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The Drakiss Stone [Quest]

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You wake up to the moon shining above you, slowly turning a blood red color. There are no stars and no other light besides the tainted red of the moon. Then you hear it. A whisper coming on the breeze, telling you to get up and follow the trail left by the moon. You slowly stand up and look around, confused at how you got here. Again the breeze blows and you hear the same whispers as before. You decide to follow the red trail through the forest, not really caring what happened. Just thinking about how this was probably all just a dream. Then you see it, a stone on top of a pedistel. It was a dark purple and red stone, perfectly oval and smooth. No imperfections what-so-ever. You reach out to grab it, a kind of longing for it to be yours. When your fingers brush it, you hear a voice. Like the whispers from the breeze, telling you to come to it. To take it for yourself. Then it tells you of a secret, something that no one knew. If you took it away, the voice would tell you. All you have to do is come grab it...


"That was weird." You say as you wake up back where you were before. But you can't help but wonder if it really was just a dream, or if it was all true. Will you go and collect the Drakiss Stone? Will you discover its secrect? Or will you forever remain curious of what could have been?

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