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Terrenus's list of conflicts

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Below criteria not applied as rigorously to ready-made villages and NPCs that are used as stock settings or characters for the purposes of propping up future plots. Subject to revision. 

Encouraged (built up and presented through canonized roleplay)

  1. Shifting political landscapes and legal reform

    1. Via marriages

    2. Via alliances

    3. Via territorial disputes

    4. Via political activism (changing local laws)

  2. Manipulating economic pressures and markets

    1. Via buying up territories and resources

    2. Via mining a natural resource to the benefit / detriment of one or more cultures

    3. Via trade routes 

  3. Civil war (as a result of items under shifting political landscapes)

  4. Conflicting religions (the conflict explored through primarily nonviolent action and discourse)

  5. Change society on a small-to-intermediate scale by improving an existing technology or process, or inventing a new one

Discouraged (allowed but with more stringent criteria)

  1. Mass murder

  2. Mass teleportation

Prohibited (done to death and of no interest to me as board leader)

  1. Explosions, predominantly those that are large-scale

    1. Of any kind or caliber. If you think you're being unique and creative, chances are you haven't beat a decade of roleplay happenstance. And if you are being unique and creative, I still don't want explosions

  2. Sudden, unexplained, large-scale warfare

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