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LEGEND | Xaengri-La (WIP)

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The Spirit Realm. That which lies beyond the veil of life, Xaengri-La is home to those souls who met a tragic end and various other celestial and demonic beings. Given that it inhabits another plane entirely, Xaegri-La is massive (possibly limitless) in size and impossible to quantify. Political factions ranging from Demons, to Archons, Deities and all things in between run amok. There is no one set governing entity, though certain areas are controlled and maintained by certain groups. 

Keep in mine that Xaengri-la is impossible to quantify and inhabits another plane altogether. So if you’re getting a particular feel from a specific setting, remember it’s not indicative of the entire realm, but of that particular location within this vast and varied realm. That being said, unless otherwise stated or tagged any threads you make will be considered to take place in some remote corner that best fits your needs for setting.





  • Hollow : The Hollows are evil ghosts who reside in Vast Gigante, but can travel to the Human World to feed on the souls of the living and dead alike. Like Eternals, Hollows are made of spiritual matter and cannot be detected by ordinary Humans. While the majority of Hollows can be overcome by the average Eternals, there are some which surpass even the most elite Eternals in strength. All normal Hollows wear white masks and have a hole where their heart used to be.
  • Upper Rank Hollow: Vasto Lorde are Hollows that have broken off part of their Hollow mask. By shattering their masks, these Hollows regain the ability to reason, sometimes obtain a Humanoid form, and gain access to Eternal-esque powers.


Demons: beings present in Xaengrila-la. Demons consist of innumerable, diverse varieties. They can be found in many locations, ranging from mountains to forests; some even hide among human soul dwellings, often to cause trouble for their human inhabitants. While most demons are very weak, some are particularly strong, especially those that have specific associations with animals: for instance, dog demons. Other demons have no animal associations, and are simply humanoid demons, such as plants, tree, hair etc.

It is said that if a demon can take on the form of a human, then it is truly powerful. True enough, while non-humanoid demons are strong enough to be trouble for normal humans, they pose little threat to spiritual humans such as gatekeepers. Those that take on human form are far more formidable. Still, even many of these yōkai have "true forms", such as a dog demon whose true form is that of a giant white dog. Others either cannot or choose not to take on human forms, retaining an animal-like form at all times. 

Social behavior among Demons is also extremely varied. Some demons are very social, especially canine demons, such as dog or wolf demons, the latter of which travel in large packs and associate in vast tribal networks. Other clan-based demons include the panther tribe and the moth demons. Many other demons are solitary hunters who sometimes fight in small groups and roam across the countryside. Especially weak demons sometimes congregate by necessity or fear, especially those that serve the Demon King.

Most demons usually only associate with their own kind, unless driven by some pressing need or self-interest, especially when overwhelming numbers are needed; but without a strong leader they rarely do so on their own. 

A few demon clans such as the Wolf Demon Tribe, the Moth clan, and the bird clan, have humanoid demons who travel with related demonic animals (i.e. rather than being human in appearance with animal characteristics, these demons are animals that have achieved near-human intelligence and live alongside more powerful demons who share their nature/animal typing). For instance, the Wolf Demon Tribe consists primarily of demons who have wolf-like traits, but many actual wolves live with them and hunt alongside them, with the eldest among them being capable of human speech. . 

In relation to humans, demons either ignore or are outright hostile to humans, though they generally fear reprisal from Eternals and Gatekeepers. Other, particularly powerful demons have little to no fear of humans. A rare few demons are friendly towards humans, and even mate with them, producing half-demons. However, such behavior is considered eccentric by even the most open-minded demons, and is generally frowned upon, with the offspring of such unions being reviled and discriminated against in the Spirit Realm. Some half-demons are also created when a human offers their soul to demons and are reconstituted as an entirely new creature. However, even the Demon King who is such a half-demon, is looked down upon by weaker demons, as they can still sense that he is part human. 


Demon Lords: The most powerful of demons are known as Demon Lords. These demons are extremely powerful, are virtually immune to normal methods of human attack, and normally have a number of weaker demons who serve under them. The Demon King despite being a half-demon, also attempted to style himself as a Demon Lord. Nevertheless, demons could still sense that he was not a full demon. The greatest of Demon Lords  are colossal demons of enormous size and insurmountable power, able to lay waste to entire regions. While most demons keep to themselves, only attacking what they need for resources or food, Demon Lords often have ambitions of power and conquest, leading to wars between them.




