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Genticide—Black Deacon[BB-0066]

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genticide  —  gens (a race, nation or people;  family , clan, tribe) • cide (a killing of)

—the mass murder of a race, nation, or people.  the killing of the quintessential family, clan and tribe. the eradication of that support stratum and reliance on the self. an absence  of community, the empty path, the lonely road.

when we define ourselves through the gaze of others, the removal of this other leaves only the absence of self.











I. - - General

Designation: #0066 -- The Black Deacon 

Age: 2 (19 Visibly) 

Race: Bio-Organic Android

Class: Dragoon

Location: Black Banner Base, Izral, Alterion, TM 

Alignment: Lawful Evil 


II. - - Physical Attributes 

Height: 5'5 

Weight: 123lbs 

Hair Color: Ivory 

Eye color: Blue 

Skin Tone: Pale 

Build: Lean 




III. - - Accouterments 

Black Banner Fiber Armor - - A VFi breakthrough in defense; design stolen by Black Banner, reverse engineered and improved upon. Composed of Maduria treated fibers, the Black Banner Battle Jacket enhances the Androids' physical durability and provides a small measure of defense against metaphysical attacks. It is typically adorned beneath standard garb.



Not signed in

The Black Wyrm — Designed as an all purpose tool of war, the Black Wyrm is a collapsible four–in–one weapon. Designed by Black Banner scientists, the Wyrm is composed of madurian alloy (a blend of primal alloy, madeum and furyi treated metals) and constructed with versatility in mind.

Salamander Javelin | The Wyrm's base form. A spear head and a shortened shaft. Ideal as a thrown weapon, but very useful in cqc paired with a shield.
SerpentSpear |The first transformation is also the least drastic. The base of the shaft extends to the weapon's full length, allowing it to be used as a spear. Useful when joined with a shield, but arguably sees the most fulfillment when utilized by both hands. May also be thrown.
Hydra Axe | The second transformation, sees the shaft remaining at its javelin length, but the hilt of the spear head opens up and allows an axe blade and spike to unfold on either side of the weapon. It's worth noting, this variant of axe can be used one handed but at its length is  designed for two hands in mind.
Dragon Halberd | A variant of the axe transformation. The shaft extends to its full spear length allowing the weirder to use the Wyrm as a halberd. This is arguably the weapons most powerful form, given its effective range and heft allowing for wider more powerful strikes.


IV. - - Lore and Specs


Contrary to what they may claim, the Black Banner Army is not responsible for the creation of Androids, or Cyborgs in Alterion. That honor belongs to Proteus Enterprises, who have churned out almost all of the battle droids, mechs and war machines the Masons have employed over the years. No, what Black Banner did accomplish, however, was the evolution of Proteus' work. A Black Banner Android falls into one of three designations:



Cybernetic bodies

Cyborgs are made from an original human as a base. Since they are derived from a living, sentient form they can become stronger with training. Though they do not need to eat, they must continue to hydrate. Their cells deteriorate at a relaxed pace, ensuring a slow aging process. Usually Cyborg's start out as another race, but are enhanced with technology to become living weapons. Requires physical upgrades. Can be done solo, but must be written out. 

Android Bodies

Conversely, androids are total artificial constructs made up from completely mechanical parts. Since they are not human based or of a bio-organic compound they must acquire upgrades in order to increase their strength. A robot designed to resemble a human, usually both in appearance and behavior. In many cases they are simply no different from cyborgs; the difference being only skin-deep, as androids look human but have the same internal mechanics as robots. But the more advanced Androids are wholly organic, yet artificial creations. Requires physical upgrades. Can be done solo, but must be written out. 

Bio-organic Androids

More advanced Androids, they are wholly organic, yet artificial creations. Thanks to their bio-technological origins they can grow stronger of their own effort. Requires physical upgrades. Can be done solo, but must be written out. 


In order for an Android (any of the three above) to increase in power, they must first 'Upgrade.' The process varies depending on the Android's design, but they must either cease activity and process what they have learned or physically upgrade themselves, or cease activity, process what they've learned and allow their internal systems to do the rest. 


Androids, in Alterion, have a unique way of 'transforming', which is by the data that their Artificial Intelligence picks up during their fighting. Literally, they gain 'transformations'/power boosts like everyone else, they work for it. But when they gain the power necessary they must go to the lab/place they were created and instantly compress the fighting data they picked up from their enemies, which teaches them how to react better; improves their internal mechanics; that sort of thing

o A.I. Upgrade 1: An android's first upgrade, in which their A.I. fortifies every bit of their being with the analyzed data they received while watching other fighters. Achieved after 3 months of activity or 25 posts. 

o A.I. Upgrade 2: Further examination and battle experience will boost ther skills even further. Achieved after 6 months of activity or 50 posts. 

o A.I. Upgrade 3: By now, amost every race has been seen and nearly every art of fighting watched closely, which will increase their skills once again. Achieved after 9 months of activity or 75 posts. 

o Perfect Upgrade: When all three A.I. upgrades have been gained, that data is, overtime, all applied perfectly to the Android's form. They learn to apply everything they've learned to mold them into the perfect fighting machines. Achieved after 12 months of activity or 100 posts. 




The Black Deacon 


Little is known about the Black Banner's top assassin, save that he is a bio-organic entity. Rumors abound that he was a former Masonic Priest turned Rebel, who died and was brought back with Black Banner technology. Other's murmur that the only human part of the Black Deacon are his implanted memories. Regardless of what you choose to believe, Deacon is a soldier of the Black Banner and devoted to the cause. He has an in depth understanding of Masonic rites and rituals and insight into the inner workings of the upper echelons of Alterion's government. He is, at heart, an assassin--favoring ending a fight sooner rather than later, but is an apt combatant and not to be underestimated. 



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