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Bi'le'ah - ruins of Biazo City

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Artist: iidanmrak




The ruins of Biazo City, or Bi'le'ah in the native Terril dialect, is the site of catastrophic collateral damage and regarded as a pyrrhic victory among the Terrenus armed forces. The city itself was approximately 310 square miles (slightly larger than NYC's 304.6) and the ruins occupy an area approximate 315 square miles, with remnants of the destroyed infrastructure spreading out beyond the customary city limits.

Because of the 'seed of righteous energy', so called by Archbishop Twizzen of Biazo Abbey, once planted in its center, these ruins are overrun with levels of vegetation usually seen only in sites untouched for centuries. Poets say that this grants 'the madness of the ruins a timeless cant'. 

Bi'le'ah does not border the coastline on the southern end of Biazo Isle, but is close enough to suffer the effects of inclement weather, such as monsoons, tempests, and tropical cyclones. Biazo City was at least partially known for its skyline, which was beautifully interrupted by dozens of skyscrapers and which, now turned on their sides, convolute and confound the normal streets and byways which once intelligently crossed over the face of the city.


All manner of unnatural and humanoid creatures are known to occupy various facets of the ruins. Roving bands spring up with no discernible origins all over the ruins of the city, and take residence in any of the dozens of massive, toppled buildings or storefronts. The largely intact underground infrastructure of the city is particularly appealing to moderately sized pocket communities. Above-ground there is no such thing as formal law, and below-ground the laws and customs vary wildly from section to section, depending on which faction's borders one is occupying.  

The constant flux of powerful forces has turned the sprawling ruins into an area of unstable and chaotic magic. Below is a small sampling of recorded effects by a random sampling of travelers who made it into and out of the ruins alive. 

Chaos Table
Roll for an effect every 3-5 rounds for maximum funsies. 

  • 1-10:  Inferno tornado appears suddenly, fully mature. It rages through the streets and disappears just as suddenly
  • 11-20:  Spatial distortion disorients your characters, confusing them
  • 21-30: Gravity effect
    • 1-50: Amplified - heralded by buzzing, and powerful enough to crush armor and vehicles
    • 51-100: Nullified - heralded by the sound of plucked violin strings, and powerful enough to lift objects and people into the atmosphere
  • 31-40: Random encounter
    • 1-20: A pack of 6 shadow wolves attack you
    • 21-40: A gang of 6 mutated gangsters belonging to the Mule mafia (see below) try to rob you
    • 41-60: 2 adolescent teletypes attack you
    • 61-80: Encounter a Terran mimic
    • 81-100: Encounter a sphinx
  • 41-50:  Bubbles of iridescent madness appear and induce temporary hallucinations in any person they touch
  • 51-60:  Globe of magical darkness and erratic sensory deprivation (sound, scent, balance) envelopes the characters
  • 61-70:  Time stasis, heralded by icicles and frost, causes characters to lose hours or days
  • 71-80:  Waterfall appears midair and disappears before hitting the ground
    • 1-50: Vertical waterfall bearing down on you suddenly with monsoon like intensity
    • 51-100: Horizontal waterfall causing a temporary flood
  • 81-90:  Random magic manifests without a caster or source
    • 1-20: Acid rain
    • 21-60: Uncontrollable Haste with a kinetic shield that causes you to bounce against whatever you hit
    • 61-80: You become 1/4 your normal size
    • 81-99: You become 4x your normal size
    • 100: Ice storm
  • 91-100:  Newly cast or already magic goes awry or spawns unintended consequences

Feel free to roll for these effects or just pick them according to your roleplay needs. 

Notable People and Institutions

  • The Half-Men: A hodgepodge community of different humanoids, most mutated by the rampant magical forces in the ruins, and spread throughout the whole of Bi'le'ah in underground pocket communities.
  • The Mule: A gangleader who runs his criminal enterprise out of the ruins, and is bent on establishing his dominion over the entirety of Bi'le'ah. 
    • Interact with as many of the Mule's men and captains as you want but the Mule himself should never be directly seen or interacted with.


When the city was vibrant, Terran military forces clashed with an apocalyptic sect of unnaturals in a successful attempt at turning away an invasion. Their clash rent the city asunder. Both sides suffered massive losses – large numbers of the native population were evacuated and dispersed throughout the rest of the island. Biazo City itself was broken, the tallest and proudest buildings laid low but the rest of the city was more or less habitable. This victory is considered a partial loss by Terran military, who were able to avoid loss of life for a majority of the Biazo population, but who had to sacrifice the city in order to do so.

