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Jesus Negro

Renovatio Quest Index, Lore & Canon.

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Quest Rules
Created by Supernal.
Minor edits by Jesus Negro.

  1. PM (Jesus Negro) before undertaking a quest so I can update availability
  2. Include a [quest] bracket in your thread title
  3. Each post should be no less than 100 words. If I feel you aren't even trying and rushing through posts I'll terminate the quest.
  4. You have to post at least ONCE a week
  5. If a quest goes 2 weeks or more without a post, the quest will be made available
  6. Rewards include: canonization and inclusion in the lore, IC spoils from me and ones that you can determine, post-credits (see below), and your thread will be pinned or featured in the local board until the next canon event
  7. Given the rewards, if the quest is too easily accomplished your canonization may be denied (refer to 3rd entry). Players should keep in mind that even death isn't permanent in a place like Valucre
  8. At the end of every quest, it is a requirement that you follow the Canonization Process, especially with regards to generating a new opportunity. This submission is how players reap rewards and get their activity documented

Each is a writing prompt, and is usually either in or near one of the major cities or settings. The details of the quest are open to modification and interpretation by the players or appointed GM (Game-Master). Players are free to play the quests out however they like, allowing them to express themselves as writers while directly impacting the canon.

If you pick up a quest and are by yourself at the start, you can use the Water Cooler to both players for your team and/or cast a net out for anyone that might want to GM. Class S quests require an ST.

Class C (Easy): 1 player. 1+ page.
Class B (Medium): 1+ players. 2+ page.
Class A (Hard): 1+ players. 3+ pages.
Class S (Crazy): 2+ players. 5+ pages.

Quest Index

La Guardia
Nu Martyr


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Canon Updates



  • Title: Glory to be had.
    Class: [ S ]
    Location: Genesaris - The Arcane East (Vdara, Umbra, and Montagna Rossa).

    Author: @Jesus Negro
    Co-Author(s): @Syncopy @elixir @Doge @Malaysia NightReaver @Ayden

    Summary: Glory to be had is a story about Tellus Mater and Her many allies joining forces and establishing the foundation of TESA (The Earth and Sky Alliance.) A group of warriors from all reaches of the allied empires were hand selected to escort Elise, a Renovatian Emissary to replace Ihab Rashid, to Montagna Rossa. On this journey, strangers forge and temper their newly developing bonds while learning to trust one another when confronted by uncanny forces.



Lore Updates



  • Geography update.
    SummaryLong before Renovatio had become a nation governed by Man, the land once dwelled amongst the stars as a cosmic kingdom and was governed by the Celestial Body. Its size and mass once incomprehensible, until happening upon Valucre where only a fraction of Renovatio's glory has been preserved on said planet whereas the rest of the land exists outside of time and space. Now the mobile kingdom
    casts shadows over Valucre from the sky 

                    - Renovatio was originally 6+ million square miles.




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  • Lore Updated:
    Renovatio Geography information revised to reflect why Renovatio is/would be so small whilst complying with the stipulations of Valucre's World Creation.
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