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Official Kinumo Info

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Assassins' Guild


Purpose: The purpose of the guild is to gather elite assassin's trained in many fighting skills, and ways to kill. They are trained by the best, and have earned the reputation of being the best. This reputation is good for public relations, and finding more work. They can also ask for steeper prices, because they are a part of the guild.


Policies: There aren't many rules to the guild, but for the rules that exist they are not to be broken. One rule is that no children are to be killed by any of the assassins' guild. This was a stipulation made by the mage who created the spell for the Assassin's Mark, and agreed to by all of the Assassin's Council. Another is that no guild member can use their skills to assassinate those in power, such as government officials, kings, queens, etc. The reason for this was to protect the guild, so that armies wouldn't be sent against the members in retaliation. And the last rule was to make sure that the members meet up at different locations once a year. This is to try out the new “potentials” and to make sure that any and all concerns for the guild are addressed.


Assassin's Mark: This is given to the Assassin member once they have been selected to join, and have passed the initiation. The mark is a symbol branded into the skin with fire and magic. The magic is to keep the members in line to stay true to the rules. The mark will disappear and leave a scar if the Assassin decides to break the rules. The Assassin's Mark magically makes the wearer aware of the destination for each assassin's meeting once a year.


Assassin's Guild Council: This council was made of the elders of the guild, with seven members. They discuss important decisions for the guild, and vote. The council members change every decade.


Kinumo: This is the land where the Assassins' Guild was founded. Many members who have retired live there, taking tribute from travelers that want access to the lifts into Kinumo. Those that live in Kinumo only give food and necessities to the guards of their land for tribute. Travelers give more, or they are held back, questioned, interrogated, and whatever else it takes to make sure they aren't there to do the people of Kinumo harm. Even with tribute, the Assassin's Guild are very protective of Kinumo and all who enter.

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