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Dashkanchay (Dash) Official Info Page

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Dashkanchay (Dash) is the capital of Lothrei. All major political movements are made here, as well as most meeting places of a political nature. The black mountains surround it on one side, while a huge stone wall surrounds the rest of the city. Outside of the wall is the Great Forest, which protects the residents of Dash, just as well as the wall. A lake resides in the center, available only to the residents of Dash.


Population: Around 1,100,000 total. 75% Elf, 20% Human, 5% Other.


Climate: There are calm misty rains, and mostly sunshine. There will be occasional thunderstorms where the phamtams appear.


Flora/Fauna: Dash is known for it's beautiful tame flowers, planted everywhere for visitor's enjoyment.


Agriculture: Known for it's fruit trees, and for the vegetable gardens found throughout the land.


Indigenous Animals: Some of the animals from the Great Forest will sometimes be found to have wandered through the gates of the city from time to time.  Some are tolerated, and some are not.  Lightning Phams, Raptors, and Forest Jumpers



Military: The main military is stationed in Dashkanchay. There mainly for the protection of those in power. Dash is also a virtual fortress with the wall surrounding the city, the dangerous mountains and the protecting forest. There is also a water supply inside, that can make a siege of the place impossible.


Inports/Exports: Everything needs to be brought into the city, with the exception of the fruits and vegetables grown there. They are also the only exports for the city.


Landmarks/Monuments: There is a nice sized capitol building. The wall is impressive, and enclosed with two different gates. Each gate has a statue of a Raptor, guarding the gate.


Education: Education is ranked one of the most important requirements in Dashkanchay. They value knowledge as a precious commodity.


Transportation: The main transportation would be the vehicles allowed into the gates of the city.


Hot Spots:

Dash library – Full of ancient texts and more modern novels, this library is known for its varied selection of literature.


The capitol building – Where all political funtions take place.


History: Queen Nylam used to live in the castle, with Skacharm as her King.  Queen Malia took over after her passing, with Skacharm as an advisor by her side.  Since the Spirit Wars happened, and Elendaron was distroyed there is only Seinaru Forven left.  The queen has disappeared in the war, and Skacharm has been left to pick up the pieces.  He is the new leader of Seinaru Forven.  


Quests: WIP



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