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Jesus Negro

Inner City Blues.

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As Shanya watched, Iron Hand suddenly laughed rowdily and stood up from the bar. A female nearby stood as well. The two of them started walking off down a hallway, probably to gain some privacy for whatever they were going to do.

This was the perfect opportunity. The HVT had separated from his friends and sought privacy, leaving himself exposed. Shanya stealthily moved to follow them, taking caution to avoid any particularly bright spots so as to not be revealed.


The target and his female companion were walking down a dim hallway towards a private room when Shanya struck. Casting Haste upon herself, she swiftly moved towards the two figures, still enveloped in the shadows around her. She unsheathed her dagger as Iron Hand reacted towards the sound of someone sprinting towards him. In an impressive feat of reaction, his hand went up and deflected the dagger blow originally aimed for his throat, causing it to lodge it's deadly blade inside his left shoulder.

Both Iron Hand and his friend screamed, him in pain and her in fear.


Shit, Shanya thought, she had forgotten to cast Deafen upon herself to silence her movements. She pulled the dagger out and once again tried stabbing Iron Hand, but he had already started running off to find help, throwing his female companion at Shanya in an attempt to slow her down.


Mutter obscenities to herself, she belatedly cast Deafen upon herself and chased after him.

@Jesus Negro

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Iron Hand would not scream in pain, for he knew of no such thing. For what he was, was not of the Hume kind. The lord did not breath air into this vessel of Primal Alloy and Nano machines that appeared to be wounded, but only for moment as the cells came together to hide the inner workings being the gears and cogs, screws and bolts. Iron Hand was no mortal, but he could indeed see his end, but it would not be within the halls of the Hell Pit. Not on this day. Armed to the teeth, Iron Hand's chest revealed many secrete compartments.

Compartments in which miniature rockets would emerge, several  upon each breast, and a red hot light began to glow just beneath his shirt before burning away and releasing said rockets. The counterstrike was not a means to bring an end to the assassin, but to distract Shanya as each rocket struck the walls and ceilings, creating contained yet powerful explosions that flung rubble to and fro. This would no doubt give Iron Hand enough time to regroup down the hall where he'd wait around a corner loading rounds into an automatic shotgun thrown to him by the female.

"Who the fuck are you? SOLDAT? TESA? Bounty Hunter? I hope they're paying you good..."

Iron Hand ran further down the hall to the kitchen were he would hide and wait for the assassin with dreams of the perfect ambush.


Now that you've committed to attacking Iron Hand, I'll play as him henceforth. This will be freeform so write freely and I'll work with whatever you provide.


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Upon seeing the flurry of small missiles rocketing towards her, Shanya reacted by jumping towards the side, letting the projectiles pass by her to impact the walls behind her. Knowing that there would probably be rubble flung towards her, Shanya immediately started to spring towards the kitchen door, where Iron Hand had ran into.


Ignoring his question, she ran towards the woman and dug the hilt of her dagger into her temple, knocking her unconscious. She then grabbed hold of her body as she continued after the running criminal.


Slowing down now, Shanya positioned the unconscious female in front of her so that it would block any projectiles that came towards her. Iron Hand knew of her presence for sure, and thus Shanya knew it would be likely that he would set up an ambush at some point in order to take her down.


This is why I hate assassin work... She sighed.

She sheathed her dagger and pulled our her crossbow, entering the kitchen cautiously, with her human shield in front of her and her crossbow loaded and ready to shoot.



Sorry if this is a little weird, its my first time doing something like this in an RP.


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