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Post: This one in Where it Blooms

Poster: @Mickey Flash

Snippet: "For the first time in her life, Lorial put someone else's wants and needs before her own.  And it terrified her."


I'm going to come at my reason for giving this one a NoE the long way round, sorry.

When I first started roleplaying (long long ago and far far away), I tried to keep my "self" separate from my characters, but tbh I did a really poor job of it. They all acted like I would, or like I wished I could have, if I were stronger, fiercer, better, darker. And there's a place for that in roleplaying - those vicarious experiences of the aspects of your self. Even when I first started playing here, many of my early games had an element of that.

But there's another side to roleplaying, one that this community has helped me to develop and encourage in myself and others. And that is writing as a full and passionate exploration of the human experience of the Other, rather than the Self; that agility of mind that is the essential basis for all love. It's a creative process where the choices your character makes are based not at all on what you might do or think to do in a given situation, and instead are based completely on your understanding of your character as a person unto themselves.

Easy to say, hard to do.

And Mickey nailed it here.

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Post: Monologue from A Queen In Her Own Right

Author: @King

Clipped to Monologue only, for space.



"Once upon a time, there was a princess of fire.  Of her beauty there was no equal, and of her passion and love there was naught warmer; for she loved as surely and fiercely as fire burns hot. This princess of fire was an ambitious woman, a materialistic woman—the flames of her desire burned for wealth and fame and status, but she was not afraid to work, in a variety of capacities, to behold these things. For this, she was beloved by all. One day, this princess of fire happened upon a devil, one that promised her all these things and more, as devils often do.  If she would stay with him, belong to him, her every need would be met, her every desire satisfied. ‘I will make you a queen,’ the devil said. ‘My queen.’ All but smitten by this devil and his wild promises, the princess of fire was more than content to offer herself as payment, thus their bond was sealed. And for a time, this princess of fire was happy—as was her devil. The promises of marriage faded, as did the promise of making her queen, and yet the princess of fire remained loyal to her devilish lover.

But then another princess happened by this devil and his princess of fire, the princess of ice.  Like the princess of fire, she too was incredibly beautiful – so beautiful, in fact, it is said that even the most stalwart of men find themselves crumbling before her, slaves to her every desire. She was not like the princess of fire, not at all. The princess of ice had never worked for anything in her life, so beautiful was she. And though she feigned a deep care and interest for those around her, it took only a single glance in her golden eyes to see she cared naught for anything, or anyone, but herself. She took that which she desired, and when she happened upon this devil and his princess of fire, she decided that he would be hers.

At first, the princess of fire feared little, for she had sworn herself to her devil—mind, body and soul, forsaking all other suitors. Though there were many, of course. And for a time, the devil was able to resist the cold affections of the princess of ice, for his princess of fire burned hotter than the sun. Yet as time stretched on, the devil – a being of infernal fire, himself – began to tire of the warm companionship the princess of fire offered him. He found himself drawn to the princess of ice, to her cold, unforgiving love and selfish abandon. And why should he not? Winter is beautiful, and because of that, people often forget the death and famine it brings – how it withers the crops, how it gnaws at the flesh until it is cold and dead. They see only the ice that sparkles like diamonds and the snow they associate with purity. This devil was no different.

And so the devil abandoned his princess of fire, leaving her with only the shattered promises of the life he’d sworn to give her.  Everything that she had tirelessly worked for, all that she had sacrificed for, gone in the blink of an eye. Her devil offered neither compensation nor apologies, and instead, dedicated what remained of his life wholly to the princess of ice – gave her that which belonged to the princess of fire.  Devastated from her loss, the princess of fire fled from the lands her devil had brought her too. She had been betrayed, first by the devil, and then the people she strived to appease. Concubine, they called her, for the devil had made his affections known for the ice queen. Whore, others would say. But had she not be ever faithful to the fiend, even as he satisfied his needs with any that might open their legs to him?

In the wake of her embarrassing self-imposed exile, the princess of fire became driven by revenge. She would seek out the devil and his princess of ice and visit upon them the ruin they had so eagerly delivered unto her, dress them in the squalor of pain and humiliation. But she lacked the means, for she had lost everything, and try as she might, it would take more than her mortal lifetime to enact revenge against two beings of such unearthly origin.  But then the most auspicious thing happened; the princess of fire happened upon a god, one that hated this devil as much as she, and loathed the princess of ice for the wrongs she’d done.