Demon King: A powerful Demon Lord who has managed to amass a large and diverse following of demons beneath him. Despite his moniker, he is more warlord than King with almost no other Demon Lords acknowledging him as their leader.In fact many creatures within the Spirit Realm and without claim to be the Demon King, but none have amassed a following such as he. Though King only in name, he is a being of considerable power and seeks to subjugate the other Demon Lords in hopes of unifying all demons and waging war against the Eternals. 
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The Eternals is the name taken by the most recent generation of the Raven's Brand. There are two general definitions of the Brand, and both are skewed in entirely different directions. The first is short for the Raven's Brand, which is a family group that has been reborn and rebuilt throughout the centuries from the age of gods and man. Immortalized by their own will, they pass on their powers to the truly worthy and powerful, who's focus is not on domination, but the safety of mankind through checks and balances. This alignment breaths contempt from both sides of the affinity line, as they do not pick between good and evil, or right and wrong. They work for Absolute Balance, which will force them to aid either side in various battles to judge the outcome overall.

The origins were entirely family-based and slowly, the Brand regains this tribal nature. Their fierce companionship and friendship between men and women - those who would die for what they believe in and stand by their family to the bitter end. With the dwindling numbers though, this becomes problematic as the group finds itself with 'lone wolves' or small packs that aren't working as efficiently, due to the lack of teamwork.

The Brand

The second definition of the Brand is that of the marking that each of the Raven's Brand possess. A raven, in some way, shape, or form that has a sentient symbiosis with it's host, and holds the true power and connectivity between the immortal Ravens and that of their mortal counterparts. The Brand is self-reactive and exists solely to keep focus on the host. The properties vary among the family, but all of them maintain certain abilities to control and manipulate the Brand to perform it's will.

The construction of the Brand is a liquefied crystallyss, that has been bound to the host. As of the latest leadership within the Brand, they are all currently on the right hand of the family, passed through by a handshake from the leader himself. This substance is nearly indestructible. It can withstand incredible damage to the exterior, while keeping the host safe and secure inside the body suit. The tensile strength, density, and overall impact resistance only pertains to keeping the host intact and alive, which means that while the blows might be absorbed, the weight of the host is still a constant -- which means blow back, knockback, fumbles, throws, an anything else that could potentially send the host sailing still fits the bill and is entirely applicable; it's the host's job to manage his own endurance levels to keep up with the Brand.

The Brand is manipulated by the user's mind. If you can think it, most often the suit can perform - however, it cannot be separated from the origin and cannot be separated from itself.
e.g. The Brand cannot be thrown like a ball or shuriken.

When it comes to defense, the Brand's composition allows it to treat most attacks as physical blows with specialized properties. Because it is manipulated crystallyss, only higher level magics and trained psionicists will really be able to utilize their elemental and mental powers, where a less experienced mage or psion wouldn't be able to deal the targeted damage to surpass the magical-to-physical barrier.

Damage is still taken accordingly and will eventually burn the host out into an unconscious state, but until that time, only +3 prep-spells and abilities will be treated as such and < 2+ will act as physical strikes with elemental or mental properties.

Crystallyss (crystallyss)
¦»» Crystallyss » Also known as the Plane of Crystal in an Omniversal sense, Crystallyss is nearly impossible to find. The realm refracts all around it, so without the proper guidance, one would never and could never discover or find it's existence. Most only know of it from legend, myth, or the hearsay understanding that if crystals and diamonds exist, a realm or plane must as well. Guarded by the omnipotent, Ino Yosouya, the Eternal Star Gazer, the plane of Crystal is often sought by only those of the strongest caliber and ability to learn the skills necessary to wield and manipulate one of the rarest materials in existence. Ino has gifted many races the ability to spawn them at certain intervals of life, but only two known races to truly create them.

¦»» crystallyss » A mineral or crystalline structure that has been a gift to those who know how to manipulate it and wield it in order to encase essences, resonances, and other phenomena within. The substance is delicate upon birth, as it will bond and bind itself to any essence it touches. Created in pure stasis, it cannot meld with Zero Point Energy, and therefore is the prime real estate for creation. The bond is instantaneous upon contact and can only be damaged by it's creator or extreme pressure. Once formed, the substance cannot be handled physically and must be moved by other means and seems not to bond with air (atmosphere; general) due to the myriad of molecules, but can bond with an Aero or Wind spell or attack by simply targeting the shard itself. Very few know of this substance and it's properties. It is entirely possible that some have crystallyss shards and do not know of their origins or potential, simply having found or stumbled upon them.
The sentient nature of the shards is still a mystery. Often elements or abilities will obtain symbiotic natures with creators or present owners, and have been known to formulate personalities in the mood of their very abilities. Each only is able to hold one ability, essence, or power, but some have been known to work in tandem.

¦»»» Crystal Symmetry » Hexagonal dihexagonal dipyramidal
¦»»» Similarities » Lonsdaleite
¦»»» Creation Rate » 1 month; 1 month cooldown (max 5/year; real-time statistics)

Only those inducted as a Raven are aware of the exact hierarchy, but it is assumed that there is a familiar/tribal hierarchy, with the leader being seen as the Patriarch/Matriarch. 

