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14 hours ago, supernal said:

Have you seen getbackers?

Actually, I have a review of that coming up SOON now that you should mention it. Hilarious series and very, VERY old school from JC Staff and Studio TAC (Same studio that animated and did the cleanup for 8-Man After Uncut.)



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14 hours ago, Lawman said:

Anyone following Goblin Slayer and Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary? 

No and No. After reading about all of the negative comments on Goblin Slayer, I've decided to pass it up. Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary was okay I guess.




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Title: Dragonar Academy

Japanese Title: Seikoku no Doraguna

 Directed by Shunsuke Tada

Tomoyuki Kurokawa

Produced by:  Ryoji Maru

Written by:   Noboru Kimura

Music by: Takasugu Wakabayashi

Studio:  C-Station

Licensed by         


Madman Entertainment



Original network: AT-X, Tokyo MX, MBS, TVA, BS11

Original run April 5, 2014 – June 21, 2014

Episodes     12 (List of episodes)


Dragonar Academy is fresh, funny as HELL, and very HEART-Warming in some spots. The Dual Audio version is quite available through Funimation, so pick it up soon if you’re up for a good laugh. The storyline is deep, maddening and hilariously funny. More Dragon mishaps, battles and Sibling Rivalry ensue in this short series of just 12 Episodes.


Ash has the ability to Ride ANY Dragon that he wishes, which is considered a very RARE ability. He always ends up in complex and yet stupid situations!!! Echo is his Pal or pet, as she is somehow half human and half-Dragon. She is snazzy, angry and is quite the joker, but begins to QUICKLY fall for her Master, though she doesn’t want to admit it. Together they form a most interesting pair, always arguing, but able to solve the problems together, along with multiple students from the Academy itself.

I’m not going to spoil everything FOR you, as you will have to see it for yourself. The English Dubbed voice acting is pretty much on point, as I have watched both versions, with the ability to decipher betwixt the two versions. Funimation did pretty well with translations THIS time, as they aren’t ALWAYS my cup of tea for Dubbing into English at times.


Pick up the Manga as well, as it covers even MORE Harem comedy that wasn’t covered in the Anime Series. WILL there be a Season 2? Only time will tell, and if the Animators FEEL like dealing with this silliness ALLL over again!!!!!



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Title: “How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord”



Written by :Yukiya Murasaki

Illustrated by: Takahiro Tsurusaki

Published by: Kodansha

Original run: December 2, 2014 – present



Voiced by: Masaaki Mizunaka[2] (Japanese); Eric Vale[3] (English)

Diablo is the male protagonist of the series. He was a Cross Reverie player who controlled the character Diablo, known as the true Demon King. He always defeated players with better equipment and overwhelming skills, always holding back for being too strong. But one day he was invoked in another world, reincarnating in the body of his character, Diablo, finding two girls, a Pantherian and an elf, who claimed to have summoned him and that he should be a slave to one of them, but due to his ring's ability, the magic has rebound back against them, becoming his slaves.





This series is both hilarious and very heart-warming. The Animation was nice, with some cool CGI that didn’t over power the backgrounds and the painting. The Storyline carries along nicely with some comedy that’s guaranteed to give you the giggles. I’m not going to reveal TOO Much about what I personally thought about it, since I’m trying to keep things short and sweet!! Season two was recently announced, so let’s just see if more of the powerful Demon Lord and his adventuring antics will keep the second season live and fun!!!






Edited by princeben07

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Title: “Aho!! Girl (Stupid Girl)

Published by: Kodansha Comics

Year of Release: November 2012-December 2017 (Manga)

Animation: Diomede’a

Anime Run: July to September 2017





Aho Girl is one of the most ridiculously-funny Anime titles that I have seen in quite some time. I really wonder if I actually KNEW Someone that was a complete and utter idiot in real life. Anyways, let’s get down to business and why you should make it your destiny to check this particular title out. Hehehe….


Meet 16-year old Yoshiko Hanabatake, a high schooler who is known to be a complete MORON and IDIOT Academically. She fails on even multiple-choice tests in ALL of her classes. Her sense of comprehension is far lower than an average person, so you can forget trying to explain things to her more than twice; it will not settle in. Her childhood friend and neighbor, Akuru is always bugged by Yoshiko’s antics. Akuru is more of a loner and tries his best to focus on studying and getting better marks on his exams. He often belittles other students who play around and are not focused on studying for classes. He doesn’t get along well with other people, and often scolds, or punishes Yoshiko for being such an idiot.


Yoshiko does have spunk, and loves to play, even when people are trying to ditch her. Throw in some sexual innuendos, and what you have here is a knock-down laughable but sweet series in its own right. I picked up the uncut Japanese version with sub-titles, as I don’t mind reading along.

If you really want a good laugh, sexual references and plenty of comedic punchlines, then make a reservation for this 12-Episode mini series, as each episode is only 12 MINUTES long. The Manga is also available online, so be sure to give it a once -over!!! Being an idiot has never been so much fun!!!




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Title: Ancient Magus Bride

Year of Release: October 2017

Directed By: Norihiro Naganuma

Music By: Jun'ichi Matsumoto


Original Manga Series Published by:  Mag Garden, Seven Seas Entertainment

Type: Dark Fantasy/Horror

Animation By: Studio WIT (Creators of Attack On Titan; Kabeneri Fortress)




Having been ostracized by both her relatives and partially by society, orphaned high school student Chise Hatori decides to sell herself at an auction in order for somebody else to take her in and have a new place to call home. At the auction in London, she is sold for five million pounds to Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot-tall humanoid with an animal skull for a head. This magus, who seems closer to a demon than human, either brings her the light she desperately seeks or drown her in ever deeper shadows in her new country, Britain.



In short, there is A LOT that goes on in this series and it is up to YOU, the Anime or Otaku head, to put together the clues and figure things out for yourself. Elias is a big-ass kid that doesn’t understand much about Human emotions, and Chise, though being his Bride, is one hell of a teenager who is seriously trying to piece her shattered life together and to try to understand herself better as a Sleigh Beggy. The Character conflict in this one is quite interesting and yet, you feel for almost every single character in this story, even the damned villains!!


I can’t reveal too much for you, as it is truly an endearing and very heart-warming story. Im going to check out the Manga next month, and there is also an OVA Series with three full-on episodes to check out as well. I went with the Dual Audio Version, as the voice acting in this series was truly a joy!!!



Edited by princeben07

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