A generous god, one that would see the princess of fire strengthened and made into the queen she knows herself to be; that she was born to be. A powerful god, one that would give her means to exact vengeance upon the devil and his princess of ice. A loving and protective god, one that would strike down any that dared threatened his princess of fire and to ensure she remained safe and unscathed.” 



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Post: Seregon rousing from being unconscious in Show me the way to go home Lo'bre City

Author: @Seyge

While I enjoyed the post, there was one part that stood out to me. I love this entire paragraph of Seregon waking.

3 hours ago, Seyge said:

In this nonexistence, something began to happen slowly.  It started with a rhythmic pulse centering around an orb, building in crescendo slowly as it all began to take form.  Nothing could be seen yet, but the void swelled and shrunk with a rediscovered sensation of breathing, analyzing a new environment and discovering the smell of salt, wood, and alcohol.  As if on cue, another sensation echoed throughout nothing, creating the sounds of water and the sounds of struggling timber.  Voices piped up in short melodies over the ambiance, making the pulse stronger and more frequent.  The pulses were at the front of the orb--the head--beating with the rest of its circuit as everything started coming into focus for the young demon.  

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Where: Yh'mi Quests
Who: @jaistlyn

Yh'mi Quest Map

Rollover and hold for a short description of the quests, and click for the thread. A star signifies that an item is gained/can be gained, for use in future quests.










Because it's the coolest thing I've ever seen, this is just one of five posts which give full detail about the storyline of Yh'mi with a perfect blend of text, visuals, and interactive elements. These icons will redirect you to the thread if clicked and give a summary while hovering over with your mouse, which is impressive, and the way that jaistlyn's incorporating every event that happens to Yh'mi like this is incredible--the storyline's cohesive, it feels like Yh'mi is a breathing thing that you can step on and forever make a difference to. It's the best implementation of both visuals and location influence that I've ever seen in all my time RPing, and most importantly, it's inspiring.

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Post: Helpdesk call to Gryfyn Industries, from a staff POV.

Author: @Veloci-Rapture

Why: Because the differentiation between dialogue and thoughts transit super-smoothly, and Veloci-Rapture left just the right amount of imaginative and reading-between-the-lines work to the reader. Hilarious!



"So anyway..." Tom's tone changed, indicating to me that I should probably start paying attention. "...I put these eggs in it, and turn the power setting all the way up, but they've been in there for three days and nothing's happening. What's wrong with this thing?"

I scribbled the code for "Eggs Not Hatching" into the 'Issue' field, leaned back in my chair, and began spinning my quill between my fingers thoughtfully. "Huh, that's strange," I pondered, trying to give all the indications that I didn't think he was an utter moron who was probably screwing something up. "How many eggs do you have in there?"

"Three!" he replied quickly. 

"Three? On the highest setting, three eggs should have hatched in less than an hour!" I exclaimed as I stared at the ceiling, twirling my quill. This was going to be good. "Have you incubated any other clutches with it? Maybe it needs to be recharged. " I continued.

"No, sir, this is my first attempt to use it."

"Are the eggs all firmly seated in the holding cups?" I queried.

"Uh..... yes. Yes they are." he responded, somewhat cagily. 

Interesting. I smelled blood in the water. Quickly, I turned my mind to the question of how they could be in the holding cups enough that he'd say 'yes', but not in them enough that he'd say 'yes' without thinking about it for a second first. 

I paused, then an answer dawned on me - the kind of answer that almost made me preemptively face-palm. "Sir? Are you trying to incubate chicken eggs?"

"Well.... I mean, an egg's an egg, right?" he shot back, somewhat defensively. Oh, Gaia, I thought, dare I ask? Do I really want to hear this punchline?

I decided to ease him into the idea of cluing me in. "Actually, Tom, not at all. Different eggs require different temperatures and incubating times. It's possible that it may take longer, or that you have the Incubator set too high, and are roasting your little dearies! Without knowing what kind of eggs you're hatching, I can't help you much, I'm afraid."

"Uh, oh... well... um..." thoughtful, worried pause. I leaned forwards in my chair, part of me savoring the drama. "They're basilisk?" He finished, nearly whispering the last word. 

"Basilisk eggs? Uh, Tom, why on earth are you trying to hatch basilisk eggs?" I asked, incredulous. No matter how long I worked at this job, the consumer always had the power to shock and dismay me. 

"...........pets?" he hedged, incredibly cagey now. 

"Pets. Right. Well, Tom, I'm afraid that the Rapid Incubator simply doesn't have the power to hatch basilisk eggs. You might want to try Gryfyn's Mana Pot Veloci-Fire Pottery Kiln for something like that."