∞ Loyalty The Brand is more than just a family, it is a resonant essence shared between a group of skilled individuals, charged with the keeping of balance throughout the world. Chosen by a higher power, their present leader, Anomander seeks out those who share the same destiny as the rest of the family, offering up a special talent, unique abilities and weapons, which will aide the clan in their conquest of neutrality and balance. Neither Good nor evil, they strive to rid the world of Necromancers, the undead and most of all - their nemesis, the Nightreaver Clan.  

∞ Honor  The family follows the lead of Viktus Anomanderis, aka, Anomander - seeking out the evils that plague the world, which do not belong and removing them as obstacles of balance. The only way to the Brand is through Anomanderis, who decided upon your actions whether the Brand itself desires you, whether you should join the family of not. He will never offer his right hand, lest the Brand gives direct approval and will that person to join the family. 

They hail from a variety of universes, but the family resides in Exodyus, primarily when they are not actively ridding the world of that which would bring about imbalance. 


.Primary Function - The eradication of that which is undead or posesses the ability to create undead aberrations. 

Secondary Function - Establishing the family and setting them on the righteous path for years to come. This includes the acquisition of legendary items, artifacts, and materials which will aide them for their mission. 



While  once considered as something of a paradise, where nine out of ten times it is better than the living world and hunger is never a problem, Exodyus (or what used to be Exodyus) is far from sublime. Many eons have passed since her glory days, leaving a ruined civilization and the semblance of a once proud Kingdom. In fact, aside from the slowed aging and aforementioned lack of hunger, life there is much like that in the living world. Exodyus inhabits a fraction of Xaengri-la's limitless space, but is one of the more ordered societies in place. Exodyus consists of the gates leading to the material realm, the bridges  connecting the gates to Exodyus proper, The Dim, Central Celestial Court located at the center of the Dim. 

Central consists of the Dim where souls live when they arrive in Exodyus and Central Celestial Court which is at the center of Exodyus. The mode of life here closely resembles that of  a feudal state.

Valucre and Exodyus are parallel to each other and are two sides of the same coin. That is to say,  Exodyus  itself is roughly the size of Valucre, but it does not encompass the entire spirit realm. One never gets hungry (if she or he doesn't have spiritual powers) and aging is slowed to a great extent, with lifespans of 2000 or more years not being unheard of, though such ages are limited to Eternals or other Exodians with high spiritual power. Children can be born as they are in the Human World. People can also be killed as regular Humans are, though they are capable of surviving wounds that would normally be considered fatal. A soul that dies in Exodyus is reincarnated on Valucre as a new Human with no past memories.


Races of Exodyus

Celestials -  souls with inner spiritual power, recruited from the ranks of the residents and nobility of the Central Court. Like all spirits, they cannot be detected by normal Humans. Celestials use their Calling, supernatural weapons that are the manifestation of their owners' power, to perform extraordinary feats.

Hume - Humes are normal, living people, most of whom cannot see or sense disembodied spirits in any way. One in 50,000 Humans is a medium with some awareness of nearby ghosts, but only a third of these are able to see them clearly and only the strongest of mediums are able to speak with or touch ghosts. Certain unique Humans naturally have both the power to sense and the strength to fight with spirits. Ordinary Humans can gain the ability to interact with spirits by spending time around a large source of spirit energy.

It is very rare for Humans to venture to Exodyus or  Xaengri-la in their physical forms as most could not survive the journey. There are cases of Hume's that have transcended the limitations of the material realm to become Celestial's, however these cases are few and far between. 

 Gatekeepers -  Gatekeepers are a subset of Humans, being that they are living beings who are spiritually aware and were born with the ability to utilize spiritual energy. They are similar to Celestials in that they can possess considerable power, but differ in that they are by and large still mortal. 



Long ago, an organization known as the Raven's Brand ruled over Exodyus. Their leader Kalenis, however, disappeared and the remaining members were scattered across the omniverse, leaving Exodyus at the whim of other Celestial and Eldritch beings. The Celestial King is one such being. 

Celestial King - The Celestial King  is the king of Exodyus whose existence is as symbolic as it is absolute. The king resides in the Celestial Palace that exists in a separate, special dimension in the very core of Exodyus, which is protected by the Infinum Guard. 

The Celestial King's sole purpose is to regulate the flow of souls into and out of Exodyus and keep the flow stable. Without the Celestial King, the balance is lost and everything that is linked to Exodyus or made in it, as well as the demon realms,  Vast Gigante and the human world will fall apart. The Celestial King is detailed as both a "thing" and "it". It is speculated hat without the Celestial King's existence, Exodyus  would be rent asunder. The Celestial King is the "linchpin" and if that linchpin is lost, then the world would simply crumble away and that is the way of the world.

The Celestial King is not involved in governing Exodyus, having given the full control of its government to the Central Court and thus being uninvolved with the day-to-day affairs of Exodyus.

