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She's back. Back again

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There were those who lived for adventure, and Rai was one of them. She felt the most alive when adrenaline was pumping through her veins. Her wild shouts could be interpreted as terror, but there was also an unmistakable tinge of ecstasy. In between the yells, Rai gasped for breath as the strong winds pressing against her face made it harder to draw air into her lungs. 

The treasure hunter looked back to see May knocked onto her haunches, and clinging on for dear life (at least, it looked that way to her!) 

“Sorry!!!” she yelled at the younger girl. There was a bigger concern though, as whatever it was that had scattered the seals was chasing after their boat, its motion churning huge waves that spread out from behind it in rolling white foam. Their boat was faster than most pleasure crafts, but there was no way that they could outrun that thing.

“Shoot, shoot!” She shouted to May over the wind. “I’ll try and keep the boat steady!” She had no time to comment on the sudden appearance of the gun, only that it was there, and should be used. It probably didn’t matter if it rocked; with the creature as large as it was, May couldn’t miss. Rai’s own magitech gun was still in her backpack. 

Whether May shot or not though, the bullets would hit something solid hard and ricochet off. The reason would be revealed to them seconds later, as instead of opening a giant mouth and swallowing their boat whole, the thing swerved and pulled up beside them. A pipe-like thing would rise slowly above the rolling waters - a mechanical eye examining them. Rai blinked back at it, while slowing the boat. “Uhhhhhhh..?

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