"Well, here's the thing..." Oh, this next bit is going to be 'the thing'? "I read in the Daily Weekly that the greenie-weenies in the government made you put in emissions controls which reduced the power of your products. Couldn't I just turn those emission controls off? I don't give a crap about magic-fog, or mog, or whatever the hell it is."

I couldn't help but laugh at that. "No, Tom, there's no such thing as emission control devices on our products. We do have safety controls, but that's not the same thing."

"Well, couldn't I just turn off the 'safety' controls?" he insisted, putting scare quotes into his voice. 

"No, Tom. The safety controls are built in, the consumer can't override them." I stated firmly.

"AHA!" he exclaimed. "You just said the consumer can't override them! That means someone can, right? Come on, I'm handy! How do I turn the safety off?"

My brow furrowed. I was getting tired of telling this little punk 'no'. He was starting to annoy me. 

"I'm afraid I don't have that information, sir," I droned, ready to go into 'broken-record' mode until Tom just gave the hell up already.

"Well, if I did turn them off, what would happen?"

"I don't know, sir, we haven't tested it for that use." Robotic, monotone, sleep-inducing. The only way to get through to some people, and the only way to stop my rising irritation.

"Well, what if I..." 

I hadn't had my second cup of coffee yet that morning, and I was bone tired of dealing with this pup's nonsense. I leaned over my desk, and came out of 'broken-record' voice, transitioning smoothly into 'read between the lines, nimrod' voice.

"Ok, Tom, listen. I've had several consumers call me about the power level of the product, and a few have even asked me what would happen if they opened up the back of the product, swapped the crystal in the red socket for the crystal in the blue socket, flipped the little green switch on the control board, and turned the power level all the way up before using it. I have to tell them, just like I'm telling you, that you should never ever ever do that."

There was a pause as his gears turned. "What would happen if I did that?"

"Other than the product's performance literally blowing you away? I have no idea. We haven't tested it for that use." 

"Oh. OH!" Tom finally got it! "Oh, ok, gee, thanks, Al, I appreciate you looking out for my safety like that."

"Not a problem, Tom. Anything else I can do for you?"

"Nope! That's it! Thanks again!" 

And then Tom was gone. I put my comm crystal into 'After-Call Work' mode and wandered into the break room for another cup of coffee. As I was loading it with enough powdered creamer and sugar to dissolve the skin off a rhino, there was a muffled "WHOOOOOOOMP!' noise, some kind of large, but distant explosion somewhere in the city. The mugs in the cabinet rattled as the building vibrated. I finished with my coffee and turned, to see horrified, incredulous looks on the faces of a few of my co-workers who had overheard my end of the conversation.

"What?" I asked. "I'm on the record. I told him, very clearly, not to do it, and that it would literally blow him away. I have no control over these people!"


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Because it has been awhile. Over the next few days I'm going to be reading through some threads to find some posts that are worth mentioning.  This is a good thing that shouldn't be dead, hopefully more people start using it. Definitely way more meaningful than a like.:think:

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If I had known this was a thread for the last year I would have been using it quite often ~Laughs~

Post: Slave to the Flesh Maker

Author(s): @Warlock @Csl @Robbie Rotten

Why: Besides waves of life disrupting those involved in the thread, @Csl and @Warlock continued to march forward in their pursuit of its end. Warlock's Dwarf  (anyone else surprised :P) Gwent plays along with the mind games of the potentially deranged Flesh-Shaper Elon as the man tests the capability of his biotechnology. Some of my favourite portions include a weary Gwent facing his fears, the apparent boredom of Elon and his interaction with others (His haughtiness seemingly knows no bounds), and the exploration of Flesh-Shaping in its entirety. Much of what I've seen of CSL's work in flesh-shaping is exactly as I saw it in my own head and I hope to continue seeing it evolve (Hah, puns...) from here on out.




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Posts/Thread:  There's something out there...

Author: @carrionjackal

Snippet: "The steam rose off the top of the cup; he inhaled deeply, savoring the rich roasted notes and the sharp bite of this particular blend. Quietly, he took a sip from the cup." (Makes me want to make a cup of coffee every time I read it.)