The Court 
The Court is a group of Celestial's empowered with the authority of the Celestial King to maintain Exodyus. They are required to carry their weapon on them at all times, though it is more of a formality these days with the reduced incursions from Vast Gigante. Aside from these two regulations, there are no rules dictating an officers appearance, and a variety of hairstyles and accessories can be found among the officers. The Court serve as the absolute authority within Exodyus leading some ancient spirits to mistakenly refer to them as members of the Raven's Brand. This could not be further from the truth as no member of the Court possesses the Brand, but they do nothing to dispel the rumor enjoying the implication of power. 

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Vast Gigante


The dimension where the Hollow reside, it  is connected to Exodyus via a series of spiritual bridges. Whereas Exodyus is the pinnacle of order, with its own caste system and government, Vast Gigante is a lawless territory with no real political or societal structure to speak of. The vestiges of a society remain, with each ruin telling a tale of some celestial kingdom that was vast in both scope and power. Despite this promise of former glory, only the ghost of an empire remains. Perhaps it is fitting that it should be inhabited by ghosts. 

Vast Gigante is as large as Exodyus, itself and filled to the brim with Hollows. At it's epicenter rests the Pallazo Rojo where the most powerful Hollow congregate. 

Races of Vast Gigante

Hollow - The Hollows are evil ghosts who reside in Vast Gigante, but can travel to the Human World to feed on the souls of the living and dead alike. Like Eternals, Hollows are made of spiritual matter and cannot be detected by ordinary Humans. While the majority of Hollows can be overcome by the average Eternals, there are some which surpass even the most elite Eternals in strength. All normal Hollows wear white masks and have a hole where their heart used to be.


  • Standard Hollow - They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are typically dimwitted compared to their evolutionary advanced brethren. They are numerous numbering in the millions, possibly billions. 
  • Menos - Lower Tier Hollow. They are smaller than standard Hollow and far fewer in number. it is believed there are roughly 1,000 of them active at any given time. They are much smarter and stronger than normal Hollows and are often the ones who lead them into battle.Menos are commonly solitary creatures, rarely joining into groups. They are powerful enough to challenge a vice-captain of the Eternals 
  • Grande - Mid Tier Hollow. They are extremely rare in number, it is speculated that no more than 200 exist in all of Vast Gigante. The combat capabilities of a Grande are high enough that they can easily challenge a Captain of the Eternals. It is thus speculated that they are at least vice-captain level in powers  Grandes are extremely small Hollows, roughly the same size as humans.
  • Vasto Lorde - Upper Rank Hollow. The Final Form of a Hollow's evolutionary process. Vasto Lorde are Hollows that have broken off part of their Hollow mask. By shattering their masks, these Hollows regain the ability to reason, sometimes obtain a Humanoid form, and gain access to Eternal-esque powers. The head of the Judicial Branch, First Alexander, once speculated that if more than ten Vasto Lorde were able to unify and lead an assault on Central, Exodyus would be doomed. 

Evolution - It is speculated that Hollows evolve by devouring other Hollows. 


Vast Gigante has no formal government, in this realm the strongest being wields power. If there is no particular leader or organization, Vast Gigante runs as usual.

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Tea Key Oasis


In the northern reaches of Xaengri-La lay a large tropical island floating amidst the glacier-laced seas to the east. Due to the warm tides that came from the north clashing with the areas mountainous winters, a perpetual fog lingers along the northwestern banks of the mainland which left most sailors to steer clear of the treacherous rocky cliffs and seemingly always to stumble upon a tropical island with such sights and beauty that some stopped in for supplies and ended up never leaving. With the perpetual tourism and constant traffic of vessels in and out of the ports, the small island of Tey Key, often referred to as TKO or TK (mostly because the travelers struggled so much with trying to pronounce the odd grouping of letters), there seemed to be a lack of government in the area. Xaengri-la had enough trouble on the mainland that the island of seafarers didn't even cause a blip on the map for Exodyus and they seemed to manage themselves quite nicely at that.

If you asked anyone though, the would tell you that the business of import and export was in a helix-union with the dominance of a single family and one establishment: the Tea Key Oasis. It is often asked how the TKO got it's name by the celestial tourists that come in and out of the ports and stop in needing to quench a thirst or were looking for a bed beyond compare—especially on a cold, hard board in a ship on a rocky ocean. A lively bartender often would reply—the TKO is a hand-me-down through three generations of Fairfax; their great-great grandfather used to have a small home and tiki hut on the small harbor back when the island was nubile. He often served warm tea to the sea-worn spirits that seemed to have some sort of magical or healing properties, which kept bringing more and more travelers around—hearing of the great assistance and friendliness that came of the island. Because it is an island, it took to the name of travelers: the Tea key. The rest is history as the establishment grew through the generations, it kept the ideals of prosperity and care for the travelers.

