysts, and relatives of both reside. 

5. The Docking Zone located in the nexus of the satellite where anything seeking to dock or leave Rein-01 is required to go through data relative analyzation before entering. 

6. The Dowtown/Business District located just above the docking zone where the majority of businesses and companies given permission to reside exist, and where most analysts and industrial specialist reside. 

7. The Solar Panel Arrays located along the outside of the satellite atop the downtown/business district, in-charge of handling the influx of power generation that can't be sustained by it's internal power alternator. 

8. The Federal District located in a small section above the business district is where the liasons between the other individual corporations reside, and where the seat of power from the Daius Corp resides. Also in-charge of holding the peace throught the colony.

9. The Colony Control Administration located at the very top tubular section, it's solely reserved for the top scientists and controllers of the Reinbach Corporation, also where the primary control system for the colony rests. 



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