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A modest proposal

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Shadows were the only guest tonight, inviting themselves into the company of a madman. There was no corner left untouched by the darkness that had pulled the unnatural blanket over the laboratory. There was but the hiss of a man toiling away on his projects, whatever they might be.

Though no sound was made, someone else now occupied the room. How she had gotten in was a mystery as no doors had been opened to make way for her arrival. The only impression she made on this world at this time was that of a fragment of thought, but a figment of imagination. To see anything more than would have required a particular pedigree of man or woman, one rare and deserving of the opportunity and profit she carried with her in her solemn state teetering between here and oblivion.

The bright red eyes that discerned themselves from the darkness appraised the other, if but only by his back turned and his distance across the room. But the likeness between he and she was hard to shake. No, it wasn't the way they acted. She could tell from the way he worked and the way his laboratory had been laid out that he was.. different.. to understate it.

No, what she sensed was something transcendent of sorts.

He, like Scia, was not of this world.

And that was why she was here. She had been sent for a very particular purpose, and this Heidern (@Ghost) was an instrumental cog in achieving what was to come.

Just as the woman seemed to be here, she then seemed to disappear. The imprint that might have been was no longer a passive observer in the distance: she had become a piece of action in an intricate game already underway.

The cloaked woman gave herself to the shadows and the shadows had carried her to the other's back; her full stature materialized as a disembodied silhouette of darkness. In full offense, the woman shed the shadows like flakes of skin blown away in a violent gust of wind.

 What stood in its place was a pouncing lion, ruthless and determined to kill. Her legs had been spaced just slightly broader than shoulder-length, right foot leading. Scia stepped into the blow that was soon-to-come. Her left arm, having been cocked behind her, rocketed into a full-fledged strike to the other's back. She was no amateur: her entire body read a stance of zero-waste, every muscle serving its designed end to make the most of her strengths. The arm that sought its mark matched the extraordinary armor beneath the black cloak and hood; a deep silver of delirium alloy, decorated by an eerie blue light emitting from its joints and the gaps between the plates of defense.

For this man's sake, one would hope Heidern was of that aforementioned pedigree.

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he clinking and ticking, the deep, low thrum of powered machines. The dull glow of diodes and the flickering of screens and monitors, each displaying scrolling figures in an endless waterfall of information were everywhere in the vast space that stretched in every direction. Just as it was well lit, it was also dark and ominous in the facility. 

A wiry figure was hunched over a work bench, its surface covered in various parts and tools of the trade. The shoulders worked diligently, dipping incessantly in a motion that was almost insect-like in mannerism. Low muttering from the form lay there in the mix, adding to the ambient soundtrack of the lab. If the figure was aware it was not alone, it gave no indication as it worked. 

The Supremely God-like Heidern, the most brilliant genius to ever exist, mulled over his latest invention-to-be. It was almost trance-like, the state of creation he was in. The muttering was stream-of-conscious thought, the idea writing itself as it was manifesting itself. His hands worked under the eyes which seemed not to see, obscured by numerous lenses which clicked and exchanged and overlapped on the contraption that sat attached to his face. 

He seemed wholly unaware of the danger which rose and coiled behind him. Like a hunter that had gotten the drop on its prey, it prepared to lunge in for the deadly strike. Yet as the limb poised to attack, unexpectedly things came to life within the laboratory as any number of systems were spurned into action. Whirring mechanics, the flash as light birthed from previously unseen flood lamps. Within mere moments the area around the hunched figure was bathed in white and bristling with lethal weaponry; armatures and hidden compartments revealing mounted artillery of any number of sizes, designs and deadly purposes, all of which settled their business end onto the slim intruder. 

Whether the incoming blow followed through or not was still undetermined, but the outcome was overwhelmingly evident. It was only natural, considering the location, considering the proprietor, considering the reputation, that such a place came equipped with such contingencies. Even still, one could argue this was extravagant nonetheless, overkill in a manner that bordered on absurd paranoia. 


Even in the smallest details, Heidern's ego was apparent. It was in every nut and bolt, in the placement of every wire, in the construction of every gear and cog. Everything impeccably placed, designed with precise form and function. 

It was if the very objects he designed gloated with the incredible craftsmanship, haughtily lauding the perfection of their creator and their creation with outlandish spectacle. 

His laboratory was an especially gross display of this hubris.


Still he muttered, still hands worked, lenses shifted, parts and bits were grabbed and arranged, placed and tweaked. It was as if nothing else existed except for him and that bench and the task at hand.

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A-space_zpsahjuoqkx.pngnd— stop!

There was no question what would follow were the young woman to follow through with her strike. The clatter of metal, the swish of hidden compartments opening up, of weapons being spat out into the open and centering themselves upon her person. To call it an arsenal would be an understatement, and while it was a far cry from the test Scia was hoping for, there was some poetic justice to it.

After all, she wasn't here to discuss his taste in fine-dining.

The woman used the breath she was offered to take stock of the toys that had pierced the proverbial curtain on all sides, and they were nothing short of spectacular.

I warned you.

She could hear his voice taunt her in her mind, relentless in the emotions that now pushed out from him and into her: ones of harsh judgment and intolerance for failure.

You're jumping the gun. If anything, this was what we wanted.

The internal banter wasn't worn across the pallor of her face; even through the heavy shadows cast by the hood overhead, her pale white skin was apparent. The soft violet glow of her eyes held a modicum of outward respect. Then replaced the feeling with a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips.

As she did, metal rose and and spun from inside the hood as thin tendrils of sleek black liquid, and within a fraction of a second, her head found itself wrapped completely by a featureless mask of delirium alloy. "I should've figured," her voice sung a margin of praise for the other who still hammered away. The tone was robotic, filtered by whatever mechanism projected her voice from therein.

There lay, within the woman, temptation. It beckoned her to press the attack and invite the assault. But for now, she awaited the Heidern's response like an eager child on Christmas morning.

Within, turmoil. A hurricane of power swirled and focused through her, intent to answer were things to advance suddenly along a less favorable route.



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