Sirus Fairfax was one such family member that often could be found moving about the bar with a finesse that left patrons curious of a gender. He was often confused for a woman, hit on by men, and found himself in the most curious of praises only to be scolded or yelled at by leary seamen and their yearning for flesh. Nevertheless, Sirus acted as not only a proprietor of the TKO, but also as a server and host to newcomers. Their business was dependant upon their attitudes, so he maintained the cute, boyish looks as best as he could, being something far prettier than most of the nasty sea lizards that lurked the ports looking for a quick lay and a sliver of coin.

The TKO was much more than just a pub. The center of the bar was double-tiered and had a perfect mech of old-world and new-tech as they were a middle-ground of sorts. The bar served as a staple for the port work as it was in the middle of a massive walking path between other shops and the port itself, which entangled almost every bit of seaside space available. Only the rich still had beach access and few had resort spots along the western side that was more enclosed and secluded. Around the bar were stout tables which were often filled with sailors, travelers, and tourists eating and drinking from the full-serve kitchens which served primarily seafood—obviously. Other meats were often considered delicacies and thus were over-the-top expensive and rare at that. Surrounding this walk-through with a bar in the middle was an inn and lodging for groups which would include barracks, which included bathrooms and bedrooms, keeping it short and sweet for people who wanted to be in and out.

A seaside, one-stop-shop for anyone passing through the area

—TKO Informational Board—


A board right inside either side of the walkthrough offer a vibrant LED menu and other options.


The Oasis—Healthy and the Best … Alcohol





Sushi, Cod, Halibut

Squid, Marlin

Mahi Mahi, Shrimp

Crab, Lobster, Clams


(special orders accepted)


Salads and Fruits of all nature




You name it; we have it.

We serve sailors, afterall.


Oasis Tea—generational specialty


Teas: Black, Green, All-fruit types

Coffee, Water, Club soda

Job Posting


Full-time bartender/

bar manager



Vessel Slip


1 bedroom, 1 bath


2 bedroom, 1 bath


3 bedroom, 1 bath


10 & 20 person rooms,

two 3 bath sections

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-Tophagraphy: Taurus is a Fort City literally built atop AND WITHIN a mountain which has a manufactured foundation. This foundation as designed was created by flattening and evening the tops of a large area at the summit of the mountain. Then building INTO the mountain, reinforcing the interior with superior unnatural materials which also compose and augment the integrity of the foundation of the city. The entirety of Taurus is actually a land mass from the "Terrestia" realm, that has been pulled into the Ethereal space of Xaengri-La. Some of its physical elements have varying actuality. These aspects can either be augmented, synthesized or harmonized with the ambient anima present in the realm to simulate the present land scape.

Essentially the surrounding area around Taurus IS Mountainous, as the City stands elevated more then 30,000 feet ABOVE sea level to the lowest point within the city. Steep slopes, jagged rock surfaces suitable for climbing but equally treacherous for inexperienced travel. Typically speaking save for what roadways and throughways that have been created for commercial use, the Topography of Taurus is typical of any High-Elevation Mountain Range UNTIL one reaches the actual City. Beneath the mountainous area around Taurus, is a very large and expansive Forest Region which also houses a very large fresh water lake, the likes of which is said to be over 30 miles deep.

A very special aspect about the forest surrounding the lower levels of Taurus is that it consists almost entirely of Taurean Ent's---Living Tree's. These creatures are utterly massive and very powerful. Particular types, called Sequoia's, are especially large, and dense with steel-like Wood-Hides that are very resilient to even burning. Combined with their sheer numbers, staggering dimensions and limited albeit prolific control over land mass (Some of the older Ent's have limited Geo-Mancy or Geo-Kinetic abilities), makes the Forest of Taurus one of the most dangerous places to enter be you a foe. It's almost always suggested that NO-ONE enter the forest, even citizens of Taurus as the Ents (Whom were created by Priscilla) are visciously territorial and most have a severe disposition. Short of King Proteus himself, they fear nothing and will attack anything not OF the Forest Naturally.

CItyscape: Taurus has a very Modern City Scape. Divided into 4 sections in line with directions (North, South, East and West). The North is situated as the population district, and residential sector of Taurus. Structures akin to Modern Day Skyscrapers, some eclipsing 100 Stories in height known as "Mega Structures" are grouped together. With over Several Dozen Mega Structures in the North Quadrant, and hundreds of smaller housing structures, the northern Quadrant alone houses more then 50% of the total population of Taurus. As expected The North Qudrant also has small markets, stores, eateries, ect that are typical to population densities.

The East Quadrant is Industrial. It's there that natural materials are processed. Manufacturing, Laboring, Research and Development and relative things are carried out and distributed as needed to other parts of the city. Clothing, Food, Furniture, Technology, Transport vessels, ect are ALL produced and sourced from this location, and so this area has many different buildings of varying design all suited to aid in that buildings purpose.

