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Bunmei City Lore

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Bunmei City Lore




Elves, Dwarves, and Humans make up most of the population of Bunmei City. There are smaller populations of anthropomorphic animals, dragons, phoenixes, and fae. The last known census of Bunmei City concluded that the city held just over a million citizens.


There are three common types of elves living in Bunmei City. The most common type of elf is known as a Foresuto elf. They generally come in all types of skin tones and hair colors, just like humans. The Foresuto elves are derived from a tribe of naturistic elves that were common in the area of Bunmei City until the bulk of their civilization was either killed off by plague or sold into slavery. These elves are the most hearty of the three tribes. In rare occasions, they carry a genetic mutation that allows them to grow horns. Current times draw them further and further from their natural roots which seems to anger the forest around them.


The Tsuki elves are far more rare than the Foresuto elves. For every one Tsuki elf, there are ten Foresuto elves. The Tsuki elves were once more nomadic than their Foresuto cousins. They are considered to be more magically adept than most other races that live in Bunmei City. The Tsuki elves are most commonly noticed during times of the Full Moon, when their skin glows a soft white color. These elves have pale skin, white hair, and noticeably colorful eyes. In the eyes of the traditional citizen of Bunmei City, they are considered to be extremely beautiful, which also makes them a valuable commodity. The most rare of the Tsuki elves possesses lavender colored eyes and hair that is a lavender tint. The Tsuki elves believe they have been descended from the heavens. It is agreed amongst all of the races of elves in the area that the Tsuki are the oldest of the three tribes.


The Ishi elves are the second most common elf. They are known for primarily their strength. They are not nearly as fragile as the Tsuki elves. It is common for an Ishi elf to have a pair of horns that are extremely strong. The longer the horns, the older the elf. The Ishi elves are not nomadic and they live a very long time. All Ishi elves are often depicted as being devoid of emotion. They do not speak much, instead they rely upon gestures and telepathy to communicate. Their footfalls are silent. They all generally appear similar to one another making them hard to differentiate from one another with the exception of the differences of clothes. Some families put permanent markings or piercings upon their children at a young age. The Ishi elves have a gray to charcoal gray skin tone. Their hair is always a pale blonde to white color. They have the same facial structure and body type, very muscular with very delicate features.


Dwarves, humans, and fae moved to Bunmei City bringing with them very different products that they wished to trade with the indigenous elves of the area. The dwarves boasted better weaponry and armor for battle. The humans brought with them great machines to improve the lives of the elves and dwarves. The last to arrive were the fae with their powerful schools of magic that they taught to the elves that were willing to learn.

It is common knowledge that phoenixes and dragons were indigenous to the area, outdating the elves by nearly a century. However, the appearance of a phoenix or dragon is extremely rare. Phoenixes, in particular, are worshipped like walking gods. There are festivals devoted to them each year in the spring and fall.




The Joh Dynasty- A still rather influential family in the government. They are considered to be descended from the gods and pose more as figureheads than actual governing figures. In public, they are treated like celebrities. They are seen as the highest religious figures in Bunmei City. The current ruling party of the Empire is Empress Joh Kiku. The crown of the empire is handed to the eldest daughter almost exclusively. They have been the ruling party for Bunmei since its unification. The elves of the Joh Dynasty are descended from one of the first tribes of Tsuki elves.


Empress Kiku is young, only a teenager, but her advisor, Shuchun, is helping her become a truly great empress that her ancestors were before her. Shuchun is one of very few phoenixes that roost in Bunmei City.


The Shogunate- The Shogun is the highest governing officer of the city. There aren’t very many rules to dictate who becomes the Shogun and this position is usually elected by a group of officials referred to as the Shogun’s Council. The Council is made up of five members of five very influential samurai families. Once the Shogun is elected, they govern for the rest of their lives. The Council is made up of chosen members of each family, who swear fealty to the Shogun.


