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Official Kinumo Info

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Kinumo is a small village in the far east of the Magic Forest. It is one of the oldest villages in the forest and can be classified as a city. It is located in the mountainous forest area and is surrounded by forest. on the out skirts of the village is "The Tree of Memory." It has three layers, two of which are opened to the public. This area is mainly for the festivities that occur a bit frequently.  The village homes and shops are located on the mountain side on stilts and the farmland is located on the base of the mountains. The only way into the village is through the lonesome path on the far edge of the village which has bandits along it, Or you may teleport in, sadly most of the 6 teleporters in the mountain temples have been broken and are in need of repair. It is an olden village so it is not on any maps except the old ones.


Population: 45% Demons, 20% elves, 20% Other, 15% Humans


Climate: On the lower grounds where the farmlands are it is nice and warm. In the middle is a cool and controlled climate where you may need a light jacket or regular clothes. On top of the mountain is freezing and snowy, Heavy clothes recommended.


Agriculture: Kinomu is known for its farm grown products such as vegetables, wheat, and fruit. It is also known for its various temperature items.


âIndigenous Animals: Outside of the villages area in the mountains are Dragons, Dark elves, Dire wolves, yetis, Sabers, Mammoths, and Terror birds. In the forest there are barely any animals besides rabbits, deer, bears, and normal forest animals.


Imports/Exports: Kinomu has barely come into contact with any other town but will trade with passerby sales men. Kinomu is a Farming community so it has Livestock and Farmland food.


Education: There are not many schools in the village but the knowledge received is from the trees second layer where they store all of the knowledge they have received from the surrounding areas, their history, and the creatures they have faced. Some of the best scholars have come from this village.


Transportation: The main way of transportation is by walking. There are some lifts up and down from the ground all the way to the top of the mountains. The lifts stop in the middle for the homes and shops.


Landmarks/monuments: The 6 Mountain temples


Hot Spots:

Tree of Memory- It is the main "Attraction" of the village. It is where all the festivals are held and also where the people come to learn.


Snowy's Pub: Ran by Greg Snowy, This pub is a popular one due to being the closest to the top of mountain. The owner uses many ingredients from the mountains peak and past the village limits.


Mountain Temples:  The paths to these are found at the top of the Mountains. They hold the teleporters to the various cities and are protected by the monks that live there. Most teleporters are broken. They were made by demons.


Adventurers Guild: This place is found as you walk into the center of the levitating Mountain town. It is the largest building and hols the quest board from the natives or other areas around Seinaru Forven.


Assassins Guild: it is not really a hot spot but there is said to be an assassins guild hidden in the mountain and the only way to open the gate is for an assassin with an assassins mark to come close to it. Inside is a parlor with an assassins quest board as well. These are specifically stealth or Kill quests.


Pauline's Market: This is the main supply store in Kimuno. it sells various items infused with magic



Kinumo is thousands of years old and is a village that is filled to the brim with magic. Almost all of the residents are able to use even a small amount of magic. The village was created by demonic overlords bent on domination. Seeing that domination was an absolute failure, the overlords retreated t their dimension, leaving the demons residing in the village. Later on, after hundreds of years, humans found the city in ruins. The demons had resided to the outskirts so the humans took shelter. After a few years of humans living in the city, the demons had come out of hiding and have lived co-existing with the humans for everyone's survival. The dark matter mines were founded but abandoned because of indigenous animals overtaking it in the deep mountainous range.


Quests: WIP

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