The South Quadrant Houses Taurus Central Government, Law Enforcement and Judicial structures and bodies. These buildings more so then others are highly advanced and reinforced structures as they house important figures imperative to the governing functions of the city. MOST of the structures here have low elevation not being more then a few stories in height, but having sub levels built into the mountain itself. Taurus' military is also housed in this sector as well and it can be considered as one of the most highly secured part of the entire City, as the Local Law Enforcement or Policing Agency is housed here as well.

The West Section of the City is the Transportation/Import and Export Hub. It's here that local transportation vessels (Busses and Cabs) main depot's are located. Airships used to transport people to other parts of the Cold Mountain range of the WORLD are located here as well, as well as Vessels used to import or export Materials can be found here as well.


Climate - Taurus climate is simulated at Being Situated more then 30,000 Above Sea Level, with some elevations within the city spanning even higher, Taurus has a unique climate. The Air is very Thin and scarce there, and as expected VERY Cold almost year round. Also Plane-Storms (Very chaotic, spatio-temporal phenomena that produce gargantuan amounts of energy) are particularly fierce there, however being situated VERY high above the cloud line, the Plane-Storms typically pass under the city, which is designed to harness the powerful Anima/Mysticism within them for use to power the cities infrastructure. Being so high above sea level nights are especially cold but gorgeous, as the skies are almost always clear and don't block a single star from shining. When and if needed there are means of artificially inducing weather.

Flora and Fauna - Being in the mountains, very little vegetation naturally grow in Taurus, however, Garden Sectors are located all throughout the city allowing for the growth of trees and the liking to take place. Typically evergreens are common here as they are the only types of trees capable of weathering the harsh climate. Taurean evergreen's also are akin in size and appearance to earthern Sequoia tree's, perhaps even larger. These tree's are particularly denser then normal, and the wood produced by them in certain applications can be as hard, resilient and sturdy as steel, if not more so.



Culture - Tauran's are very tight knit. It's not uncommon for families to know one another and aid one another in everything from celebrations to educating youth and raising one anothers children.Tauran's are an advanced civilization, and well rounded typically having deep practices in education, and warrior training as well as the science and technology, some choosing to specialize in one or more. Religion isn't a thorough practice in Tauran culture, as the creation of their lands and people are fairly straight forward and known, and higher beings aren't called "Gods" due to some religious attatchment but rather a description of their stature in power. Things such as Churches are almost non existent in Tauran culture, and it is against Tauran Law to introduce new or false gods. Even their greatest Citizen and King---Proteus Rauz, although considered a GOD in stature and prominence, hardly regards himself as such.


Economy - Tauraus is an exporter of Precious Materials, Products and precious goods. They often sell Transport Vessels and Vehicles abroad, manufacturing them for sale elsewhere while establishing dealers and service depots in other lands to service and maintain the vessels they sell to other nations. Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, are MASSIVE exports both in raw and processed form. Planes-Metal  is a chief specialty material produced exclusively from Tauraus. Quite literally refined and hardened form of Metal Created from raw Magic pulled from the Plane-Storms. PlaneMetal is used exclusively in a wide variety of local applications from everything from powering homes, devices and vehicles, to weapons production, and military applications.With so many key exports, and few things being imported, Taurus has a rich and vibrant economy, and is a very wealthy kingdom, supplying many and needing very little from surrounding kingdoms and lands. Taurus also has several externally located mining reserves such as The Mines of Sern which produce other exotic metals such as Mythril or Adamantine and Uru. These external locations are not in Xaengri-La but are In Alterion, and are ran by the secondary Second Taurus-Ro located in Alterion, in sector 4.


Major Companies and Institutions - Taurus is a Government sustained operation.Corporations and Institutions are far and few inbetween, and while foreign institutions and companies are allowed to establish themselves they do so at higher taxation. Healthcare, Education, Goods and Services, Transportation and the relative are government provided services available at no cost to Citizens and driving down the need or either. Individuals are allowed to open their own businesses, but do so at the risk of competing with far better funded and established government service departments.


Parks and Recreation

Landmarks and Monuments - In the Center of the South Quandrant there stands a 100 foot tall Statue of the Cities King and Idol----Proteus Rauz. Other land marks would be the North Quadrant State Park---a 2000 square mile Forest Reservation said to house some of the most powerful and prominent wildlife the city has to offer.



Local Government - Each Quadrant has a Mayor/District Representative. This individual is the chief authority over that said Quadrant, and are the voice of the people of said Quadrant. The South Representative in particlar also doubles as the chief of Local law enforcement as well, while the west representative douvles as the chief of Transportation/imports/Exports and the east the director of labor and manufacturing as well as the Surgeon general and Chief medical officer. These Representatives communicate directly with the Federal Government when it comes down to the needs of the Citizens and the City, and represent the first line of that chain.