Reason:  I requested the opportunity to join this thread with carrionjackal when I read his first few posts.  They were so full of great description that I couldn't help myself.  I had no idea it was a quest, nor had I ever posted with carrionjackal before.  Just a glimpse at the thread inspired me.  Plus there is the fact that writing with him made me strive to write better posts.  No matter how much time lapsed between posts, and there were large lapses in between some of the posts (over a year to finish four pages), whenever he asked if I was still in I always answered with an eager yes.  We managed to finished the thread as well, which always pleases me.  All his posts in the thread impressed me.  I just felt it deserved a mention.


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Posts/Thread: [Quest] Black Destiny

Author: @jaistlyn



The sword fell, its tip plunging into the ground vertically, and the former paladin fell with it, into the position of prayer on his knees before the Head of the Order.

"Your dedication was always something to be admired. May your soul be purified one day," Chastity prayed.

Reason: The thread itself is a good read, but for any aficionados of religious themes and the piety (or corruption) of paladins, I love the succinct metaphors and imagery of jaistlyn's post and detailing of this paladin's fall. Writing need not be over-embellished to paint a picture, I admire the writers who can manage that.

Edited by Ruski

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Sure enough, Erixa had heard the conversation. She sat up, slightly dazed, hardly caring that the blanket had dropped away from her body. Her eyes drank in her new surroundings, including the red wine waiting for her.

"You know me a little too well, you know that?" she grumbled, reaching for it. She gulped it down, shaking her head, just as Ben had predicted. "Too well," she repeated. She flashed a brief grin towards Greymite, leaning back into the couch cushions, her legs crossed. Her gaze finally slid over to Ben.

"Alright, Ben, I'm up. What'cha need?" Erixa asked. She leaned over, reaching for the wine bottle. The red liquid tipped into her glass, but a moment later, she'd pressed the entire bottle to her lips. Sure, she hated her brother's habits, but she didn't mind a treat every now and then.


Essos Exxos is a very sweet person who I PICKED up when she first JOINED Valucre. She STILL thinks that her writing sucks, but she has a BOOK coming out next year and is ON TOUR right now. I think the young lass is doing JUST fine!!! This ONE post just seemed creepy to ME; I'm not sure of anyone ELSE, but her style is better than she THINKS!!! ^_^


This ONE line just spooked the SHIT out of me:

Her eyes drank in her new surroundings, including the red wine waiting for her.

Edited by princeben07

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Post: Cora, her Wayward Wave decides against a morbid offer from Soris and provides some commentary on crime.

Author: @roboblu

Why: Well, I've praised this new member for this post plenty now, but this role play really was one of the most interesting writing experiences I've had on this site so far this year, and I think it deserves more than just my recognition. 

Roboblu is a great writer and role player. She didn't hesitate to end the role play when her character suddenly came to a position of disagreement with my own, and she did so with great language, talking about how criminals are a product of unfair systems, and ended it with a beautiful piece of imagery. 

They're new to this site, but they know what they're doing, and I have confidence that Roboblu will continue to provide such interesting posts in the future.

Edited by Wanderlost

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Snippet: "Summer was the name of the first woman that I loved, the color of my halcyon days, the taste of memory and the warmth of happiness. I can’t spin this word despicably. I can’t do it. It’s impossible, and though it may be true and the skies that I can’t see bright and blue – maybe the winds I can’t feel are warm and the sound of children and birdsong echo in clear air someplace far away…it’s not true. It can’t be true. This isn’t summer. I started disingenuously. Let me try again.


…was not a good day for Alan M. MacDowell. This was his conclusion, and he felt his face press gingerly against a cold metal floor..."

Poster: @Mag

Thread: A Requiem for the Past

The post started out in first person, recounting warm nostalgia of love and bright sunny days, before transitioning perfectly into third person, in the present, with cruel, cold reality. The prose is simply beautiful, and I absolutely love it when someone uses the word 'halcyon'.

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Posts/Thread:  The Abysswalkers: Terrenus Branch HQ

Author: @Diremast 

Snippet: This post - 

Reason: This is a very interesting opener for an infiltration thread, with a person of rank receiving 'gathered intel' information about the characters involved. I am very pleasantly surprised of how Diremast took the effort to read up in fine detail on all our characters' backgrounds, and presented that information in a very lively and humourous manner, that is also at the same time accurate and true to character. Super awesome!

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Posts/Thread: Legend of the Emblem, Chapter 2: The Valley

Author: @sheep

Reasoning: I need none. Take a look at the post and it'll take you about half a second tops to figure out why I put this here. A fitting end to a fittingly solid thread. The thread itself remains one of my favorites on the entire site, if not my absolute favorite, and this is the icing, cherry, and decor on the very top.

Congratulations, sheep. You've earned it.


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