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Illisandra the Twilightmancer

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act i. The Profile


Birth Name: Illisandra Noxtrus Ravenstone II

Name: Illisandra

Nick name: Illie

Title: Lady of the Twilight Archway

Physical Age: Approximately 4000

Conscious Age: 212

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Race: Arcane Vampire

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Class: Twilightmancer

Religion: Acknowledges the Gods, but has no respect or faith for them.


act ii. The Diagnostics


Height: 5'

Weight: 95 lbs

Hair: Ink Black

Eyes: Sulfur yellow

Skin: Mocha brown

Appearance: Dainty nose, high cheekbones, narrow chin, wide sulfur eyes, petite body with curves,  


act iii. The Armament


Weapon: Small Black Parasol

Armor: Varies, but prefers to wear black frilly sundresses most of the time

Accessories: A wax seal ring with her family crest on it

Other: An orc warrior slave that Illisandra legally owns.


act iv. The Rapporteur

Twilightmancy: An ancient power bestowed upon members of Illisandra's secret society by the twilight font. Allows the user to manifest light and shadow and manipulate them, with the strength of each dependent on the time of day. 

act v. The Biography



Illisandra was born to the noble house of Ravenstone, a powerful and old family with fame, fortune, and political sway. She was raised by her father that she was better than everyone simply due to pedigree, and that she should consider herself beneath no one. Illisandra proved to be a prodigal economic genius, taking over the family's business and finance reins from her father at the tender age of 16. At age 18, she was hired to manage the entire kingdom's coffers for a month while the royal treasurer was indisposed. At age 20, she was shown the family's greatest secret: The twilight archway. A stone arch beneath Ravenstone Castle that would bestow upon any that walked through it the ancient power of twilightmancy. She was bestowed with this gift, and officially became the head of the household. At age 21, she was bitten by a vampire. The vampirical virus was resisted by her innate Twilight powers, and she became something unique. A vampire with no weakness to the sun, garlic, silver, water, or any other common weaknesses of the species. She also did not gain the physical prowess or ability to turn to bats or mist. She gained fangs, immortality, a need for blood, incredible regeneration abilities, and vampiric hypnotic suggestion.


She was betrayed shortly after, sealed away in a tomb beneath the castle and left there, forgotten by time. When she finally awoke, she found her family castle in ruins. So much time had passed that no one remembered the name Ravenstone, and she was left a penniless vagabond with all the arrogance and attitude of a spoiled princess that had never done physical labor in her life.


Illisandra sought a runeite smith to fix her ancient sandals. She found one named Priscilla, and seeing potential in the woman as a future business partner, assisted her with a quest before having her own request satisfied. She went on her way, having established a relationship with Priscilla, the nature of which has yet to take shape.

Illisandra came across a camp of dwarves seeking outsiders to rid their mountain of orcs, preferrably capturing them. Teaming up with a ranger named Callen, the pair managed to capture them all. The reward was significant, a small fortune with which Illisandra was confident she could easily flip into the kind of wealth her house once had.

act vi. The Dossier


Likes: Sex, alcohol, cats, delicacies, herself, loyal and willing servants

Dislikes: Pink, meekness, prudes, being looked down at, lack of discipline or obedience

Attitude: Incredibly prideful, arrogant, sassy, smug, confident, overbearing, stubborn, dominating

Habit/Twitch: Refuses to wear socks or underwear, licks her lips when she finds a target she is sexually attracted to

Quote: "Tis not shameful to bend the knee to your superiors. Nay, tis an honor to be allowed to look up at me."

Other: Is a nymphomaniac. Doesn't care who someone is, she will lay with them if she finds them alluring enough. Often drinks the blood of her partners as payment for the good time she deigned to give them. Does not kill unnecessarily, and strives not to directly break the law in her pursuit of taking whatever it is she wants, but will bend the rules if the end justifies the means.

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