Federal Government - Taurus has a unique federal arrangement.There is an appointed King----Proteus Rauz. Who stands as the Absolute Authority over the city and the Highest power. However as balance, the citizens are represented by District Representatives who report to a "Council". A 5-Panel gathering that advise the King as to what may be best for the City and it's people. The Councils power is stated to clearly NOT rival the king, however should the King become indisposed, dies, or captive...take his power and authority over the City and can act in his absence. The King, being the absolue authority can at any moment appoint a new council, or new district representative. he is judge, jury and executioner and rarely is there an issue with his city that he does not see to purposely. HOWEVER, Due to Proteus (BULL's) Nature, the Council is often left to run the City in his absence as to maintain things when he isn't there.



Education is stressed heavily in Taurus. As well as physical conditioning. Sciences and Mysticism are taught, as well as military practices and training very early in a childs progression. As designed, the system divides individuals based on aptitude. Children inclined in either aspect more so then others are pushed to develop in that field to their full potential all the way up through adulthood. Upon graduating and completing the educational requirements an individual is PLACED in a position they are best suited, be it for labor/Workforce/Law enfrocement/Military...or research and development/Medical/Teaching and Applied sciences. This assures that every citizen is applied as effectively as possible so that they can contribute and excel as needed.



  • Roads and Highways: - Taurus has an extensive net work of roads and highways which are accessible to the public and the government for use in moving between sectors and within sectors. These roads are very very well maintained as is the entire infrastructure of the City of Taurus.
  • Rails/Subways: - There are few underground rail ways in Taurus. They run specifically Quadrant to Quadrant and do not see the volume that the highways and roadways see.
  • Riverways:--None
  • Cab (mounted horse, etc?): ---There are many cab services and privately owned transportational services as well as government supplied services as well, all by roadway, some however are by air and are the fastest routes.


Canon - A Celestial Mage--Alar, protesting the the exclusivity of his position, and sympathetic to the lands and it's people, decided to defect. He took with him many secrets and gifts held sacred by the authority he represented and helped to build. Immensely powerful, knowledgeable and wealthy with technological and mystical know-how the Former Celestial emerged and with his own power and might forged the City Of Taurus which had thrived under his rule for quite some time. It's said that the people there were born mystical and technological expertise, giving birth to a race of highly developed people adapted to living at high altitude and making use of the Magestorms that rage the lands.

However when his past threatened him, and the Celestial Mages he once held rank with threatened his prized city and creations. He sought to create a Protector for the City, a Power able to resist and rival the Celestial Mages themselves should they ever turn their bitter hearts and petty minds toward the city to seek revenge for the treasures and knowledge stolen from them and provided to the people. He  did so by taking part of the essence of the Celestial Son --Armedon Pyron---THE VIOLATOR, and using it to Create Proteus Rauz---THE BULL, by Using the most Ancient of magics, and proficient technological advancements, He forged him as  A WEAPON...an ENGINE of Destruction and the Embodiment of the Rage Alar felt at the behest of his trifling past affiliates. It's said that the Celestial Mages once decended upon the City, which he defended with all his might until he ultimately fell at their hands. With his last breath he transferred the rest of his dwindling might into BULL...releasing him from his confines where the engine of Destruction met the Mages head on and drove them out of the city.

From that Day Forth....Proteus Rauz stands as The King of Taurus, granted the power and Authority of the Lands Creator Alar, to forever sustain, protect and rule the Kingdom and it's people.


Contact: @THE_BULL

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Althanes are a naturally aggressive warrior race who nearly disappeared into extinction due to constant warring amongst one another. They are greater demigods, the offspring of the Altarr and indigenous Alterians. Most of them left Alterion when the Alteri and the Altarr fled, but it is not uncommon for them to journey to the mortal realm for sport. 


Althanes are outwardly very similar to that of Humans, with the exception of their horns and have larger muscular builds. They are commonly seen to have a wide variety of hair color, some even possessing extremely rare colors. In addition, they seem to possess large hearts (physically, not emotionally).

Althanes also all appear to have light colored eyes, though half-breeds do not always share this trait.


All pure-blooded Althanes are born with horns, the color, size and shape of the horns vary from person to person. Some are even capable of being hidden in the hair style of particular Althanes who wish to blend in. While very durable, the horns are not invulnerable and can be chipped or torn off, although they do have a tendency to grow back over time. The horns also provides a unique gift in that it allows an Althane to transform into a much stronger form--the form varies from person to person. If both horns are removed, this power is lost. All Althanes have the ability for their horns to grow back which they seem to do for unknown reasons. It is largely believed that the horns will often suddenly grow back if the Althane is in danger.


Althanes tend to share similar personality traits, even at young ages. Being war-like people; they share an innate enjoyment for conflict and fighting; choosing violence over peace with other races. Althanes are typically extremely aggressive and stubborn, with short explosive tempers. They tend to be arrogant at times, leading them to allow enemies to gain advantages in battle just for fun. They also have a habit of letting their emotions get the better of them when roused in stimulating situations - resulting in them at times making rash decisions.

