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Donations 7.0

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Cost Reason
284.88 VPS (BlueHost)
40 IPS Renewal
50 Shift theme + copyright removal
15 Villain theme
14.4 TRP sponsor 1 mo
29.88 Comodo SSL 1yr
14.4 TRP sponsor 1 mo
14 Facebook page promotion
5.39 Facebook post promotion
14.4 TRP sponsor 1 mo
10 Facebook page promotion
62.5 Half of web developer payment for home page
40 IPS Renewal
10 Shift theme renewal
10 Villain theme renewal
14.4 TRP sponsor 1 mo
62.5 Other half of web developer payment for home page
43.2 12 weeks of trp sponsor
5.5 Ban from topic mod
39.9 Modifications to homepage by dev
9.45 Final touchups on homepage by dev

Total: $789.80
Grand Total: - 713.63

Most costs are self-explanatory, so if there are questions on any of them feel free to PM me and desolate.

Last year we went $1000+ over our total costs. Without a doubt, this was Valucre's best year for donations. This is due in major part to the extraordinary contribution of a single member, so while I don't expect to hit the same milestone this year though it'd be nice, it's still an accomplishment worth noting. 

For donations, I used to round up and work off of the full amount but will now instead account for the actual value after PayPal's tax gets taken out for the sake of clarity.

So if you have it in your heart and in your wallet to help keep Valucre running, on behalf of administration and the community at large, we'd sure be appreciative!


  1. Custom user title changes
    1. 2.50 = 1x
    2. 5.00 = 2x
    3. 10.00 = 4x
    4. 20.00 = 6x


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And our very first donation for the new fiscal year!: 1BE78864DR366402B

Not sure if they want to remain anonymous or not so I'll just leave it generic. Thanks very much to this member for helping keep Valucre alive and thriving!

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Let the bells of salvation ring again. Our second donation!: 5AN24838MK464133C

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27 minutes ago, olivejuice. said:

As I do every year.. I donated. <3 Still love you Valucre.



Despite being pulled away from the Greatest of Hobbies by real-world pressures, pleasures, and activities, you still go out of your way to help keep the site running. 

You. Are. Appreciated! :kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:

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