The Shogunate oversees the city’s guard or police force. The Shogun inspects the equipment and makes sure that each member of the city guard is fully equipped and professional. In the past, there has been the existence of corruption. The current Shogun has effectively eliminated those members of the Council that he considered to be corrupt. Ryuzoji Teruo was elected peacefully to the Shogunate when he was young, like the Empress. With careful guidance, he has become known as Byakko. The current Shogun identifies with a deity known as the White Tiger of the West.


The Council- Representatives from prominant samurai families that have been elected to represent them through merit, usually. These people elect the Shogunate and do have a hand in the legislative process in Bunmei City. Each representative hails from a different part of the city.


  • Ryuzoji- A very open family of humanoids that are all over Bunmei City. Their presence is a powerful one, both in battle and in the city. The family is very wealthy, able to send people all over Valucre to explore and look for lucrative trading partners. Aside from the current Shogun, one of the younger descendants, Chizuru, is another very well-known figure.

  • Zagiri- A very small clan of Phoenixes. Their current leader is only known as Kyou. She is the sister of the advisor to the Empress Kiku. It isn’t unusual for the advice of these very ancient Phoenixes to be taken into account. They are seen more as an Oracle than being very practical.

  • Chalcedon- An ancient clan of Ishi elves. Their current leader is Juvy Chalcedon. Juvy is a powerful healer and her remedies are very famous. She is older than the rest of the council. She is also one of the advocates of the forest. Her words often get overrun by her more rambunctious counterparts.

  • Blackclaw- A very loud and opinionated clan of Foresuto elves. While they bear the name “Blackclaw”, it is widely known that the principles of the clan has changed to better suit the needs of their city. The representative is named Renshu Blackclaw and he is the youngest member of the council. Unlike Juvy Chalcedon, he is extremely active and is also known to be extremely greedy.

  • Yaku- This is the only ruling clan of Kitsune, or fox demons. They are also considered to be loud and active. Their current representative is Yaku Shun. Lord Shun is an alchemist and an expert in pyromancy. While he is not as greedy as Renshu Blackclaw, they find themselves often as partners in their pursuit of getting Bunmei City on the map.




The economy of Bunmei City is driven upon the acquisition of natural resources. The forest provides them with the lumber they need for trade and their shelter. Cutting down the trees of the forest has angered the spirits of the forest. The spirits of the forest have given birth to creatures that are able to defend the forest from the loggers of Bunmei City.


Along with the lumber industry, Bunmei City has also been invested in mining for several years now. While most of the mining industry centers around iron ore, the discovery of strange gems that augment magical abilities have become a huge boom for the city. As Bunmei City grows, the patience of the nature spirits shrinks.


  • Fire Zirconium: This gem emits a red glow. It is used to augment fire-based spells and can enhance weapons to become enrobed in flame. If used in the crafting of armor, it absorbs fire spells. When ground into a powder, this gem is added to fireworks displays to give off a red glow.

  • Zephyr Sabanite: A yellow glow naturally occurs within this gem. It augments wind magic and is used to harness wind energy to power factories and some residences. Because it is in high demand, it is never used for fireworks and it can be quite expensive.

  • Blue Calcifer: A blue gem that augments water spells. This gem is not used for fireworks displays as it is counteractive. Blue calcifer is cool too the touch and is found, predictably, on the bottoms of creeks and rivers. The cool stone is used to heal burns and sooth aching joints.

  • Kuronine: A black stone that is very heavy. This stone is often used to make armor, thrown weapons, and homes. This material is very strong and can augment earth or stone based spells.

  • Leaf Rodite: This stone is small, thin, and fragile. However, it is able to absorb all elemental magic. It is used in armor, weaponry, and fireworks displays. Leaf rodite is a bright green stone that is very easily found in the forest around Bunmei City. There are people specially trained to spot this stone as it seems to sprout up after rainstorms like they are plants.



City created by @PandaHat.


Edited by Mickey Flash

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