They also appear to lack sympathetic emotions as though by choice rather than by nature as shown by their relative lack of fear of death and uncaring attitude towards family members. Most Althanes also possess a keen fighting sense and understanding of battle, which allows them to acquire many new skills, such as achieving new fighting forms and transformations.

They do, however, possess a sense of camaraderie and will occasionally take on traveling companions.

The Althanes also seem to believe that death is preferable compared to living with the shame of losing against someone inferior to them.

They tend to hold grudges which typically results in rivalries with other beings. It is common for an Althane to have a chief rival that they consistently aim to outdo.


Althanes naturally possess great strength and are quintessentially built for fighting. With rigorous training, Althanes are able to reach new levels of power, and the more intense training and fights they go through, the stronger they become.

If an Althane survives a near-death experience through extreme injury to the body, then, when the body recuperates, they grow much stronger than they were previously, their body adapting to compensate for the damage dealt. The duration of recovery does not seem to hinder this ability as many have healed through natural, technological and mystical means and still gained substantial increases in strength.

Althanes also possess a natural affinity to the manipulation of mana/energy allowing them to utilize a myriad of skills with incredible ease as well as unlock great depths of power when needed, or lending energy to others in battle when it is actually necessary.

Althanes put a heavy emphasis on strength and fighting ability when it comes to importance in their society. In fact, they will excommunicate members of their race who do not show potential to assist in their violent ways.


Althane families appear to be far different to that of a traditional human family. Children are kept stasis chambers as infants and monitored by doctors whilst their parents are usually occupied on mercenary missions or other conquests within Xaengri-La.Even as infants, their natural strength means that they are capable of undergoing training, so it is unlikely they spend much, if any time with their parents or siblings. Althanes do tend to have close relationships with their friends and comrades however, with whom they do spend a great deal of time in battle.

Althanes have an inborn need to fight. Most will spend their lives training to become stronger so that they can prove themselves in battle.

Althanes are trained from a very early age to wage war. They are generally taken from their medical facilities at 5 or 6 and grouped together in "packs" and were sent off with 'retired' soldiers for training. They became inured to hardship, being provided with scant food and clothing; this also encourages them to steal, and if they are caught, they are punished - not for stealing, but for being caught. They are encouraged to compete against one another in games and mock fights and to foster an esprit de corps. In addition, they are taught to read and write and learn the legends of their people and the outside worlds (Specifically on their shared heritage with the Fallen Arcs of Tellus Mater.)They learn to read and write not for cultural reasons, but so they can be able to read military maps. At the age of twelve, an Althane is classed as a "youth" and the physical education is intensified, discipline becomes much harsher, and they are loaded with extra tasks. The youths have to go barefoot, and are dressed only in a tunic both in summer and in winter.
Adulthood is reached at the age of 14, and the young adult initially serves as a trainer for the new Althanes arriving. At the same time, the most promising youths are included in the militia and used for missions within their homeland.. At 16, Althanes become eligible for military service and join one of the Ranks, which include no less than 3 Althanes of various ages. Those who are rejected are left to die in the depths of Xaengri-La, in hopes that they would survive and return as stronger stock.

Throughout their adult lives, the Althanes continued to be subject to a strict training regime.

Althane Army
The Althane Army is more a collection of different mercenary units than anything else. Initially, each Rank would be assigned a plane/realm/dimension to subjugate and they would be sent off to do so.

They are usually seen adorned in what appears to be heavy plate-armour along with helmets and face masks that act like respirators, designed intentionally to combat poison, and which include inbuilt radios, the helmets are custom made and possess openings for the Althanes horns to protrude through. They are occasionally armed with swords but the scabbards of these, are instead mounted directly onto their faulds. However, the number of blades worn by a single warrior is also unusual, going as high as four, in spite of the fact that they have never been observed using more than two at a time in battle, which could probably mean they are kept as spares.

Little is known about the abilities of the Althanes even by, but they are primarily sword-users with a select few specializing in hand-to-hand combat.  They are capable of utilizing energy, apparently by channelling it through their swords or via charged blasts. This allows them to extend the reach of their swords as well as attack at a distance by swinging them and releasing crescents of energy at their targets. The Althane have also shown form manipulation, as the energy blades they form into many types, such as buzz-saws, broad swords, and axes.

The Armor

The Althane armor is made of an unknown material that can stretch to fit the form of its wearer and still remain extremely durable. The armor can be customized to each Althane's taste, but the base form resembles heavy plate armor.

The upgraded forms include the ELITE, ROYAL and EXEMPLAR models.


Largely absent from the affairs of the mortal realm, the Althanes subsist in the Celestial realm of Xaengri-La. As mercenaries they do not stay put very often, but they do claim a relatively small island as their home though it is more of a glorified encampment than a city or kingdom. It too, is merely referred to as Althane and is where most Althane youths are born and trained before being sent out into the Celestial Realm. 

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