✯CHARACTER'S FULL NAME: OCEALEA✯ Reason/Meaning for Name: The first part of the name "Ocea" is very loose derived from the Greek name Oceà, which is commonly related to water. The name was given to her because of her pearly white hair, which reminded Ocealea's elders of ocean foam.   ---------✯PHYSICAL APPEARANCE✯----------   Age: Unknown, possibly thousands of years old. Visual Age: Appears to be in her early twenties. Weight: Around 125 pounds. Height: 5'7" Eye Color: A very faint purple color. Glasses or Contacts: Doesn't require either. Body/Build Type: Possesses a very lean and slender figure. Her long legs are one of her most dominant features, while also one of her most off putting. Skin Tone: Inhumanly pale. Skin Texture:  Appears almost glossy and pore-less. It's almost as if she was a porcelain doll that seemingly came to life. Facial Structure: Her cheekbones rise high on her face, complimenting her fair skin tone. Ocealea's face is also beautifully narrow and slim, giving her a hauntingly ethereal appearance.  Predominant Feature: Her piercing purple eyes.  Clothing: Most of the time, Ocealea can be seen wearing a form fitting dress with a skirt that runs to the bottom of her calves. She also wears black stockings with a pair of black stilettos. Despite her formal appearance, her dress is extremely flexible, allowing her to fight comfortably and quickly. Held Personal Item: The Mirror of Darkness, a large circular mirror that follows closely behind her. It emits a faint purple glow and is the main power source of Ocealea. She was able to craft it after learning of the existence of creatures from different dimensions. On the edge of the mirror, several runes are etched, giving it its demonic power and connection to otherworldly creatures. If the mirror were to be shattered, Ocealea would lose most, if not all, of her power.   --------------✯FAVORITES✯-------------  Favorite Color: A lovely pastel purple. Least Favorite Color: Green Favorite Music: The playing of violins has always amused Ocealea, as she finds it rather calming in a world full of chaos. Least Favorite Music: Intense music, such as rock. Food: Despite her uptight appearance, Ocealea enjoys all different types of delicacies from around Valucre.  Literature: Any type of work involving the creatures of other dimensions and other Valucre creatures are heavily enjoyable to Ocelaea. Expressions: A chilling smile. Mode of Transportation: Walking. WORK IN PROGRESS   ----------------✯HABITS✯---------------  Good Habits: Is exceptionally good at keeping her skin clear and healthy. In Ocealea's mind, it is crucial to keep yourself staying fresh and kept together. Appearances matter!  Bad Habits: More often than not, Ocealea spends hours at a time reading literature from all around Valucre. Particularly those involving theories on creatures from worlds other than Valucre. This comes with a price, however, as she can lose track of time. When it comes to experimenting, Ocealea can sometimes be reckless and inconsiderate of her surroundings. While she always tries to practice her summoning abilities in desolate areas, she has no clue what will come out of her mirror when trying new summons. However, she would never dare to try her experimental summoning in public areas; she knows better. Hobbies: Ocealea thoroughly enjoys traveling and studying different types of cultures.   Daredevil or Cautious? Why? Ocealea is very cautious about what she's doing, and would much rather be safe than sorry. All of her moves are very calculated and when she finds herself in a dangerous situation, she strategizes carefully rather than running in blindly. How do they spend a casual day alone? Ocealea spends her days practicing her summoning abilities and pushing the limits of her Mirror. She's never too worried about what comes out of the mirror, however, as she can easily return the creature to where the came from without much worry.   ---------------✯PERSONA✯--------------- Personality: Ocealea may seem unapproachable and cold on the outside, but in conversation she seems highly intelligent and articulate. While she will do what it takes to get what she wants, she is surprisingly caring towards others and is willing to help towards a greater cause. She understands that she won't be able to do everything on her own, so having allies would be invaluable. However, she is not a place mat, and won't allow people to walk over her so easily. Mental Health Status: Despite living on Valucre for many, many years, Ocealea's mental health has remained strong and perserverant. At Ocealea's lowest point, she felt like her mind was on the brink of destruction, but she was able to climb out of this whole and has remained healthy ever since. Life History: Ocealea was born within a clan of ancient witches that once inhabited Terrenus. During her early childhood, Ocealea was taught basic telekinetic spells by her mother and enjoyed playing with the other children of her clan. However, the children were never prohibited to leave the village that they were raised in. This didn't bother Ocealea at first, but when she reached her teenage years, it put a strain on her and her mother's relationship. All Ocealea wanted to do was leave the small village in favor of the large cities her mother had told her tales about.  Eventually, Ocealea reached her climax age, which meant she would never age and would forever be immortal. After the ceremony was completed, Ocealea took an interest in the different creatures in Valucre. This interest completely took her over and she even went as far to steal a book of runes from her mother's collection. Using her knowledge of runes and knowledge of the other creatures in Valucre. Ocealea was able to craft her own runes into the edge of a small hand mirror her mother had given her. As she etched the last rune into place, she felt a warm energy take over the mirror. When she focused on the mirror hard enough, the glass seemingly ripped open into a void of nothingness. A few minutes later, however, a small slug emerged from the void and helplessly flopped onto the floor below her. She was startled by the appearance, but was incredibly happy. She had done it, she had crafted her weapon of choice. As the years went on, Ocealea became more comfortable with her power and focused more and more on summoning creatures. She started off small, summoning small insects and even birds. At one point, the mirror had expanded so much that a chicken had flew out of the void. Ocealea, surprised by the upgrade, quickly sent the chicken back into the mirror before it could alert her mother.  Finally, Ocealea had decided that it was time to break free from her village and leave her family behind. It was time for her to be independent and take on the world of Valucre. Once she had left her village, Ocealea was completely on her own. While slightly sorrowful that she had left the people that had raised her for thousands of years, Ocealea was ready to concur the world. After realizing that her mother's hand mirror wasn't quite doing as good of a job as she had hoped, Ocealea crafted a new mirror. This one was large and circular, and emitted a much more powerful energy than the small handheld one. She named it the Mirror of Darkness, and it hasn't left her side ever since.       ---------------✯ABILITIES✯-------------- --------Main Ability:  Summoning - Ocealea is able to use the Mirror of Darkness as a connection between Valucre and other realms. Using the mirror, Ocealea is able to summon different types of creatures at her fingertips. This comes with a price, however. Ocealea may only summon one creature at a time, and the creature may only be used for a limited amount of time before it must be returned from where it came from. If the creature was not returned in a timely manner, the runes on the mirror would begin to flash a vibrant shade of purple, which would alert Ocealea that time was running out. While it has not happened yet, Ocealea fears that not returning a creature in time may have disastrous consequences. -------Secondary Abilities  Dark Arts - While being raised in her village, Ocealea had learned the very basics of witchcraft. While not an expert by any means, she's able to use black magic in sticky situations that her mirror wouldn't suffice in solving.   OTHER SKILLS  Combat Technique: Ocealea prefers to stay on the back lines and capitalize on enemy weak points. If she really had too, she would be able to hold her own on the front lines using a creature from her Mirror Of Darkness.
  Weaponry:  ------------Primary Weapons: The Mirror of Darkness - An ancient circular mirror that Ocealea had crafted using runes of darkness. The mirror allows her to summon creatures to aid her in battle. ------------Secondary Weapons: N/A
  Survival Endurance: Ocealea has an average survival endurance. She certainly can withstand some attacks, but if any of these attacks were to shatter her mirror, she would be in deep trouble. Most of her energy and power comes from the mirror, so without it, she becomes almost useless. However, she would still be able to use some basic black magic to defend herself while the mirror repaired itself.