Although the unnaturals were turned away, they left their mark during the battle – a festering wound in the city's center. The Dominion proved tenacious and were quick to renew their attack on Biazo city. Having learned from their previous encounter with the Terran military, they leaned away from the hammer and towards the scalpel. Rather than sending waves of unnatural to crash against the craggy shores of Gaian faith, a small number of key players, mixed natural and unnatural, exacerbate the scar left before. The scar's influence grows and multiplies. A malicious aura lingering over the ruins of the city drives out biological life, making the ruins of Biazo a breeding ground for unnaturals and their kin.

The growing presence of unnaturals and the choking miasma wending its way through Bi'le'ah was addressed through a joint effort between the Terran military and the archbishop of Biazo Abbey. The military deployed soldiers to the ruins with a new kind of mundane and magical filtering device invented by a joint-effort between Nich'e scientists and Terran engineers, there mingling with Twizzen and his clergy, who were setting up triage centers, exorcising spirits, curing wounds and disease, and reclaiming the ruins bit by bit. After surviving a targeted attack by several undead, the miasma is ultimately cleared, the festering wound sealed. In its place was planted a seed of righteous energy, which to this day pulses in the city's heart and encourages rapid plant growth.

Rewards Table

You can roll at any point in the thread but are committed to that roll. Contact supernal to roll for you and you can tack on the appropriate reward as a gained spoil or a focus for your thread. 1+ page minimum. Canonization does not require Opportunity. Any item can also be traded in for credits in the Terran Market.

  • 1-10:  Marble that creates impenetrable magical darkness that the user can see through [2 uses]
  • 11-20:  Oracle pendant that allows far-seeing anywhere in Terrenus. Only sight or only sound
  • 21-30:  Bracelet with combat barrier spell [3 uses]
  • 31-40:  Favorable connection with local merchant
  • 41-50:  Favorable connection with local gang
  • 51-60:  Weapon class item amount of any non-Government randomized material from the Terran materials list
  • 61-70:  Gloves of Dispel Magic [3 charges]
  • 71-80:  Discover a permanent safe room free unaffected by the chaos
  • 81-90:  Marble that generates a flood [1 use]
  • 91-97:  Gem that generates temporary insanity bubbles [2 uses]
  • 98: Weapon class amount of any randomized material from the Terrenus materials list
  • 99:  Wand of Teleportation Circle [2 charges; must expend both to create tunnel; can take 5 people or less]
  • 100:  Randomized unclaimed artifact from the Terrenus Artifact list


  • Roleplay news - ravaged or renewed!
  • Pursuing madness: Elder Company, a salvage corporation, took on a job to reclaim a book of lost poetry from a merchant in the hopes of currying favor – Silver also has the tentative location of a safe-room, something which EC has wanted for some time. They get the poetry, and a set of star-metal knuckles, but lose the room in a fight against the Mule's gang.
  • I have no eye and I must blink: Evelyn hires two mercenaries to find the Right Eye of Mogonto on its behalf in Bi'le'ah. After navigating the chaos of the Bi'le'ah ruins, fighting against mutant swarms, squaring off against a dangerous mage, and surviving an attack by a pack of wolves, Lamistadt manages to secure the artifact and bring it back to the Handyman.
  • A safe space: Evelyn, a partner in the enigmatic Handymen, leverages the CISH shared hivemind to put out a call to other members. Giseppi, another partner, and Prose, an ambitious intern, join Evelyn in its task. They eventually find what they're looking for: a safe-room. Even better the room is an entire floor in a derelict building free from the chaos of Bi'le'ah.
  • Hock-eyed archer: A dragon-rider and his dragon are tossed from Rosinder to Biazo Isle thanks to a storm. Once there the dragon-rider goes through Bi'le'ah and suffers through a gnome mob and a flame tornado, through magical darkness and the undead, and through the appearance of a sudden flood before eventually laying claim on the artifact Sable's Blade.
    • Reward Table: 65 and 63 = 2x Gloves of Dispel Magic.
  • Breaking dawn: Archbishop Twizzen, PeaceKeeper Michael, and demolitions expert Vilka, are members of a party whose goal is to explore the ruins of Bi'le'ah and claim the 'seed of righteous power' that Twizzen left there during the combat that destroyed the city. They are successful in reclaiming the seed, but not without lethal combat, a few misadventures, and a newly forged alliance with locals inhabiting the ruins.
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