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Eneraith Official Info Page

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Eneraith is a mountain city. It is located on top of the Black Mountains, given their name for the black rock that covers the mountains. It is said that the mountains hold sleeping dragons, but one could not know that for sure...... or can they?

Although it does sit at a high elevation, it is still some ways below any peaks, and remains situated near the outer edge of the mountain range, which tends to get more barren and harsh the deeper into its crags one ventures. There is little reason to venture deeper into the mountains--unless one puts any stock in the tales of dragons slumbering within--and the few who do are often not seen again.

Population: Around 600,000. 70% Human, 30% Other.


Climate: There is a cold wind that blows in the mountain city. The higher elevation makes the temperature cooler by quite a few degrees, compared to the surrounding cities. The rains are cold there too, and sometimes sleet.

Winter can be very harsh at such high altitudes and being caught in a blizzard in this region is almost surely fatal if one is not prepared. Eneraith City has taken a number of measures to acclimate itself over the years, the most notable of which are a series of magically powered thermal vents spread throughout the city, which look like huge smokestacks. These serve the dual purpose of warding off the cold while also providing thermal lift for air traffic. Even though magic keeps the city tolerable even during the winter, its citizens tend to be well-versed in surviving the cold without it, as such survival skills are necessary if one wishes to venture out of the city during inclement weather.


Flora/Fauna: The mountainside is covered in rare flowers and plant life, not found anywhere else in Lothrei. Their beauty, and danger are unparalleled.

Plant life in the area has evolved differently from most to survive the harsh winters, causing the area to have a somewhat unique ecosystem. Some notable local species include, but are not limited to:

Pitfall plant: An enormous pitcher plant which develops through a system of underground roots to form a deep cavity capable of swallowing large animals whole. As its name suggests, an otherwise innocent looking patch of grass will suddenly collapse into the pitcher-shaped trap waiting below, which will then snap closed around the victim and begin to secrete digestive juices. These are relatively easy to avoid for humans as they tend to be surrounded by small rings of barren dirt where the pitfaller's intricate root system has prevented any other plant life from springing up nearby. Unfortunately, the region's famous sheep are not this smart, and constitute the primary prey for this species. Shepherds consider them a supreme nuisance but they seem quite impossible to eliminate. During the winter they become much more dangerous, as snowfall and ice sheets on the ground make them difficult to spot.

Ice Bell: This pale blue, bell-shaped flower is remarkable for its ability to remain frozen year-round, even in very high temperatures. The flower's unique biology not only allows it to live and grow while covered in ice, but in fact requires it; if its covering of ice is forcibly melted off, which requires temperatures at least hot enough to boil water, it will quickly wilt and die. These plants are often exported where people living in warmer climes will keep them in pots in their homes, where they double as both beautiful decoration and a degree of air conditioning, as they permanently radiate a chill into the air around them. They are also excellent for storing food and keeping it fresh, as unlike pure ice blocks, they will never melt, assuming they are properly tended to. Eneraith residents often grow their stems up through holes in the bottom of a box to serve as a low-maintenance refrigerator.


Frost creeper: A vine with a unique and potentially deadly defense mechanism. While unremarkable normally, during cold weather it will accumulate frost onto its surface which it then shapes into thorns made of ice. If the plant is agitated while wearing these thorns, it will fire them off in a violent barrage of shrapnel. Fortunately, Eneraith also contains the natural predator of this otherwise troublesome plant, the wyverns which the region is known for; the burning temperatures of the wyvern's mouth and digestive tract, along with its tough hide, allow it to melt the ice thorns and munch on the plant with relatively little bother, as even if hit with the ice shards they usually cannot penetrate the wyvern's hide.

Agriculture: There are different types of fruit trees everywhere. And the rocks of the mountains have been used for selling purposes.


Indigenous Animals: There are sheep that roam the mountains, of all different colors. You can find red sheep, green sheep, purple sheep. And there is a rare rainbow sheep that is coveted for its wool. They can hop as high as a deer, so they are hard to catch.



This location is also one of the only places on the continent where wyverns reside naturally. Wyverns from the Eneraith region are effectively dragons, although closer to a horse in both size and intelligence than the colossal beasts of legend. They remain extremely intelligent beasts which can be trained to obey complex commands and are capable of forming emotional bonds with humans. Their are many sub-species of these wyverns, ranging from large, fierce monsters trained for war, to lizards barely larger than a dog which are kept as pets or used to deliver mail. Some of them have a limited ability to project fire from their mouths, but this usually requires considerable effort from the creature, and cannot be maintained for very long. Not all wyverns in the area are domesticated, and wild packs still roam; however, these are not hostile to humans, and will generally not attack unless provoked. The largest and fiercest of wyverns, bred specifically for combat, are often referred to as drakes.



The area near Eneraith City is relatively safe, but venturing further into the Black Mountains one quickly encounters wildlife that is very dangerous, possibly explaining why a creature as powerful as the wyvern emerged from this area. One such creature is listed below, but there are almost certainly more within the deep peaks that have never been recorded, and only seen by a few foolish adventurers during their last breaths:


Military: The military base is small, but specialize in aerial combat, as would be expected of a city renowned for its dragon riders. Any force wishing to fight in the Black Mountains would be hard-pressed to take Eneraith with cohorts of wyvern knights harassing them whilst they attempt to climb the frozen slopes. The city also maintains a small fleet of airships which both support its wyvern riders in combat and serve as carriers for the beasts, giving them a platform to rest and re-supply without ever needing to touch land.


Imports/Exports: It's hard to get imports in the area, because of location. If not brought in through airship then taken up with mountains on mules. The Exports are shipped out the same way. The flowers, sheep wool, and fresh fruit have been great Export products, along with other more exotic products--Eneraith is known to provide its wyverns to those who can pay, although the price is extremely steep indeed, and special arrangements must be made before such a trade will even be considered.


Education: The education level is varied among the citizenry.


Transportation: Mainly mule, wyvern or airship. Local leaders would like to establish a way-gate. A system of carriages suspended along cords, similar to a ski lift, was tested, but ran into problems with wild wyverns roosting on the roofs of the cars and causing them to break from their lines.


Hot Spots:

Eneraith Hot Springs – A natural well of hot springs located in the lower area of the mountains. It is a great place to go to when you want to relax your muscles. It is thought to have healing powers.

Aerodrome: This massive arena-style structure is found in the center of the city, and dwarfs all other buildings present. It is used to host sporting events involving wyverns, usually races but sometimes other competitions such as aerial acrobatics, ground-based obstacle courses, or even beauty pageants.

History: WIP


Quests: WIP

Blue - Recently added by CATZ.


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